B, Beth, ב


       Beth, ב, transcribed as ‘B,’ numeration 2, means 'house,' which in Qabalistic writings, is a reference to our self-conscious mind. The numeration of the whole letter-name בית is 412, and spelled out in plenitude, בית יוד תו, BITh YUD TAV, equals 838.


       Qabalists assign Beth to the Magician Tarot Key and on the Tree of Life to the twelfth path connecting Kether (Universal Superconsciousness) to Binah (Universal Subconsciousness). This path, titled שכל בהיר, Sakel Bahir, the 'Transparent Intelligence,' transports the Limitless Light concentrated in Kether, the Omniscient mode of the One-Thing, into the feminine formative powers of Binah, the Omnipresent mode. Dr. A.E. Waite says of this path in the 32 Paths of Wisdom (attached to some versions of Sepher Yetzirah) that "...it is the image of magnificence...said to be the source of vision in those who behold apparitions." This is true in that if one's mind were completely 'transparent' not only would such one see visions of fourth dimensionless life, but also see clearly the synchronicity in this life, our physical world.


       Beth and the Magician Tarot Key are given the planetary attribution Mercury. On the Cube of Space all three are allocated to the face Above, representing self-consciousness. The color assigned this surface is yellow and the musical note is E-Natural.


       Qabalists instruct intoning the musical note while visualizing the color strengthens abilities in concentration and attention with time. ‘Our Mercury,’ found in alchemical writings, is the self-conscious mind. Universal Mercury is the First Matter of the universe, Limitless Light. These hint that self-consciousness is essentially one with that Ocean of Living Love. More accurate is it to say that our self-conscious mind is the vehicle through which the Light in Kether may manifest into the physical world. It is the objective and final goal of every Yogi or Alchemist to so clear the self-conscious state of mind as to become the transparent vehicle of the One-Life. All genuine systems of occultism, like yoga, work to tear down ‘Our Mercury’ to re-assemble a grander structure. This new assemblage is the reconstituted mind of Adeptship. The conscious mind is purged completely of any separative sense, and remains ‘transparent’ for the Light from Kether to radiate influence into the field of manifestation symbolized by Binah. While it is true that adepts look like anyone else, there is one tell-tale quality alluding to successful completion of that transparent state. Whether from East or West, be one a Yaqui Indian sorcerer or an African shaman, the eyes of a person of power will shine. The Light we see through them is the Light of Kether, or any other name corresponding to Kether in the different world esoteric systems.


       A physical laboratory alchemist seeking chemical results cannot achieve this transparent state. The very motives for attempting such experiments keep one in the separative state that bars successful achievement. Try as one will, pledging charity upon success, promising holiness and righteousness in return for secrets of the Stone, one fails. A Stone truly can be made in the physical plane, but not until the Artificer is already the Living Stone. Not until the House is in the state symbolized by the Magician Tarot Key, will the One-Life in Kether allow any manifestation into Binah and eventually into the life of Malkuth. Attainment is not a matter of payoff or a platitudinous reward for a job well done. It is a matter of Cosmic Law and Justice. All sense of the 'little self' must die.

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