But Before There Was Anything...

Added: January 2020


       ...there was No-Thing. There was no mass of anything, therefore no weight of it. There was no location, so no directions; no dimensions measurable. It follows, then, there could be no space and no time; no temperature or even coloration. And no Dust with which to evolve you and me. Considering all this in the span over a minute and it simply becomes inconceivable to our feeble cognition.


       Qabalah, however, teaches that there is something prior; equally inconceivable as this may seem. The italics for is here implies that IT, whatever IT is, has always been; no beginning, no end, just a perpetual now; is; a causeless cause.


       Qabalah is a hidden science. The study of Qabalah proposes the elucidation of hidden things, like all that in the initial paragraph above, and much, much more. Qabalists begin their investigations with what they call the ‘Three Veils of the Absolute’; labeled ‘veils’ because what lies behind them is concealed or veiled from anything we possess cognitively or can even manufacture for their discovery. The earliest recordings of these ‘veils’ in the Western Tradition lay within the coded prose of the Sepher Yetzirah (Book of Formation) and within the first three verses of Genesis, Chapter One. This last is explored under the ARTICLES in Genesis 1:1,2,3 on this site. There are Eastern and other World Traditions corroborating very similar cosmogony.


       Qabalists themselves admit that ‘something’ cannot be created out of ‘nothing’, even for a god. There must be, or must have been, something prior with which to fabricate anything, especially something like our three-dimensional, physical universe which, no doubt, exists. The first of those Veils is, well, No-Thing. And nothing can be added to, thought over or more said about it, period. The second Veil, presented in the two ancient texts above, is a blast from out of the No-Thing of an ever expanding Space, sort of cubic in rudimentary design. This is the Big Bang of Space. Then, the third Veil is like a filling, if you will. A certain something completely fills the entire expanding space with an electro-magnetic, radiant life-light substance Qabalists call Ain Suph Aur, Limitless Light, albeit an invisible Black Light, a radiant darkness. This is an actual ‘substance’. It is Consciousness.


       The three Veils altogether constitute what the author of Genesis called ‘earth’, which he scribed as “formless and void”. Other philosophers called it ‘Mosaic Earth’ after its first author, and the genuine alchemists called it their Alchemical Earth, Magical Earth, the First Matter, Ore, Water and myriad other names far too numerous to list. None of us ever see this real Earth save for the enlightenment given us from the Divine Source.


       Spiritually speaking IT, this ‘light substance’, is the ONE SELF; what Qabalists call Yekidah, seated in Kether (The Crown) atop the Tree. All the religious and spiritual disciplines world-over simply call IT God; even more explicitly, God-Consciousness.

       The Substance is also outwardly invisible and silent to all that is created of IT, as we would expect of a substance that is “formless and void”. Though modern science is coming quite close with their theories involving ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ and the prank-ish ‘god-particle’. Moreover, most recently, in theoretical astrophysics it even has been proposed that this physical universe of ours just might be a hologram of sorts. That, in my opinion, is coming quite close indeed.


       This Prima Materia, Qabalists and alchemists agree, comprises three modes or aspects within itself. There is the Omniscient mode, known as Alchemical Air, and on the Tree of Life is assigned to Kether in Qabalah. The Omnipotent aspect is designated Alchemical Fire, assigned to Chokmah; and the Omnipresent mode, designated Alchemical Water, is assigned Binah. This triune essence saints, Qabalists and those consciously evolved enough on this earthly planet who have witnessed it and written about it, liken it to the Subconscious Mind-Stuff of the Creator. The Universe is mental, they all attest. And that this Mental Matter, an actual textural matter, is the very Substance comprising any physical phenomena, natural or otherwise, that we can measure by any means whatever. A vital Super-Consciousness. Again, fundamentally, inconceivable, one might opine.


       Nonetheless, the fiery Omnipotent mode is a vital, caloric Super-conscious Life-Force in perpetual vibrating motion. Turning inward toward the Omnipresent expanse of Itself the Omniscient, milky-white, Life-Light, Ocean of Awareness, silent and invisible, intends a Point. Simultaneously, Its Omnipotent energy aspect begins to stir with an immeasurably vast whirling, spiraling motion, encompassing and converging Its Omnipresent substance tighter and tighter around the Intended Point. The winding-up and coiling invisible Matter-Substance generates a graded contracting energy so intense at its Center Point, that with a tremendous urge, creates a rip within its own omnipresent fabric with an equally immeasurable blast of heat, forcing a white-hot aperture out into three-dimensional, physical space.


