A Sure Foundation

       Twelve basic mineral salts serve to construct the human's physical organism with all the tissue cells. The combination of any one or more mineral groups with any of the other mineral groups manufactures the optimal, healthy cells of every one of the countless trillions of tissue cells in the human body. The mineral salts used to manufacture tissue cells from bone marrow to epidermis need the cooperation of each cell with every other cell. This necessitates the intent to do so by self-conscious direction. The direction is implied by induction from our conscious minds. This induction is initiated by the intelligent selection of fuel for this body vehicle. Sub-consciousness, through her powers of deduction, will carry out the intent, and will set about the entire process within the body, automatically.

       The mineral salts are:

       PHOSPHATES: Calcium Phosphate; Ferrous (Iron) Phosphate; Potassium Phosphate; Magnesium Phosphate; and Sodium Phosphate.

       SULFATES: Calcium Sulfate; Potassium Sulfate; and Sodium Sulfate.

       CHLORIDES: Potassium Chloride; and Sodium Chloride.



       All of these are to be found in Nature. Those of us who eat a lot of different vegetables (especially the root and leafy varieties) a lot of the time may not be too concerned with intake of the necessary proportions of each mineral salt. However, for others there are some caveats. Those of us who live in remote regions, or on islands perhaps, may be ingesting larger amounts of certain mineral salts while receiving little to none of the other necessary salts. The eventual result of such skewed proportions out of balance brought on those exotic diseases of the past such as leprosy and elephantiasis and the like. The foundation of a healthy, well balanced cellular structure calls for an intricate proportion of all twelve mineral salts.

       Even if we reside in a region of the world where many varieties of foods are available, there is the high probability that our personal choices of food is wanting. Some ethnic cultures might deny themselves certain foodstuffs due to religious, cultural or hereditary practices. These habit patterns must be faced and overcome. And, of course, we cannot deny the sheer sub-conscious habit patterns we have set for ourselves by the mere, almost relentless, cravings for unhealthy food, drink and snacks. Every cell in our bodies demands re-fulfillment from junk food. Breaking the cycle calls for determined persistence, if we wish to evolve. Excessive, or even overly moderate, ingestion of alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, fats, white sugars and cholesterol inhibits the process. The genuine Alchemists from every period sought to be nourished, not merely fed. 

       So, which foodstuffs for which mineral salts? And how do we know whether we are in balance with them all?

       Firstly, I must claim this “non-endorsement,” for the following. I am not insinuating in any manner that you should follow my suggestions. If you do or do not is entirely up to your personal investigations on the subject. And, as to any web site or method I may suggest, be assured that I receive no compensation of any sort from any said site or method. And that any method or site I may suggest, that site or purveyor of any method has no knowledge of my so doing. I am merely suggesting to you what I have done for myself. There is nothing in it for me personally should you follow up on any of the information. This is free information that may be found on the free Internet.

       That being clear, so to begin. My suggested resources:

       1) Google: “Twelve mineral salts.” Choose and click on any of the sites listed to begin your personal investigation. Or...

       2) Google: http://sittingowl.com/colscooking.htm then click on: Cols Cooking Column - Sitting Owl . Scroll down on this site to the MINERALS section. Below that in the section are charts. One chart is titled: Symptoms of Deficiencies in Cell Salts. Further on down from that is another chart titled: Cell Salt in Colloidal Form: Food Guide to the Stars. All this information is free. Or...

       3) Find on-line: The Biochemic Handbook, listed as a reference for this article in the Preface above. If you are serious with this undertaking you may want this in your personal library. If you order this booklet on-line or from a bookstore, you must pay them for it. Or...

       4) If you should choose to purchase cell salt supplements in tablet form to round out mineral salt intake due to insufficient dietary selections, please be advised that caffeine neutralizes the effect of those tablets. We need a two-hour window, caffeine-free, on both sides of the time we take the tablets. Otherwise it's okay, until we may eventually quit caffeine altogether.

       One way to determine which mineral salts need a supplemental boost in our diet is to research the nature of our ailment. The Biochemic Handbook contains a generous amount of information regarding which salts are needed to assuage particular maladies. I could not point you to a better reference in this matter. Discovering which mineral salt(s) is/are deficient can then be balanced by those foods heavily laced with the needed mineral salt. Or, we can take the supplemental tablets.

       It should be obvious, however, that if we are at the point of conscious cooperation in the next step toward our evolution, it is a process that eventually becomes permanent. It serves no purpose to adopt this new trend if we continue the gross negative habit patterns. Nor do we need become fanatics with the new. As we grow into the new the old habits will eventually wane away as the new generation of tissue cells simply lose the addictions of the past. Eventually even small amounts of alcohol, caffeine or nicotine will simply taste and feel offensive to the new tissue cells. From the West there is an axiom, “Take your time, but hurry up.” From the East they say, “Make haste slowly.” What is important is that we begin. If we are serious with this endeavor it can only be performed by and through self-conscious intent. This is the Art of Alchemy, the physiological, trans-formative effort through work, action. The tissue cells in our bodies constructed from the dust of the earth are living beings. They absorb instruction, and through the deductive process of the sub-conscious each cell knows exactly the perfect proportions to fabricate the healthiest of organs from brain cells to toe nails. Trust.

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