The Secrets of John Dee

 "The Rosie Crucian Secrets, their Excellent Method of Making Medicines of Metals, and also their Laws and Mysteries," is catalogued as Harley Manuscript #6485 in the British Museum Library. The greater portion of that manuscript has been resurrected and rewritten in modernized spelling and language, but otherwise presents the material as it appears in the handwritten version of the early eighteenth century. The content is almost entirely Qabalistic and Alchemical. Its aims are designed toward one end - merging the separated and seemingly personal consciousness with the One-All. Written in the traditional cryptic and coded style of genuine alchemists it does not explain fundamentals. The commentaries throughout from Gordon James are intended to aid decipherment for serious investigators. The Glossary section on this site serves to elaborate on many Alchemical terms and phrases. To obtain a copy of The Secrets of John Dee please contact the publisher below.

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