A Briatic Contribution


       Sooner or later in our studies of Ageless Wisdom from the East or West, we must widen our parameters from mere reading about it, pondering over it, and meditating. Eventually, if we are to be of any value with becoming a co-Creator in the Life, we must somehow actually participate in the doing of something to spread a positive influence. We are not storage batteries. There are schools of Qabalah that claim if we are to attain any spiritual degree, then we aught to create a desire for something with the intention to use it for the Creator. It is almost useless to change our world of effects for the better, when we are attempting to do so from that same world of effects. Lasting effects are changed from higher causes. Studies in the arcane side of experience teach us that the principal causes in our world of effects are from within, from a higher place. Theories and studies have their place. However, eventually we must work those throries to to be of any practical value in our world. Studies in esoterica, if they are to be worth anything, must be practical. The study and application of Qabalistic Principles is one of the most practical endeavors for human consciousness.

       What follows is an exercise in the Practical Qabalah. For this exercise to become thoroughly efficacious on the multiple levels of its influence certain criteria must be met. This is not merely a one time idly curious experiment. We are creating a שכינה, Shekhinah, which means 'calling' basically, but the higher implication is 'Divine Presence.' We will be 'calling a Divine Presence.' This is an inner ceremonial ritual not to be taken lightly.

        A beginner with all this might have some difficulty. Patience and perseverance may definitely be required. An Inner Temple is being fabricated, and this may take some time. It might even take stages to build for some. Certain fundamental images must be envisioned. To do this many detailed images will have to be memorized prior; eventually to be called up with ease and in an instant. And although this will call for considerable effort initially, the imagery and presence waxes with intensity and strength. After a while one will be able to merely 'step into it.'

       Sit up straight in a comfortable chair; palms down flat on your thighs. What is important is a straight spinal column. Do NOT lie down supine during all this. You will fall directly into sleep. Initially you may need to have these images from a book or photo copy set before you. What is imperative eventually is to supplant these images firmly into subconsciousness and recalled through imagination.

       Phase 1: Begin with memorizing the Qabailistic Tree of Life: the Ten Spheres, their names in Hebrew; and the 22 paths and Tarot Keys in their order down the Tree between the spheres. If and when this is accomplished, practice repeating and building this Inner Tree. When you feel confident with this, go to the second phase.

       There is no rush with all this. Each phase may take some time to create; days, even weeks. This is a commitment over a duration. You may reject it all for the present. Eventually you will come around again when you ultimately realize where Qabalah studies are leading, and for what purpose, and why you have been called into it. Do not waste your time while you still have it in this world.

       Phase 2: Memorize the details of the World Tarot Key. See yourself as the Dancer within, and all the details around you. When you are confident with this, try imagining the first Sphere, Kether, far above you, the Dancer, below. Kether is a White Brilliance. With a slow, deliberate inhalation of the breath, imagine drawing down this White Brilliance, descending in a spiral down the central Pillar on the Tree of Life.


       It first lights up the High Priestess as it spirals downward. Tiphareth is next, pulsating with that Light. The Temperance Key is lighted next. Then continue on to Yesod, turning it white. Now that Light is finally pulled into you, the Dancer. Keep drawing the Light down into your feet, then bring it back up to your heart. All the above is to be performed with one, slow inhalation of the breath. It's easy with practice.

        Now, with an even exhalation of the breath, envelop the green wreath around you, encircling the Dancer with that Light. See it spiraling about the wreath and then wrapping the oval every which way. You are building an egg-shaped body of Light about you. You are invoking a Divine Presence down and into your very body's cellular life, encompassed all around with a White Brilliance. Practice this. Gently time the breathing to one inhalation down into you feet, then heart; followed by one exhalation surrounding you. Repeat this often until it is most familiar. In time, when you are confident with this breathing pattern, move on to the next phase.

       Phase 3: Again assume the inner image of the Dancer. With this phase build the Cube of Space all about you. See each Tarot Key in its appropriate position. Do this beginning with the Fool Tarot Key or the Hebrew letter Aleph, א (or better, both). Then follow through with the entire Tarot sequence or the Hebrew alphabet, seeing each in its position as a coordinate, a face or an edge. You may want to print out one of the many images of the Cube of Space from the Internet and keep it before you while building it in your imagination through this phase. When confident with all their positions, move on.

       Phase 4: Once again assume the image of the Dancer as yourself in the Center of the Cube. This time the Dancer, within the Center of the Cube, is combined with the entire Tree of Life above you. You are sitting on Malkuth below you. You are on the Path that connects the 9th sphere, Yesod, with the 10th sphere, Malkuth. Fix this imagery. Make it completely familiar in as much detail as possible.

       Then practice this. With every inhalation described below, again pull down the White Brilliance from Kether down through the center Pillar of the Tree, through the center of the Cube, and into you, the Dancer, then down into your feet, and finally up to your heart. Now...

       a) Inhale into the Dancer as just described above. The first exhalation then pushes the White Brilliance in a stream upward to the yellow Above Face of the Cube, the Magician and letter Beth, into Infinity. Think Love.

       b) Inhale into the Dancer. The second exhalation pushes the stream of Light downward to the blue Below Face, the High Priestess and letter Gimel, into Infinity. Send Love.

       c) Inhale as before. The third breath is pushed backward, to the green East Face, the Empress and letter Daleth, into Infinity. Love.

       d) Inhale again. The fourth breath exhalation pushes forward, to the violet West Face, the Wheel of Fortune and letter Kaph, into Infinity. Send Love.

       e) Inhale again. The fifth breath is exhaled off to your right, to the red North Face, the Tower and letter Peh, into Infinity. Love.


       f) Inhale as before. The last exhalation is to your left, to the orange South Face, the Sun and letter Resh, into Infinity. Send Love.

       If you pick up this meditation with diligence then choose a regular time period for doing so. Subconsciousness responds to patterns. When you have acquired a groove of natural familiarity with all of this over time, then all of the above should take about a half hour's worth meditation. Invoke often. No one will know you are doing this. Most likely no one would care if they did know. But keep silent concerning this. The sympathetic friends will merely think you odd. The ignorant will mock. You are becoming an Infinite Point in Eternal Space, radiating a Divine Influence in all directions of the Universe from the Plane of Causes.


       There is no immediate reward waiting for you by doing this. The Universe may secretly bless you in myriad subtle ways. Your personal world might eventually alter vaguely. As you grow with the practice of inhaling White Brilliance your body's cellular life will eventually and effectively become altered. How this will happen or when is directly proportional to how often you invoke. If one is serious with the absolute certainty that we are evolving into becoming co-Creators, then the practice eventually becomes near daily ritual. Barring all wanton concupiscence as a preoccupation, if smoking and drinking alcohol and the many other excesses we tend to enjoy now become annoying and undesirable habits, we need not punish ourselves. Any habits that currently inhibit the free-flow of Light through us, and the people and places fostering those habits, eventually just fall away. There's no need to force-quit any place, anything, or anyone. They merely lose their grip and our attention when we realign our purpose and focus. The body, mind and spirit inherently feels better. Besides, His Universe and all His inhabitants will thank you in silence. 

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