Introduction and Intent
     This site is intended for you and me. My hope is that all the studies and investigations accrude from years of exploration might be of service to fellow miners. I am trying to offer commentary, suppositions and methods of analysis slightly different than otherwise found around the various internet sites. I have surfed many, formulated some ideas from a few, all of which have spawned some conclusions from myriad sources. I also offer my gratitude to all of you out there on this path.
     So now I look to you, dear reader. I welcome all commentary and criticism. If you  conclude me wrong or find me in error over some point or supposition, please contact me. I wish to learn more and I hope it is from you, each of us being brothers and sisters on this journey. If you critique any point within this site, however, please back up your counterpoint with legitimate sources, quotations, and references. Show me your vein of thought with diligent research and sober scholarship. When I discover your comments to be accurate, true, and of merit, I will duly edit my wayward ways and will acknowledge you for so doing. But, to be of genuine value, I will need more than ardent belief and feelings over the matter. If you have a theory say it is theory. Please rise above the conventional religions, creeds and dogmas. I ask that you try to avoid platitudinous literal Bibilical quotations in English taken out of context as used by the cesspool of political factions to dupe voters. While beliefs, feelings and opinions might work out personally for some, albeit temporarily, our brothers and sisters might otherwise find it difficult should a critique be devoid all verifiable substance and reason. Belief or feeling is not knowledge.
     Give me an email address where I might contact you for further discussion, questions or clarity. I welcome this. Thank you and Bless you.
                                                                                                           Gordon James