Ben, the Son


       The Hebrew for Son is one of the many names given the sixth Sephirah on the Tree of Life. Tiphareth represents the One, Grand, Universal-Ego of Humanity. The Hebrew spelling is בן and totals 52 by gematria. Readers familiar with Qabalah and gematria will recall this number with AIMA, the Universal Mother, impregnated by YOD from Chokmah. At the very instant the third Sephirah, Binah, receives the creative impulse from Chokmah, Ben is also created. Qabalists illustrate this in The Lesser Holy Assembly, translated from the Latin by MacGregor Mathers under the title The Kabbalah Unveiled. Verses 228 and 229 explain:

"Assuredly Yod, I, impregnateth the letter Heh, H, and produceth a Son, and She herself bringeth Him forth. And therefore is it called BINH, as if (it were a transposition of) BN IH, Ben Yah, Son of IH (or I, Yod, H, Heh, and BN, the Son)."1


       Qabalists often represent the second sphere, Chokmah, with the single Hebrew letter YOD. Chokmah is also frequently called יה, Yah. Binah, the third sphere, is often implied by the single Hebrew letter ה. Binah is mostly called Mother. Yod and Heh are the first two letters of I H V H. The quotation above shows how the Son is produced by conjunction of the two spheres symbolized by letters. The letters produce Tiphareth in yet another way. Letter YOD has number value 10, while HEH is 5, by numeration of the alphabet. These two sum to 15, which, by Theosophical Reduction sums again to 6, Tiphareth and the Son.


       Two more Qabalistic methods serve to prove the sixth Sephirah forms manifestation even before the fourth and fifth spheres, Chesed and Geburah respectively. The summation of Kether, Chokmah and Binah, as spheres 1+2+3, equals 6. Finally, the third outpouring from Kether, through the third letter-path, Gimel, issues influence into the sixth sphere even before Chokmah influences Binah by the path of letter Daleth since 3 stands before 4. Then, summation of Aleph, Beth and Gimel once more totals 6. These are the first three letters out of Kether, one of which connects BEN with the Supernals. Major world religions and myths translate this esoteric doctrine of the manifest world issuing forth from The Great Sea with their various renditions of a Madonna or Virgin Mother holding an infant Son in her arms. All this translates into something much more practical for an alchemist. Ben, בן, the Son, is also the secret name of IHVH, spelled out in plenitude in the world of Assiah. Illustrated in the introduction to The Kabbalah Unveiled, each of the Four Worlds has a different spelling form for Tetragrammaton (IHVH). In the world of Assiah (the material universe) the plenitude spelling is IVD HH VV HH. This totals 52, suggesting that the total manifest creation, everything we can know through the experience of our five physical senses, is Ben, the Son. The Son is in the Father prior to any physical worlds whatever, wherever. He is in one of the three modes, the Chokmah mode, of AIN SUPh AUR. In the ancient Egyptian pantheon the Son is Horus, the progeny of Osiris and Isis. Ben, Horus, Krishna and the Christ Consciousness are all various names for us, that is, THAT which is within us. We are the Son of God, collectively speaking. The Son is the One-Ego of the Grand Solar Being. Other names given Tiphareth are אדם, Adam, and מלכ, Melekh, 'King', Microprosopus and Husband.


       All these names are given the Ego and the sixth Sephirah, Tiphareth, to which alchemists assign the SUN and GOLD. This is the Gold alchemists seek. Throughout creation there is but ONE EGO and all seemingly separated egos partake of its reflected Light; all mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms, and kingdoms beyond, manifest this Ego in a multitude of unique particularizations. There is none now, nor has there ever been, separate egos from the One-Thing since the beginning of this cycle of manifestation, when Chokmah impregnated Binah, creating BN, the Son. True Alchemists and Yogis seek, by means of their Art, to break down the barriers within themselves that create, or have created the illusion of being separate egos from the Creator, or from any other part of manifest existence. When an alchemist has succeeded in so doing this, he has discovered the Philosophers' Stone. For if it is true that the Son was in the Father from the beginning then it must be equally true that the Father, Ab, was in union with Son, BN. This union is אבן, ahben, meaning Stone. This is reason for all aspirants seeking the state of consciousness symbolized by Tiphareth; it is the Gold, the Sun, the Son, and the Stone. Union with Christ Consciousness is the end goal of the Great Work, for It is in union with AB, the Father, the Endless Source. This is ‘Returning the King to His Throne.’ See AB, AMA and AIMA for a full appreciation of Ben.

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