With regard to the Art of Alchemy, it is the successful ability, given by the sole Grace of God Almighty, to seek, to discover and to work the magician's Heavenly Chaos, Prima Materia. The First Matter, as it exists in its original, natural state is a "vile and gross thing." It is found deep within us. It appears to us there, beyond the depths of the Vital Soul, after long persistence of desirous knowing, and demonstrated by our zealous efforts through study, prayer, and meditation. Discovery is granted by God alone as our reward, but it is just the beginning of the Art. The raw stage of prima minera appears crystalline and yellow-greenish. The greenish tint is due to the saturation of distorted thought and imagery from the mass consciousness.


       In the Yaqui Indian traditions of Central America it is described as a green, sparkling fog. On rare occasions this greenish fog appears in this physical world, and has been noted and reported by witnesses in various locations such as the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. This raw matter requires cleansing. We are intuitively instructed with the procedure for doing so in the Briatic laboratory of our ‘closed’ aura, the GLASS VESSEL (see same). The portion of the Substance within the aura’s limits, Hermetically Sealed, is gradually turned to a pure, crystalline blue or azure by re-channeled reproductive energy. Finally the matter turns white, but not before the aura reveals a ‘sweat’ formed on the inside surface of the Glass. This effect in fourth dimensional awareness appears like droplets of glittery light-energy which many alchemical writers described as ‘fishes' eyes’. As the whole matter incubates, the energy ‘vibration’ within the Vessel eventually matches the vibratory emanations of Universal Mercury outside the Glass. The matter turns Gold, Avis Hermetis is hatched reborn.

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