Random House College Dictionary defines aerate: 1. To expose to or supply with air; 2. To supply the blood with oxygen, as in respiration.


       Alchemists consider aeration a very important process toward manufacture of the inner Philosophers’ Stone. Aeration of blood within our bellows is the exact intent. Prana, a subtle essence in our atmosphere, is blended with other subtleties in our blood charged with substances taken from food and other essences from the different glands and organs. The prepared blood must be mixed and fixed with the volatile essence taken from the atmosphere. Unless we prepare the blood there is no base to hold or fix the volatile essence extracted from the air. We do well with breathing exercises from meditation disciplines in the eastern or western traditions. What both traditions promote is the intake of PRANA (see same), contained within the atmosphere. Air is called the ‘Ox of Solar Fire’ by Qabalists, and frequently symbolized by the single Hebrew letter Aleph (see A, ALEPH). We could all do better with being mindful of our breath intake to the lungs. What an alchemist is interested commingling by aeration is extra amounts of Prana by the same method we all employ. True Alchemists seek extra fire to manufacture the Potable Gold (see AURUM POTABILE). Aurum Potabile is the Elixir feeding the alchemist's body. Paracelsus tells us, "First, and chiefly, the principal subject of this Art is Fire." Alchemist, Bodinus, says “Our Stone is a Fire.” Qabalists refer to this Prana essence as the DEW OF HEAVEN (see same) in biblical writings.

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