Adam Through Cain - Genealogy I


Revised: February 2020

       This is a Qabalistic investigation of the written Biblical account in Genesis 4 where the descendants of Adam through Cain's line is recorded. It is a far cry from the familiar translations and footnoted explanations found in all ‘authorized’ versions of the Bible.


       Since this is Qabalah the following treatise does not concur with any religious or evangelical translations with copious notes claiming that the characters depicted are actual human beings per-adventuring in real physical locations on this or any other planet. Qabalah proposes to explain the root spiritual causes which create physical phenomena sub-sequentially. Accomplished erudite scholars of Qabalah suggest through their teachings that the motive behind the creation of physical phenomena seems to be an urge from within the Creator to provide physical vehicles suitable for the active expression of ITS own ineffable potencies. The Old Testament Bible, as many noted Qabalists will attest, is not an actual historical account of real personages living the life in this physical world. It is a dramatic analogy of spiritual forces and the relations between them designed to teach us how we may return to the Creator, which we all must come to eventually.


       The genealogy of Adam through Cain, and the second genealogy of Adam through Seth, is a two-part personified narration of the construction of the Tree of Life. In Qabalah-speak it is an Atziluthic blueprint, in coded prose, describing the creative process of the entire physical universe.


       The Old Testament account of creation was received, then conceived and recorded by accomplished authors very familiar with the coded disciplines of Qabalistic literature. Originally they passed down their revelations and insights by oral tradition. Later, as Qabalistic methods improved, the oral traditions were recorded in script. However, since these revelations were of spiritual origins the improvised alphabets of humans could not and cannot directly or accurately record the events and circumstances in those higher, inner spiritual landscapes. There are no words within those levels from which the narrations are sourced. All the events about which we read in today’s authorized versions of the Old Testament are descriptions of spiritual causes disguised as stories in which the characters are dramatizing principles or powers creating causes and subsequent effects. Many of the subsequent results are also in the spiritual world.


       This is not an entirely new declaration as far as creation stories go. All the ancient sources we inherited from the varied cultures of all continents employed the very same methods by which to pass on arcane truths within their creation sagas. If we take all those characters from all those cultural stories and believe them to be actual people in actual places, we are left shaking our heads incredulously at fantastical epics about super humans performing impossible feats. Or, we succumb to the equally fantastic and incredulous suppositions of the ancient alien astronaut theorists.


       One basic example of how the earliest evangelical translators fell into error was their concept of ‘time’ as translated literally in creation stories, particularly in the Hebrew Old Testament version. The ‘days’ of creation in Genesis Chapter One which we read in authorized versions were translated by individuals totally unaware of Qabalah or any of the uses of Literal Qabalists. Later translated versions reiterated the earlier efforts and copied the initial misconceptions.


       The first error, I perceive, is to read and ignore Genesis 1:4 where: “God saw that the ‘light’ was good, and separated the ‘light’ from the darkness.” In the very next, verse 5: “God named the light ‘day,’ and the darkness ‘night’.” This was not, and is not, to be understood as the literal translation of יום, yom, the typical Hebrew word for ‘day’ representative of the 24-hour time segment as measured by sun or moon cycles, way back then or now. This is especially made clear when we come to read verse 16: “And God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also.” According to the many literal Bible versions it would seem that the stars and planets were created long after the ‘day’ and the ‘night’ were declared, and were understood literally as our physical solar orb and the moon satellite of our physical planet earth. The authorized translators seem to ignore this sticky detail. Accomplished Qabalists would understand that the Greater Light (that is, the Greater [or Vast] Countenance, Erich Anpin, אריך אנפין), the Macroprosopus, is governed by Kether, while the Lessor Light (the Lessor Countenance, Zeir Anpin, זעיר אנפין), the Microprosopus, is governed by Tiphareth. Tiphareth is symbolic of the Christ level of Consciousness within us all who governs our earthly world. Then there is that last part of verse 16: “He made the stars also”. Is not our particular solar orb a mere ‘star’ as all other stars?


       The ‘day’ is the LIGHT, understood by all Qabalists as the Third Veil of the Absolute, Ain Suph Aur, אין סוף אור, the invisible ocean of Living Light which exists on the spiritual side of creation and is the root cause of all. This side of creation, the physical side we are currently experiencing, is called ‘night’ not because it is dark in the most literal sense, but ‘dark’ in that we cannot perceive that LIGHT due to its being obscured by all that we do sense and can measure. Everything on the physical side of creation is made of that LIGHT substance, but so condensed, congealed, and sort of ‘frozen’ if you will, that it appears to us in all the ways and means we experience it, “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” – John 1:5, King James version. You and I and all of us dwell in this ‘night’ darkness and spend our lives seeking that ‘day’ LIGHT. All physical substance is merely the outer garment of a Divine Glory Qabalists name Ain Suph Aur, Limitless Light. This includes yours and my body, not separable from that Divine Glory.

       These early chapters of Genesis, and the earliest verses of all creation stories, are descriptions of worlds NOT physical. They are upper (inner) worlds, prototypes, if you will, and sort of like the negative film of pictures we are actually seeing and living. And the stories are NOT descriptive of other galactic planets from which some ancient alien astronauts seeded our Earth. Those inner worlds of yore were created first, the Heavenly Worlds, the Garden of Eden and other like names. Man (mankind) comes into this physical world and appears in the narration after the Fall from that ‘garden’ state.  Our Earth, in our galaxy, in our universe evolved by all the natural progressions discovered by today’s hard astrophysical sciences. The Fall of Man is a compilation of spiritual energies in corporeal vehicles (“garments of skin for Adam and his wife,” Genesis 3:21) having come into this physical world by all the natural, evolutionary progressions of physical substance, the very substance of LIGHT, which was and is all there has ever been. Several continents evolved us higher primates more or less simultaneously and independently from each other, not from one pair of bipedal primates in an exclusive area. WE are that LIGHT. WE are the Substance evolved from the inanimate Dust of the Earth, through the floral and fauna strata, through the primates and into us currently. These bodies from clay are not really separate from the primates. Rather, WE are the higher primates yet to become truly human. And we will not be complete until we return into that prior state of ‘day’ LIGHT.


        Adam and Eve in the Biblical narrative are NOT actual human individuals. They are characters in the Old Testament drama that personify principles creating various causes and effects. Adam and his genealogical line as narrated through dramatized characters demonstrate how our world came to be as it is today. They also personify certain characteristics which show us how we may return to that pristine state from which we were begotten. The Old Testament in Hebrew is the root of our Judaeo-Christian version of this creation story. There are many other cultural and religious versions from around the world describing these same events. We need but choose and learn the particular vocabulary behind the outer semblance of any one, and refer to any of the others as references. They all tell the same saga because they all come from the same One Source.


       In this Hebrew Old Testament version of Adam’s progeny through Cain, then another line through Seth, a curiosity at once presents itself. Where Cain’s line is concerned it took just two verses, Genesis 4:17 and 18, to list five generations of off-spring. Whereas with Seth’s line the description consumes almost all of Chapter 5, from verse 6 on through to the end of verse 32. The differences involve the same number of generations: nine from Cain to Tubal-cain, and nine from Seth to Noah.


       As curious as this may seem there was definite Qabalistic purpose behind it. To what end purpose this plays out is what is explored with the following, in detail.

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