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       It most certainly would be noted by the seasoned Literal Qabalist that since twelve mineral salts are coupled with the twelve astrological signs, it would follow that the mineral salts also would be assigned to the Qabalistic Cube of Space. The geometric square or cube is the esoteric symbol for the material world as the perfect circle or sphere is symbolic of pure spirit. The Great Work is the process of bringing down Universal Spirit into the material body through concerted effort. The true Rosicrucians and the genuine Philosopher Alchemists have hinted this instruction for us with their axiom "Squaring of the Circle" in their manuscripts. We are bringing Spirit down into the very cellular structure of our bodies. For the increased surges of Spirit to inhabit our physical bodies efficaciously, however, requires a strong foundation within the latter.

       As for example, take twelve straight rods of equal length, popsicle sticks, wooden matches, or even tooth pics and construct a cubical frame. Each of the twelve material units would serve as an edge then to be attached to two other units at each end, or corner, when the cubic frame is constructed. Each unit, or edge of the cube, affects four others. If each edge is strong and well attached all around then we have a formidable framework. If we were to remove any one of the edges from our frame then we have lessened the integrity of the entire cube. If two units were to be removed the framework may still stand. However, the least outside influence in the form of a force could now bring the entire weakened structure down.

       So it is within our bodies. If even one of the mineral salts is severely wanting we have weakened the integrity of all the tissue cells in our bodies that depend upon that mineral. Severely lacking two mineral salts and our bodies are compromised exponentially. It is not possible for such a physical vehicle to receive and contain the influx of spiritual light. The Loving Light will withhold Itself from any such body incapable of Its intensity. Each to his measure.

       This is the basic problem with any tyro aspiring to spiritual advancement. We might study ardently, pray reverently, meditate frequently and even wish wholeheartedly while neglecting the fundamental cause of that Light being withheld. It simply cannot and will not come because of Its love for us. Such an influx would be the equivalent to a strike from physical lightening. Few survive.

       Evolution from the One, All-Consciousness has brought human Self-consciousness up to this level where the created entity may itself complete the reunion with that All-Consciousness. We must complete ourselves. Evolution will take us no further. We have within us all the necessary Spirit, Mind, Will, Emotion and Physical accoutrements to finish this Great Work. But WE must desire it.

       The masters who have gone before us related all the necessary information and instructions in the coded language of their manuscripts. And they are all in agreement when they suggest we begin with what they called the Gross Work or the Physical Laboratory Work.

       Motivated by greed or simply ill informed so many have taken the message literally to construct actual physical laboratories packed with equipment to boil up the Elixir of Life only to poison themselves in the making. The Philosophers' Stone cannot be fabricated in a basement laboratory. All of this is entirely an internal process. It is the psychological, physiological transmutation brought to its conclusion by initiating our total, concerted Self-conscious participation.

       Salomon Trismosin was a European philosopher of the Renaissance period alleged to have been a teacher of Paracelsus. His best known work is Splendor Solis, a text containing twenty-two allegorical pictures illustrating a process for the confection of the Philosophers’ Stone. You can Google him and the manuscript in question with its 22 paintings in full color. It would be worth your while. The point here, however, are the first two picture plates of that manuscript. Plate I illustrates “The Arms of the Art.” The painting shows a stylized rendition of the Sun, Moon, and Mercury. These are Super-consciousness (Sun), Sub-consciousness (Moon) and Self-consciousness (Mercury), respectively. That is all there is to this Art, the three modes of consciousness in One.

       The second, Plate II, illustrates a male philosopher, Self-consciousness personified, holding a glass vessel in his left hand while pointing to it with the index finger of his right hand. The glass vessel contains a yellowish liquid misinterpreted by some physical laboratory experimenters as urine. It is actually stomach acid, the digestive fluid, and the vessel is the stomach. Tethered to the esophagus-like neck of the vessel is a banner with a Latin sentence. Translated into English the banner reads: “Let us go in search of the four natural elements.” These of course would be: air, food, water, and light, co-mixed and digested. The pointing index finger is a pictorial image suggestive of another level. The accompanying treatise with this plate begins: “The Philosopher’s Stone is produced by means of the Greening and Growing Nature. HALI the Philosopher, says thereof: ‘This Stone rises in growing, greening things’.”


       Splendor Solis in its entirety is another picture book on the order of the Book of Tarot. Trismosin must have been very familiar with the original, unpublished Tarot from the thirteenth century for certainly the underlying message is exact in both books. He offers some esoteric hints within these pictures that are not presented in the myriad Tarot packs out in the market today. As within Splendor Solis the second Tarot Key of the Major Arcana also illustrates a philosopher magician pointing an index finger to the four elemental weapons on a table; the intended message being the same.

       The pointing index finger is a picture-symbol for the Hebrew letter Yod (י). Literal Qabalists understand this letter to be associated with the astrological sign Virgo, which sign rules the intestinal region of the human body. Mercury (the self-conscious mind) is the ruler of Virgo, and, in its higher octave Mercury (Super-consciousness) is exalted in that same zodiacal sign.

       By suggestions originating from our Self-conscious level (the ruler-ship of Virgo) a fiery-like essence can be released into the small intestines in the form of a milky, unctuous liquid. The genuine alchemists of all periods knew well this liquid and named it Lac Virginis, the Virgin’s Milk. However, exactly when and as to how much of the magical elixir is actually ready to be released into the blood stream is governed by the exalted Mercury, Super-consciousness. Not until the lower, outer, physical vehicle is sufficiently prepared will the All-Knowing Almighty bless us with extra amounts of this precious gift. But It will eventually do so because the process is in accordance with Its Own Natural Law.

       Plate IV in Splendor Solis illustrates a woman in white (Sub-consciousness) listening to a King in red robes (Tiphareth and Super-consciousness, the exalted Mercury). She holds her right hand over her intestinal region while clutching a banner with the words Lac Virginis. The parable coupled with this plate begins: “GOD created the Earth plain and coarse, and very productive of Gravel, Sand, Stones, Mountains and Valleys (the Dust of the Earth), but through the influence of the planets, and the working of nature, the Earth has been changed into many forms.” The Earth in this case being our physical bodies, evolved from the lowest organisms to the highest.

       For a detailed explanation concerning the Virgin’s Milk go to the Glossary section in the top menu bar, then click on Chylus and Lac Virginis under the list of definitions. Do this for yourself and learn what the ignorant eschew.

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