       Pouring out of this bluish-white-hot orifice, a White-Hole if you wish, is an electro-magnetic, radiant energy substance, coalescing and now spiraling outward, spewing gaseous clouds and clusters of visible, liquid-light matter roiling into spherical suns and stars innumerable. Qabalah teaches that the Light-Substance enters into the composition of all forms, fine and gross, with vibratory activity in all octaves. All the known elements on the Periodic Table, and elements yet undiscovered throughout Space are are spewed out of the White Hole. A galaxy is birthed. Away from its galactic center point, some portions of the Light plasma separate off, forming globes that become suns of various size. Other globs whirl off and eventually cool, spinning and colliding into each other to form what become planets, satellites and asteroids of all manner and shapes, and copious residual amounts of debris and dust particles. Suns spiral off every which way to eventually generate smaller solar systems of their galactic parent. What was previously the invisible Limitless Light, a vital Super-Consciousness Mind-Matter, is now closed up within the parameters of three-dimensional and gravitational existence. It actually divided and separated Itself from the One Whole into multi-levels of the many separate and hardening physical substances now formed of that same Super-consciousness, now latent in matter-form. All formations of anything whatever are structures coalesced from the Living Light Matter. Suns and stars are physical congelations of the Glorious, Limitless Mind of God disguised behind the veils of electricity, magnetism and gravitation. Our human physical bodies, as all bodies in the universe, are of the same congelation as those physical suns and stars.


       The White Hole was not a solitary event. This singular aperture of the vital Super-Conscious Mind Matter did not generate the millions of galaxies known and yet unknown to us. The initial blast of Infinite Space, that was the singular ‘Big Bang’. That Space continues on forever in all directions. And within that endless space other galaxies are bursting forth like the one described above. Galaxies appear individually all over the vast expanse of Space from the same homogeneous Living Mind Substance through ‘White Holes’ bursting out like cosmic popcorn while other galaxies are absorbed back into ‘Black Holes’. A balance. Even as you are reading this. All the elements known to science, and elements yet to be discovered, were and are being pushed out of the many ‘White Holes’ within continuously expanding Space. Every bit of Substance that had erupted from these multi-apertures is Consciousness Itself. To search for life in these other galaxies is futile and unnecessary in that everything out there is already Living Matter from the One, Triune, Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent Mind! Albeit latent animated life in cases where vital and organic life has not yet evolved.


       Qabalistically speaking, however, there is no such material defined as ‘lifeless’. The One Mind is in constant vibration which actually emits a sound described the world over by the wise who have heard it in every culture as Om, Aum or On seemingly electronic in tone. Even our world sciences admit that the hardest substances we can find on this planet are in constant vibratory motion at their atomic, quark or neutrino levels. The ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ which exist between these smallest particles is also a ‘dark sentience’ yet unrecognized by our physical sciences.


       The scientific communities also make distinctions between organic and inorganic life. Accomplished Qabalists make no such distinction. Qabalists also ascertain that the alternating activity behind vibration is set into motion by sound within the Universal Mind. The only difference between organic and inorganic matter at the sub-atomic levels is how the same atoms, quarks and neutrinos ‘line up’ in a particular sequential manner. When vibratory motion is eventually altered by sound, and the sub-atomic elements are rearranged in a particular manner or pattern, the phenomenon of vitality develops. Such an adjustment might take billions of years as we measure time. Many more million years later bacterial life-forms evolved. The advanced erudite have taught such in their wisdom schools over millennia, but so many of the ancient records have been destroyed along with their libraries through the centuries.


       It was not necessary for human organisms to have been seeded on this planet by any outer space culture as some fantastic Ancient Alien Astronaut cults might claim. Nor did aliens arrive here like pilgrims. And neither did aliens copulate with hominids or Neanderthals to jump-start our earliest human species. But even if such events were to have taken place here on earth, how do you suppose those alien characters themselves would have evolved originally?


       Bio-genesis, primarily attributed to Louis Pasteur, encompasses the belief that complex living things come only from other living things. Qabalists and the erudite philosophers through millennia are in agreement that the particular ‘other’ Living Thing in question concerning our evolution is the Living Universal Mind, Ain Suph Aur, or any of the other multi-names for the Creator by our various cultures.


       The Universe is not a mere 4 to 5 billion, or even 11 to 12 billion years old as our conventional astronomers and astrophysicists would have it. It may be conceded that our solar system, or even our galaxy might be that old. But the Universe? The Universe is Ageless. And our planet is far older than convention would declare. New archaeological discoveries are consistently pushing back the dates of conscious intelligence thriving on this earth. They were not aliens.


       Astrophysicists recently have declared that this universe is a living organism and basically cyclical in nature. Qabalists have long asserted for centuries that the principle of evolution is an Intelligible Principle which is expressed cosmically as cyclic rotary motion. The Mayans and Aztecs have taught that we are presently living in the ‘Fifth Round’ of planetary existence, which is corroborated in the Sanskrit and Upanishads writings behind Hinduism and Buddhism.


       The Supreme Consciousness, alluded to by the multi-names for God, created this Ageless Universe and all the galaxies and solar systems, planets, satellites, comets and asteroids therein out of One Mind. As all these came from One Consciousness it stands up to reason that all those bits are aspects of the same Consciousness. All is LIFE. There are galaxies billions of our years older than our galaxy. And from the billions of galaxies out there, innumerable solar systems have had to evolve, and ten times as many planets surround all those solar centers. Could a superior civilization have visited our earth in its youth? Quite possible, I imagine. There is life in every corner of the Universe. However, is it possible for a consciously advanced and perfected human organism, like an Adept or an Avatar, to have manifested a physical presence out of Yetzirah or even Briah in order to help or guide generic humanity? Definitely yes! And most probably did so on occasion. And, yes, once again, inconceivable as this may seem.        

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