Aurum Potabile


       Potable Gold or Drinkable Gold. This was one of the several closely guarded secrets of classical alchemy. All manner of poisons, bizarre concoctions and potions have been brewed through history. Some were barely potable, let alone proving to be a magical elixir. Never is a secret more safely hidden than when it is laid plainly in open view. Again, never was a Master or Sage more ridiculed and scorned than when he demonstrated to jeering onlookers, the actual substance they were seeking for material gold. Aurum Potabile is blood, a prepared blood inside the very physical body of an alchemist. Let it be clear from the outset that this blood is not to be taken from other human beings, certain sacrificed animals or any other living or dead creature. THIS IS NOT A BLIND! It is prepared, charged and manufactured inside the ATHANOR (see same) of the initiate.


       The prime ingredients are taken from the four lower elements: fire, air, water and earth. These are in the forms of light, breath, water and food. Whenever the writings of sages hint their gold as a spiraling, rotating and circuitous substance, they are implicating the circulatory behavior of their own blood. The blood of Adepts, Yogis and Masters, however, is not like the blood of generic humanity. Neither is this blood prepared nor developed by nature since "nature unaided always fails." Alchemists must do the preparations alone, within themselves. This is part of the 'physical laboratory work.' First, select the right amounts of certain substances from the four elements. Take care to receive the right dose of solar energy, sunshine vitamin D. Solar fire is a necessary ingredient for Aurum Potabile, hence its name. The sun's rays penetrate the skin just enough to ‘potentize’ the liquid and our cellular structure. Vanity tans are not necessary. However enjoyable, (and in these days, dangerous) vanity tans are not in the consciousness of alchemical adepts. Vain and over-zealous attention to the body vehicle is a road directly opposite the Way of Return. Air and breath are ways we get solar prana into the Athanor (see AERATION). When we breathe we must remind ourselves that we are taking in the One-Life, aerating Aurum Potabile in the bellows of the lungs. Sensible liquid is not merely restricted to water, though it is best if clean and pure. Fruit and vegetable juices contain the essential vitamins and minerals required for healthy tissue cells.


       Cutting back considerably with alcohol consumption to eventually avoiding it completely becomes natural as we progress. When small amounts of alcohol render headaches, we know we have progressed to the point where more reprobate cells are being replaced by light-tinctured cells that are resisting the poison. Earth brings us to food. Eat sensibly and light. Eat a lot of vegetables. Our cells need the minerals. It is not necessary to feel guilty about meat, fowl and fish. As the Athanor slowly shifts into balance our taste for heavier foods simply falls away when tissue cells are replaced. Avoid popular diets and ‘power’ foods and drinks such as gainer's fuel which weight lifters use. These are for purposes other than alchemical, although it does prove how quickly the body responds to what we feed and suggest into it. Externally an Adept Alchemist looks like anyone else. Within flows Aurum Potabile which few other humans possess. There is yet another special ingredient for the preparation of precious Aurum Potabile. It is added solely by Art and we all possess it. All the animal kingdom has it, but we cannot extract it from them. It completes the Quadrature of the Circle. Turning the four elements into the eight-spoked wheel of pure Quintessence is accomplished with the aid of the Virgin's Milk, prepared under the regimen of 'Our Mercury.' Lac Virginis helps extract even more essences from glands and organs under the purified Metals. Simmer and maintain all this under the gentle heat of aspiration. Reference with LAC VIRGINIS.

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