A Manner of the Just

       All comes from The One, and to The One all return, a Rosicrucian axiom. We, you and I, all together, embody this One collectively. For a very arcane, inexplicable necessity the Creative Principal divided Its One-Self into the multitudes. Avatars, masters and sages through millennia from around the world have taught that this One Identity does so repeatedly with waxing and waning universes ad infinitum. These same erudite entities also have taught that it is possible to consciously co-exist and co-create with the One Identity, eternally. To achieve such a state necessitates that we, individually, traverse a singular path, and that with singular intent and perseverance it is attainable within one physical life-span, if begun early in life and under the right conditions. Even if we were to begin such an endeavor late in life nothing is lost, so that continuation of the Magnum Opus into the next physical sojourn is assured. This then brings us into the next right conditions at an earlier age. Otherwise how could past masters have achieved this very state? How is this possible? Because we are called and pulled to do so by the very same One Identity.


       Some synopses from the Internet:


       “The Buddhist sages’ teachings could be essentially summarized: “Nothing, nothing whatsoever, is to be clung to as I or mine. Such is freedom.” The way to true freedom is through the ending of birth and death – the affect-laden identification with “I” and “mine” – in this very present life. This is why the Buddha’s teaching is called the ‘doctrine of immediacy’.”


       “Lao Tzu spoke of the Tao, a Chinese philosophy to signify the fundamental or true nature of the world: simplicity and selflessness in conformity with the Tao, leading a life of non-purposive action, a life expressing the essence of spontaneity.”


       Readers familiar with the several books describing the hidden ways of the Yaqui Indian ‘men of knowledge’ walking the ‘Path of Heart’ will also recognize the parallels with spiritual traditions from the East or West. Despite the controversies from some quarters, those understanding spiritual alchemy from the European theater will recognize the many tenets in complete agreement with the Yaqui Way of Knowledge.


       The ancient Arab sages spoke of walking the “Razor’s Edge” regarding the ‘straight and narrow’ spiritual path; leaning neither to the dark left, nor to the right light, but a central path committed to neither.


       Similarities could be gathered from around the world. And Qabalists have their version to be added. The Qabalistic version is maintained within the symbolic Tree of Life diagram. Previously it was pointed out that the Tree is also a map. A brief look at the Middle Pillar of this ‘map’ reveals the four central spheres, numbered 1, 6, 9 and 10, sum to 26, the number of יהוה, IHVH, Tetragrammaton and Jehovah. The quickest road to the Lord of the Universe is up the central spheres. Quick, but not necessarily easy.

       The paths on the Middle Pillar, Gimel (3), Samekh (60), and Tav (400) sum to 463. This equals the term ארח צדיקים, Arech Tzdiqim, ‘the Way, Style or Manner of the Just’. And finally, 26 and 463 sum to 489, the number of משלם גמול, mushalum gimul, ‘perfect recompense, reward, compensation’. So, what? This is all well and good regarding the number juggling, but what does this mean, exactly.


       Regarding the Buddhist synopsis above, allow this comparison with The Tree. First, consider this. I have things, like for example, my car, my shoes, my shirt, my computer and a whole list of other stuff...yadda, yadda. These things are not ME. And all your things are not YOU. You and I use these things to get around in the world. And some other things are to be used as tools to get us through. They are possessions, not ME. Take them all away and I am still ME, and you are still YOU. Anything to which you and I attach the words ‘my’ and ‘our’ and ‘his’ and hers’ and ‘theirs’ are not actually Me, You or US. They are all possessive pronouns indicating a personality's possession of something.


       Now, allow the comparison a next step. I also speak of my mind, my will, my thoughts, my feelings, my memories, my body, etc. And so do you. However, once again, these indicate possession of something that is NOT ME or YOU. They are something SEPARATE from ME or YOU even though they "feel" like ME. They also are tools which we use to function in the physical world. We NEED the tool of a physical body if we are to peradventure through this physical plane. We NEED the tools of senses with which to explore and communicate through this physical world. Then, when YOU and I make the transition from this physical world, WE will leave the car, the shoes, the shirt, the computer, the body, the mind, the feeling...ALL OF IT. NONE of it is “I AM”.


       Then there is this next thing. There is no ME! There is no YOU! What you and I believe and consider to be YOU and ME is what the “I AM” uses as tools with which to explore ITS OWN physical manifestation, ITS OWN creation. Our experiences are not ours. They’re ITS.


        Our lives didn’t actually begin with these bodies. We were never actually born into this world. And we will never ‘die’ after the experience of another transition. We have always been. It is a fact that our bodies are merely continuations of a timeless existence. The YOU and the ME have fallen into the created illusion by creating OUR OWN “personality” illusion and have completely identified our SELVES with all this personality-illusion as reality. What is personality but the product of the self- and sub-conscious modes? It’s an illusion. It’s ephemeral function is that of a vehicle, something through which something else flows. Change the expressions of self-consciousness or any of the patterns of the sub-conscious and the “personality” is altered accordingly. We ‘came into’ into a family (maybe), into a group, into a community culture with its patterns of living. We were named, numbered and addressed by others to be this identity with which we had no other choice but to believe. We were conditioned in that all these elements were planted into us sub-consciously. When we were old enough to reason for ourselves we then self-consciously embellished upon the belief of this “person” by our choices of further education (maybe), work, play, styles, friendships, etc.; all these experiences founded upon an illusion of “personality”. We then come to accept the feeling that the “I AM” within is really this personality ME! The more definitive the personality the deeper the false ego is enamored by what alchemists call ‘saltish’ tendencies. Witness the many celebrity egos. We are then entrenched into the physical world, which is also illusion. And it all seems so very real because the sense of everything is so powerful. But there is no physical world – chemistry and quantum physics show us this. Qabalists, and all genuine proponents of Ageless Wisdom from around the world, teach that acceptance of the illusion for reality leads to eventual collapse. And all the pain and suffering we experience from what we think is love toward all these things of the illusion always comes from our attachment to them.      

       We are all actual Sons of God, בני אלהים, beni elohim, as described under the guise of the Descendants of Seth. Seth is also a son of Adam, which naturally goes to say that the Sons of God and the Sons of Adam are one and the same. Seth and his descendants outline the Way of Return for us Sons of Adam to remember that we are Sons of God. However, the Descendants of Cain, who are also Sons of Adam, have merely forgotten that they are also the Sons of God. So the Descendants of Cain outline the course and consequences for all those of us in perpetual motion trying to create a world “out there” for happiness in the illusion. They have become entrenched mistaking the illusion for reality because they have also become entrenched mistaking ‘personality’ to be real, and totally identify the separative EGO with it. They (we) must keep it alive, and fear death.


       The Descendants of Cain are not inherently evil, merely misguided. We do the dumb things we do out of fear. To the degree that the created ‘personalities’ of the YOU and the ME have ‘bought into’ that same misguided interpretation of OUR world, to that degree are WE a continuation of the Descendants of Cain.


       This is presently the state of the One Identity’s creation. It is incomplete as it stands. WE are incomplete as WE stand. However, the Virgin Impulse from the Creative Center continues with ITS OWN root plan. The creative drive disguised under Seth and that line will eventually blend its essences with the creative drive disguised under Cain and that line. The eventual result will be the dispersal of both lines, replaced by a new creature. Rebis is utterly dissolved.


       The newly created entities will continue in perfect harmony within themselves, with the newly created environment, and with the One Identity. They (we) will reign the physical manifestation in the Manner of the Just.

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