Eliphas Levi begins the 11th chapter of Transcendental Magic:

"The Great Magical Agent, by us termed the Astral Light, by others the Soul of the Earth, and designated by old chemists under the names of Azoth and Magnesia, this occult, unique and indubitable force, is the key of all empire, the secret of all power."1


       Azoth and its twin, Azot, are perfect examples of the outer Magical Language (e.g., Gematria, Notariqon, Temurah and other uses of the Qabalists) being an artificial or fabricated language. These words rely solely upon their concealed numbers to convey any meaning. The Christ, in the Master Jesus, told us He was the Alpha and Omega. With these first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, He implied, partly, that THAT, incarnate within the man-personality, was all encompassing; that His Essence was in the form of anything one could name, from beginning to end. THAT, within, was the start and finish of all.


       Azoth is spelled אזות in Hebrew. Azoth and Azot are both spelled out in Hebrew by Levi in Transcendental Magic. Aleph and Tau are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Letter Vav used by itself is the conjunction ‘and’ in Hebrew grammar. This renders a Hebrew equivalent to the Greek "first and last." The letter Zain in this word is actually superfluous. But because of its letter value 7, it was added into it to ‘pump’ the whole number value of the artificial word to 414. Since 414 is the number of אין סוף אור, AIN SUPh AUR, the Ocean of Limitless Light-Matter, Azoth was to become another strange word-tool for describing the indescribable. Levi frequently alludes to the magnetic quality of Azoth. The Substance does have a magnetic property. It is drawn by and adheres to matrices of our imagination (see WHITE MAGNESIA).


       When alchemists and Qabalists wish to accent the electric property of the Matter, they simply change the spelling of the artificial word to אזוט, transcribed as Azot. This spelling contains Hebrew letters Aleph, Zain, Vav and Teth, which total 23. This is a number of the Hebrew word, חיה, Chiah, the Life-Force. It is also equal to the Latin Aes, 'ore,' used repeatedly in the Turba. Pointedly, it is a number equivalent to the symbol-glyph of our solar orb. The Sun in astrology is depicted by a circle surrounding a point. The Sun glyph sums to 23 (see OCCULT GEOMETRY). Who could deny the electric property of the Sun's rays of force? Employing fabricated words like Azot and Azoth, philosophers and sages communicated to their peers, familiar with the uses of Qabalists, certain qualities and properties of the Mysterious One-Substance, and that the electro-magnetic Matter is also a Universal Force which "is the key of all empire, the secret of all power."


       AIN SUPh AUR, אין סוף אור, is Mulaprakriti of the Yogis, and the First Matter, Prima Materia, of the Alchemists. These and Azoth and Azot are all the same One-Thing. And that same power, when working through the human vehicle, manifests as Kundalini of the Yogis, Fohat of the Theosophists, and the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley (Pingala and Ida) in the Song of Songs. We ought not to be too hasty to dismiss various odd words transcribed into the English when studying alchemy. Try to reference back to the original, foreign spellings (when you can), find their numeral equivalent, compare with words of like number, and the joy of discovery is yours. Such mental exercises and studies lead us to a direct, inner experience of the Hidden Qabalah from the Loving, One-Light.

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1  Levi, Eliphas, Transcendental Magic. New York: Samuel Weiser, 1972 ed., pg. 104.