An Atziluthic Contribution


       If few individuals would likely care to participate with the ritual described in the previous section, then fewer still will pay any heed to the following. However, this next offer stands. This contribution ratchets the ritual up a notch, considerably.

       To even begin here is to have more or less mastered the ritual outlined in the previous Briatic Contribution. This might be considered an addendum to it.

       Assume your natural meditative position. A straight spine and a relatively quite time and place is all that is required. Then go through the entire ritual as described in the Briatic Contribution. Upon its completion stay seated and keep a relaxed breathing for a few moments. Stay centered as the Dancer. Then begin this.

       Draw down White Brilliance again with slow inhalations into the Dancer as described previously. This time we are working with the Divine Name יהו, Yod-Heh-Vau, pronounced, I.A.O. (EE-AH-OH) if you choose to vocalize. The vocalizations send out actual sound vibrations through the aethers coupled with the higher, light vibrations. The impact is slightly more intense universally. Personally and physically it may become quite rousing if done with reverence. It is not necessary to shout out the vocalizations. Quiet chanting is enough. So then, begin with:

a) Inhalation down the Center Pillar into the feet of the Dancer, then draw it up to the heart. With the first exhalation push the Bluish-White Brilliance upward, Above. Visualize the Divine Name Yod-Heh-Vau, יהו. If chanting, pronounce this permutation I.A.O. (EE-AH-OH). Use imagination here. Personalize it. You might, for example, see the Hebrew letters aflame in bluish-white, fading back into yellow infinity. Send accompanying Love.

b) Inhale down the Tree. The second exhalation is pushed downward, Below. The Divine Name is permutated into Yod-Vau-Heh, יוה, and if whispered or vocalized, I.O.A. (EE-OH-AH). See the flaming letters fade into blue infinity. Send the accompanying Love.

c) Inhale again. The third exhalation is pushed backward, East. The Divine Name permutation is Heh-Yod-Vau, היו, and pronounced A.I.O. (AH-EE-OH). The flaming letters, in bluish-white, are visualized fading into an infinite green. Send Love.

d) Inhale down the Tree again. The fourth exhalation is pushed forward, West. The Divine Name permutation, Heh-Vau-Yod, הוי, is pronounced A.O.I. (AH-OH-EE). See the letters aflame fading into an infinite violet. Send Love.

e) Inhale. The fifth exhalation is pushed off to your right, North. The Divine Name permutation is Vau-Yod-Heh, ויה, and pronounced O.I.A. (OH-EE-AH) and envisioned aflame, fading off into infinite red.

f) Inhale. The final exhalation is pushed off to the left, South. The Divine Name permutation, Vau-Heh-Yod, והי, pronounced O.A.I. (OH-AH-EE) is then envisioned flaming off into infinite orange. Send accompanying Love.

       You might choose to end your meditation in silent prayer or silent breathing for a spell. Bask in the residual. There might even be occasions where the subsequent meditative state may become extended naturally into another hour, or even two. This latter might depend on the time or the environment of your meditation, or whether you live alone. Normally, however, this contribution coupled with the previous Briatic together will take between forty-five minutes to an hour. Do not concern yourself with orientating your seated position with any compass directions. If you should, well, fine. However, East is always at the back of your head. West is outside your eyes. The significance of this will grow. The long term effects of the above ritual does not come with an easy explanation. With this ritual you are an actual co-Creator with the Almighty. He, through Thee, is sending Blessings into the infinitely expanding dimensions of the Universe as the Creator has been doing and continues to do eternally. It is an intensely personal communion with the Divine within us. So mote it be. 

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