In Hebrew 'mother', אמא, is from the root אם, aim, meaning 'origin, womb'; the mother basis. Qabalists designate AMA more accurately as the Dark, Sterile Mother. It is one name given the third Sephirah, Binah (Understanding). This name infers a state of universal substance prior to impregnation of the Life-Force from Chokmah, the second Sephirah. The Life-Force, the animating principle in all life, is called חיה, chiah. It originates in the Father, AB, another name for Chokmah (Wisdom). Chiah is a primal desire, a hunger or appetite for being and doing on a universal scale. AB contains the VIRGIN SULPHUR (see same). All this is equivalent to the state of Akasha before acted upon by Prana in Hindu wisdom. AMA is equivalent to the ‘Night of Brahma.' When AMA is infused with Chiah, she becomes AIMA (see same), the Pregnant Mother, the primal substance of all potential forms on all levels.


       The state represented by AMA is a vast, rolling, dark abyss; a void. Its gematria in Hebrew totals 42. Chaos is commonly defined as the unformed world, empty space, a shapeless mass from which the universe was formed. In Genesis 1:2 it is described: "Now the earth was unformed and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep..." This is a most accurate description of AMA. Chaos in the gematria of Latin Cabala Simplex also totals 42. Another Hebrew word with value 42 is בלי, belli, meaning 'without'. AMA is Chaos ‘without’ the animating principle and form making power of AB, the Father. The spelling of AMA hints more. Qabalistically, Mem, the letter symbolizing Water and universal fluid subconsciousness, is flanked on both sides by Aleph, the letter symbol for the Life-Breath. Flanked, but not touched, like an egg encircled without by sperm. Chokmah, the second Sephirah, is often symbolized by the single letter Yod. It is often described as seed, and indeed, by the shape of the letter or the stroke of a pen, is the root element from which all other letters in the Hebrew alphabet are formed. It is though Yod were ‘Father’ of all the rest. It is the root stroke, and element, of Aleph.


       When this active potency from the Father penetrates the Mother, AMA becomes AIMA, the producer of forms. We, created in Its image in the Universal Imagination, do exactly the same. We receive an idea from the Kether within our being. In a ‘fiery’ flash it illuminates our self-conscious mind, which in turn creates an image-matrix of how we want something to be. The matrix is impressed upon the substance of subconsciousness, the mind-matter and ‘stuff’ that gives embodiment to imagery, and brings the image into the physical plane by the image making activity of the Son, Ego. All the myriad phantasmagoria of the physical world were and are brought into tangible existence by this very process. The hidden, Superconscious ‘I AM’ (Kether) breathes ‘Scintillating Life-Breath’ via the path of Aleph into Its own Self-consciousness (Chokmah). Instantly ‘Illuminated,’ Chokmah impresses Its own Subconscious Self (Binah) via the path of Daleth, the ‘Luminous Intelligence,’ imagination. Binah, originally AMA, but now impregnated AIMA, instantly produces form-activity through the Son, the Ego seated in the sixth Sephirah, Tiphareth. The Book of Formation names Kether, the ‘Hidden,’ Aleph the ‘Fiery,’ Chokmah the ‘Illuminating,’ Daleth the ‘Luminous,’ Binah the ‘Sanctifying,’ and Tiphareth the ‘Mediating’ Intelligences respectively. May I suggest, please, that this sequence be carefully pondered.

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