Cain and Abel (cont'd)

Revised: February 2020


       Cain and Abel are you, and I, and each of us together. The previous descriptions of Cain unveil you, me or any of us when we are engaged with any endeavor to better ourselves in this world of illusion. Cain is the egoistic, self-conscious half of us that desires all what this world can promise, albeit all illusion, but feeds our delusions nonetheless. As some of the gematria implied under Cain, our self-conscious mind is the ‘arranger, the shaper’ who later ‘laments’ some of our best laid plans when they go awry. Then self-consciousness turns ‘dark’ and ‘jealous’ and ‘angry and wrathful’. Childish, are we not?


       For any of us to acquire more, to achieve personal and selfish desires over the other Cains in this world we must, in a sense, kill off that Abel within us. He represents our conscience in the narrative. Conscience (Abel) is that sub-conscious element within us that is aware of right and wrong, with the natural, inherent tendency and compulsion to do right. It is united far more closely with the super-conscious Creator within. Abel personifies the sub-conscious innocent one, loving and devoted to serve and to do best as possible whatever the egotistical and maniacal self-conscious mind directs because sub-consciousness is amenable to suggestions from the self-conscious level. Mass humanity had always misused his self-conscious apparatus to force things to happen in accordance with base sensations. This was necessary for early man to survive. Plus, early humanity had not the faculties to comprehend much beyond his immediate senses.


       But the ghost of conscience is always there with us, regardless how far down we bury it or even try to ‘kill’ it as the story of Cain teaches. Our conscience knows when we are bending or pushing the inconvenient truth aside for a ‘higher’ – well, supposedly better at least – purpose of self aggrandizement.


       The rightful purpose and position of our self-conscious mind is to receive direction from the sub-conscious through Intuition, sourced in Binah, the Great Mother and World Soul. She receives from the Father, AB, in Chokmah, and the “I AM”, Yekidah, in Kether. Our self-conscious mind then simply does what it receives. Impossible for early man, and still daunting for mankind today. Because to accomplish this calls for reigning in those self-conscious egoistic desires that beguile. “Well, to hell with that!” is the typical self-conscious knee-jerk response. And so here we are.

       But Cain, from early humanity throughout history up to us today, perpetually slaying our Abels as we go through the life, are at our core, innocent. How is that? Within the name קין, Cain, is the number answer, 160. By the same letters, interchanged, he, you, I, each of us is נקי, nakiy, ‘blameless, innocent’. This does not mean we can go about creating all manner of distress for others, harming ourselves and everything around us because we can declare ourselves innocent. We shall always be called to balance every slight against any aspect of the Creator under the laws of Karma. We must come to responsibility, which was impossible for early mankind. We are 'innocent' in the sense that at those levels, and this level it would seem also, we simply do not know what we are doing. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!” cried the Master.


       Why is this? Because our Creator’s original Intent was to manifest a physical world for the sole purpose of giving pleasure. To accomplish this it was necessary to imbue the creative substance, that ‘day’ LIGHT of which all creation is composed, with a will to receive pleasure from the Creator through all our senses. The result is all that we are experiencing surrounding us. All the architecture, inventions, designs, styles, arts, sciences, medicines, technologies, religions, philosophies, learning, achieving, playing, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching evolved to appease one or another sense of pleasure, never ending.


       But then, due to our compounded and confounded 'innocence', there is the flip side because we forgot the Creator, or never thought of Him in the first place, or down the line we simply stopped receiving the Light, which brings on a sort of special shame. So all the pain, anguish, sorrow, avarice, lust, slavery, crime, hate, prejudice, war, killing, maiming, destruction, drugs and pollution that is bringing us to the brink has evolved because of our greed for concupiscence gone awry.


       Because Cain (that is, you, me and all humanity) dealt (and continue to deal) with that irksome Abel within us, we have to go out into this world and sweat and toil for what we think we need and want for ourselves, and carry the shame and angst buried deep.


       Then Cain takes a wife. Again the historical ‘authorized’ evangelicals find this a little troublesome. Taking all this Genesis information strictly at face value and literally, many early commentators found it difficult coming to grips with Cain finding a wife. At that time, supposedly if taken literally, there were no other folks around! There was Adam and Eve, Abel (very recently deceased), and Cain. That’s it folks! Then commentators had reasoned that Cain must have married one of his sisters in that Adam, at 130 years when having Seth, “had other sons and daughters” as well, the Bible reports. Actually, those "other sons and daughters" have an entirely different implication. The literal word-for-word translations, interpretations and explanations will never serve adequately. Therefore, the many commentaries actually added to the confusion. So now we come to…

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