AB, Father, אב


       Father in Hebrew, containing numeration 3, is one name given to the second Sephirah, Chokmah (Wisdom). Chokmah and AB, אב, hold Chiah, the Life-Force, which alchemists call Virgin Sulphur. The Sulphurous Fire is the animating principle within all life. It is the Father of all forces in the universe, Omnipotence, equivalent to what Yogis call Rajasguna, but on the universal level. In Raja-Yoga Swami Vivekananda calls this root of all motion, PRANA (see same). The second Sephirah on the Qabalisitc Tree is united with the sixth Sephirah, Tiphareth, seat of the One, Grand Ego within humanity.


       The collective, One-Ego is called Krishna by Hindus, and in western traditions it is known as the Christ Consciousness. The sixth Sephirah Qabalists call בן, ben, Son, and since it is already in complete union with the Father, AB and BN in Hebrew spell אבן, ahben, Stone. Union with this Stone is what the True Alchemist, Yogi, Adept or Master achieves through the Art of Alchemy. It is the result of a complete transmutation of the existing, separative consciousness. The alchemist prepares his Body-Temple for habitation by the Most High, the Christ. This is the only real objective, the only actual Philosophers’ Stone of a True Alchemist. Not until the inner transmutation is completed first can any alchemist affect any lasting changes outside the body. The miracles of which we have read and heard concerning the physical Philosophers’ Stone cannot be performed by anyone who has not yet achieved union with the Christ Consciousness. Cross reference with BEN and LIVING STONE.

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