AIN SUPh AUR, אין סוף אור


       The third of the Qabalistic Three Veils of the Absolute is the 'Limitless Light,' אין סוף אור, Ain Suph Aur. AIN, the No-Thing, an empty, black, silent void expands itself into Boundless proportions, the AIN SUPh. The Boundless then fills itself with a meta-physical substance various philosophers have named a 'luminiferous aether, a vital caloric, an electro-magnetic azoth.'


       AUR, אור, translates as 'Light.' Its numeration at 207 equals AIN SUPh, אין סוף, the Boundless, which then fills itself, mysteriously, with this liquid light substance. This Light is an invisible, electro-magnetic, radiant energy. Its vibratory emanations are far too subtle to be perceived by or through any of our dense senses. Being an invisible black light, six thousand years ago the High Priests of ancient Egypt declared: "Behold, our God is a Black God, too brilliant for mortal eyes!" This is Black Osiris, the Night, preceding White Osiris. White Osiris is the manifest, physical universe we perceive and which the Bible calls 'Day.' Scientific technology today is catching up with the esoteric past and now declares physical substance fundamentally to be comprised of a light substance in vibration. They have yet to declare just what this light vibration might be, however. The smallest physical particle, for years, has been known as the ‘quark.' More recently an even smaller particle has been revealed, and this, for lack of any other accurately descriptive name, science has labeled ‘dark matter.' AIN SUPh AUR, אין סוף אור, is that 'dark matter.' And now science even searches for the ‘God particle,’ a misnomer, we are told, which has taken on a life of its own in that community (See RADIANT DARKNESS).


       The Night, or ‘dark matter,' is the ocean of black, liquid light, AIN SUPh AUR, a living, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent substance, permeating every aspect of all manifest and unmanifest levels of experience. Many Rosicrucian writers, when attempting further elucidation surrounding the Limitless Light, present the phrase Nequaquam Vacuum, 'nowhere a vacuum.' It is absent nowhere, filling all space; permeating mineral, vegetable, animal, human kingdoms and kingdoms beyond, throughout AIN SUPh. A continuing emanation, every point exudes its own light and life.

       Perhaps the most succinct description of AIN SUPH AUR would be a 'sparkly, twinkly, glittery ocean of Liquid Light substance with the viscosity of semen, and supremely aware.' AIN SUPH AUR is Pure Consciousness; GOD Consciousness.

       For centuries science and the early astrophysicists have held on to the theory that Space beyond the gravity of spheres was a complete vacuum, devoid any particulates of the sort proffered by mystics or 'seers,' until the advent of quantum physics and the theoretical physicist, Paul Dirac, who made fundamental contributions to the development of quantum mechanics. He formulated the Dirac Equation. Now science has come around to the certainty that within a vacuum, under certain laboratory conditions, the discovery of matter and antimatter is created briefly and then destroys itself shortly thereafter. It demonstrated, still theoretically to some, that creation can actually evolve from nothing (AIN and AIN SUPh to the Qabalist) just as the Bible and the Sepher Yetzirah had taught millenniums ago, Nequaquam Vacuum.

       The Limitless Light is a primal universal ‘mind-matter.' Science is yet very far from wrapping their heads around this one. It is the stuff of Consciousness itself. It is what we have always guessed or thought of as God. It is the Creator as well as the created. And it is our Inner Self. Alchemists call this, their Universal First Matter, 'Universal Mercury.' The Hebrew phrase מקור חיים, makor chaiim, 'Fountain of Life', is yet another description of the Substance and shares the same gematria value with AIN SUPh AUR at 414. The Limitless Light is the Fountain of All Realities, THAT which was, is, and shall be, and within Whom we live, move and have our being. This is the substance of creation from No-Thing.


       The French adept, Eliphas Levi, called it אזות, AZOTH (see same), which totals 414. The Hindu equivalent to AIN SUPh AUR is Mulaprakriti, the Root Matter. Alchemists from all periods have given it any number of different names, but the principal, one designation has always been simply, Water. But, a Permanent Water! So is it designated throughout the Turba Philosophorum. In the Kybalion it is described thus:

"THE ALL must be IMMUTABLE, or not subject to change in its real nature, for there is nothing to work changes upon it, nothing into which it can change, nor from which it could have changed. It cannot be added to nor subtracted from; increased or diminished; not become greater or lesser in any respect whatsoever. It must have always been, and must  always remain, just what it is now -- THE ALL -- there has never been, is not now, and never will be, anything else into which it can change."1


       The Permanent Water is yet an actual Living Substance. I surmise it being the Living, Subconscious Mind Matter of God; the very Matter which is the physical 'stuff' of all forms, those manifest and those invisible to all our dense senses. Those who have actually been given the inner vision of the Invisible Crystal Sea by the sole Grace of God will not misunderstand nor misinterpret the meaning of any other titles given Prima Materia. Throughout this site the more common, various names are investigated. Keep in mind that what Yogis, Sages, Philosophers and Masters of all the world wrote about is a real substance. It is neither theory nor mental speculation. While some have called it THE ALL, or the Infinite Living Mind, or others called it Spirit, or Prima Materia, or Permanent Water, the Qabalisits call AIN SUPH AUR. When the inner Glory comes to each of us, we will also be at a loss for words to name it and spread the good news. We will be left using or building upon the first words of the earliest sages who have witnessed the Divine Essence, first-hand, long before. No alchemical experiment of any true worth may be completed successfully without the first-hand, experiential knowledge of AIN SUPh AUR.

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1 Three Initiates, The Kybalion. Chicago: Yogi Publication Society, 1940, chpt. 4.