Astrological Considerations

       I feel I must first address the subject of Astrology here briefly. From around the turn of the 20th Century Astrology has suffered severe biases from religions, sciences, and the pseudo intelligentsia. Contemporary media has even joined the band wagon with tongue-in-cheek newspaper columns, trash astral-magazines, and ignorant web sites proffering idiotic articles feeding the most base desires in the mass mind for wealth, love and super sexual prowess. The Internet pushes ridiculous information about which pet might fit your Sun sign; where your particular astral-sign might enjoy your next vacation; and in which season to take it as to best fit your astral-temperament. If the uniformed masses judge the subject matter with no more than this dizzy information, no concerted personal research, then they are correct in assuming Astrology to be no less than utter bullshit. The arcane Arts and Sciences will always take these hits from individuals and organizations with no more awareness, observation, insight and research into the matter than those dumb sources mentioned above. To the discerning mind harboring perception of another order, however, Nature presents at once an esoteric science and an art. Its effects are genuinely demonstrable for those inwardly sensitive enough to perceive its influences. We were instructed concerning the Wisdom of the stars from the beginning. Consider this from Genesis 1:14

       "And God said, 'Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night,

        and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years.' "

       Genuine Astrology is not a belief. It is a knowledge since it is essentially a mathematical and geometric science. And, as with any knowledge under the Sun not everyone may be proficient with its application toward practical purpose. Astrology is the Anatomy of Consciousness. Where the accomplished physical chemist invests years studying the language of chemistry, and more years learning the nuances through experience, so does the accomplished astrologer. Try studying astrology, and discover its most practical insights for yourself.

       So, for those who lean more seriously toward considering the extraordinary effects in preparing the physical temple for habitation of the Most High, there is an esoteric side to this endeavor. Our bodies burn or use up some mineral salts more rapidly over others. If you have perused sitting owl's web site suggested previously, you may have also seen the chart on Cell Salt in Colloidal Form: Food guide to the Stars. The chart lists various foods corresponding to the twelve mineral salts. You may also have noticed that those foods under the twelve salts are also matched up with the astrological signs of the Zodiac on that same chart.

       Knowledge and awareness concerning the twelve mineral salts were certainly familiar to the ancient masters of the Alchemical Art. As far as I understand, however, general publication in modern times for the assignation of mineral salts to the zodiacal signs was originally presented by one Dr. Howard Leslie Cornell. From 1918 to 1924 he had researched and written articles on medical astrology, culminating with his 1,000 + page magnum opus, The Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology, published in 1933. The list in that work has been reused subsequently by several astrologers since, and his encyclopedia is considered the definitive reference work on medical astrology to this day. The ancient erudite were well aware of the zodiacal assignations a very long time ago.

       To work the more effective, esoteric method for a balanced physical temple, your personal astrological birth chart is needed. The placement of the planets in the astrological signs at the time of our birth is a key factor. It is understood that there might be very few individuals willing to take up this method. However, if there is but one of you out there, then you help us all.


       Some astrologers suggest that our Rising Sign (Ascendant) and the zodiacal sign on the cusp of the Sixth House (health and well being) are indicative of burning up the corresponding mineral salts more rapidly. It is suggested that additional intake of these particular salts might be warranted.

       While this method could not be considered wrong, neither is it wholly complete. Our bodies change radically as we age, as do our activities. Tissue cells die and are replaced at varying rates. However, every tissue cell in our entire body is replenished over the course of seven years. We are dying and being reborn constantly, almost on a daily basis. This being the case the mineral salts required for the replacement of new, strong and healthy tissue cells are constantly changing over the course of our journey.

       A more concentrated and accurate assessment of the burning up of mineral salts could be gathered by observing the placement of the ten planets in the zodiacal signs of the natal chart. Wherever there is a planet in a particular zodiacal sign, it is the mineral salt corresponding to that sign which is being used up slightly quicker. If the Sun, or any planet, is in the astrological sign Aries in our Natal Chart, then potassium phosphate is being burned up a little more rapidly than the other salts. We can compensate for that loss by focusing on those foodstuffs rich in potassium phosphate. This is also true for the ten planets through the Natal Chart.

       The burning up of a particular mineral salt is even more relevant when there is a conjunction of two or more planets in the same astrological sign. Three or more planets in any one sign is called a stellium in astrology speak. The rapid burning of a mineral salt is accelerated in any of the astrological signs where there are many planets. This could very well bring on a chronic malady over time. This is almost a certainty if we are unaware of our dietary mistakes, or simply uncaring concerning our diet. Couple this condition with multiple transiting planets in that same sign could even bring on an immediate, dire illness. In many cases this is exactly how a serious illness is initiated. It may take years coming on, but when the timing is perfect conditions become ripe and an illness manifests as critical. Unfortunately in some cases the onset comes on too late to reverse the course.

       Preventative measures are the best, of course. This calls for a habitual way of life. The youthful habits are the most ill conceived, unfortunately. “Live hard and die young” is the motto of the most self-absorbed in any generation. But even if we all shared that dubiously brilliant mind-set at some point in our past there is hope, and even redemption. We generate many of those new tissue cells yearly, give or take. If we continue with our ignorant habit patterns of excesses, the new generation of tissue cells will be weak and sickly to begin with, and eventually they will bring on the inevitable chronic sickness toward death. “The wages of sin is death,” we have heard; sin being merely 'missing the mark,' missing the point. Our ignorant habit patterns are not 'sins' per se. They are merely ill conceived choices for the dumbest of reasons. We deliberately choose vast quantities of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, fat, grease, cholesterol, red meat, sugar, fried foods and what-all because they 'taste great'. And we avoid vegetables, sea food, water et al because, well, they don't. The resulting lessons are hard learned; and simply not necessary.

       For the sake of quick, handy reference, these are the twelve mineral salts and their corresponding zodiacal signs:

Aries – Potassium Phosphate; Taurus – Sodium Sulfate; Gemini – Potassium Chloride; Cancer – Calcium Fluoride; Leo – Magnesium Phosphate; Virgo – Potassium Sulfate; Libra – Sodium Phosphate; Scorpio – Calcium Sulfate; Sagittarius – Silica; Capricorn – Calcium Phosphate; Aquarius – Sodium Chloride; and Pisces – Ferrum (Iron) Phosphate.

       If there is great insufficiency in any one or more of these mineral salts over any length of time then the next generation of tissue cells dependent on these salts will already be weak and vulnerable. Consequently the various organs' tissue integrity, which is generated of these salts, is already deficient and susceptible with warding off any potentially attacking germs, parasites, viruses or diseases. We then cart off to the clinic or doctor who treats the symptoms and not the cause. Round and round we go.

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