Anima Mundi


       Soul of the World. Eliphas Levi equates the Soul of the World with the Astral Light, of which he has written in The History of Magic:

"Light, that creative agent, vibrations of which are the movement and life of all things; light, latent in universal ether (see ETHER), radiating about absorbing centres, which, being saturated thereby, project movement and life in their turn, so forming creative currents; light, astralized in stars, animalized in the animals, humanized in human beings light, which vegetates all plants, glistens in metals, produces all forms of Nature and equilibrates all by the laws of universal sympathy - this is light which exhibits the phenomena of magnetism, divined by Paracelsus, which tinctures the blood, being released from the air as it is inhaled and discharged by the hermetic bellows of the lungs."1 (See AERATION).


       Anima Mundi, the Latin feminine form, contains letter-value 89. This is the value of the Hebrew word גוף, goof, meaning 'body, matter.' It is also the value of Argentum, Silver. Levi's quotation clearly points to the form or body building quality of the World Soul. On the Qabalistic Tree, the feminine Sephirah attributed the substance building function, Binah is labeled both AMA and AIMA. It is not the substance that builds. Substance nurtures, incorporates, maintains and directs growth. However, something in that substance formulates guidelines and patterns. This is the Intelligent Life and Light hinted by the gematria of Argentum and alluded to in Levi's quotation. Chiah, the Life-Force from Chokmah, is that something.


       Hidden within Chiah is a power of the second Sephirah Qabalists call כחמה, kachmah, a rearrangement of the same letters in Chokmah and holding the same numeral value 73. Kachmah is the 'power of formation'. It is a masculine power, the “creative agent” in Levi's quotation that “radiates about absorbing centers.” The "absorbing centers, saturated" is the feminine, nurturing power of the Soul of the World (hence the feminine form, Anima). She ensures that all fixed patterns from the Father are manifested. Keep in mind that Kether, Chokmah, and Binah are three modes of ONE LIFE, and that powers of the other two are in any one of the three. Binah is the sphere of Saturn on the Tree. The concentrating, limiting quality symbolized by Saturn represents the cohesive characteristic in Binah. Hindu philosophers call the Soul of the World, Maya-Shakti, and like Soul of the World, suggests both masculine and feminine powers. Shakti is defined as the sole causative force or energy that upholds the cosmos through vibration. This same formative power is the Kachmah of Qabalists. Maya is substance, defined generally as Illusion. It is the illusion of infinite, varied forms and bodies disguising ONE LIFE. Binah or Maya-Shakti works in us, as in everything, at profoundly deep levels of subconsciousness. It is the power within us that built our baby bodies from the embryo, "humanized in humans beings," and continues to do so up to our physical dissolution. The feminine power does so according to the original pattern induced from the masculine Archaeus. The Soul of the World contains the Light of Omniscience, the Formation of Omnipotence, and the Embodiment of Omnipresence. Concerning all this J.A. Siebmacher wrote:

"Into three the great good is divided, yet it is one, and highly esteemed by the world...It is named the water of life, the purest and most blessed water, yet not the water of the clouds, or of any common spring, but a thick, permanent, salt, and (in a certain sense) dry water, which wets not the hand, a slimy water which springs out of the fatness of the earth. Likewise, it is a double mercury and Azoth which, being supported by the vapor or exudation of the greater and lesser heavenly and the earthly globe, cannot be consumed by fire. For itself is the universal and sparkling flame of the light of nature, which has the heavenly Spirit in itself, with which it was animated at first by God, Who pervades all things, and is called by Avicenna, the Soul of the World. For as the soul lives and moves in all elementary creatures, and is the indissoluble bond of body and soul, the purest and most noble essence in which lie hid all mysteries in their inexhaustible fullness of marvelous virtue and efficacy. Moreover, they ascribe to it infinite Divine power and virtue when they say that it is the Spirit of the Lord who fills the Universe, and in the beginning moved upon the face of the waters. They also call it the spirit of truth that is hid in the world, and cannot be understood without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, or the teaching of those who know it. It is found potentially everywhere, and in every thing, but in all its perfection and fullness only in ONE thing."2


       “…and cannot be understood without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit,” writes Siebmacher. We cannot make it or look for it. It must be granted to us by the Holy Spirit as our deserving reward. So, what is the Soul of the World that is one, yet contains spirit, soul and body? What is the Quintessence that fills universal space, yet holds fire, water, air and earth within itself? What is both masculine and feminine? What can project the idea and the seed of life yet form it simultaneously?

Limitless Light...the very Astral Light Eliphas Levi and Siebmacher frequently called Azoth, spelled אזות in Hebrew. The gematria of AZUTh sums to 414, that of AIN SUPh AUR. Refer to ARCHAEUS, AZOTH and MAYA-SHAKTI.

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