Aqua Vitae
Revised: April 2020

       The Water of Life, or Living Water. This is yet another term for the Limitless Light, AIN SUPh AUR (see same), the Universal First Matter. Most commonly termed ‘water’ by alchemists, Water of Life is much more descriptive and accurate.


       In the New Testament, open it to the Gospel according to John 4:7 thru 15. Jesus meets the ‘Woman of Samaria’ drawing water from a well. In the Latin Vulgate version, verse 10 ends with the two Latin words: aquam vivam, ‘living water’. Through the scene He speaks of the difference between well water and the ‘living water’. The woman doesn’t really get it. And so is it with many of us today.


       By Latin Cabala Simplex, Aqua totals 36 and Vitae equals 52. Number 52 is familiar as the sum of AIMA (see same), the name given by Qabalists to Binah, Understanding, as the Pregnant Mother. Binah is the Universal Subconsciousness and the Substance mode of One Life. The 'Water of Life' is a living substance and fully pregnant with all possibilities whatsoever. There is another Hebrew phrase, אבא ואמא, aba v-ama, 'Father and Mother', which sums to 52. Here in one phrase both spheres, Wisdom, the Father, and Understanding, the Mother, are combined to equal AIMA in Hebrew gematria. Number 36, in aqua, equals a Hebrew phrase, בכחו, be-kochu, 'by His Power'. Chiah, the Life-Force from Chokmah, is the implied power that impregnates AMA, forming AIMA. Chiah is the ‘life’ in the 'Water of Life'. This Water of Life is both genders, yet is it solely neither. Thinking this Aqua Vitae to be an actual physical substance has sent many avid explorers throughout the world in search of the legendary and magical Fountain of Youth. Pity the poor, literal, would-be alchemist boiling, steaming or distilling tap water in an attic, garage or basement laboratory. There, unbeknownst to his very self, stands his body made of the Watery Substance, which in turn, stands completely submersed within the very boundless solution, like a fish in its Ocean of Aqua Vitae. Please refer to WATER, APAS TATTVA and ARGENT VIVE.

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