Ch, Cheth, ח


       Cheth, ח, transcribed as 'ch' or just 'h' holds number 8. Of itself it means 'fence,' and sometimes 'field.' The numeration of the whole letter-name הית is 418, and spelled out in plenitude, חית יוד תו, ChITh YOD ThV, equals 844. Qabalists assign Cheth to the Chariot Tarot Key and on the Tree of Life to the eighteenth path connecting Binah (universal subconsciousness) to Geburah (universal will). The path is named שכל בית השפע, Sakel Beth Hashpa, the ‘Intelligence of the House of Influence’ through which flows the Universal Substance from Binah into fields of manifestation according to Primal Intent.

       Dr. W.W. Westcott comments on this path in Sepher Yetzirah: "...It constitutes the substance of creation in pure darkness..." The 'substance' of creation being the invisible Loving Black Light, AIN SUPH AUR. This 'substance' of 'pure darkness' is the actual essence of all we can perceive on all levels.


       Binah is the watery First Matter in its mode of Substance (see SALT). Substance, the Mind-Matter, is the ‘stuff’ that makes all physical worlds. The matter/substance flows forth from the Great Sea in an impeccable and orderly manner. That great, one manner by which it disperses itself throughout creation is known esoterically as the One Universal Will, expressed as Geburah by Qabalists. Every body in all the kingdoms is a vehicle through which that one-force flows. The highest natural body through which Universal Subconscious Mind-Matter flows is human personality. To perfect the natural personality through the Art of Alchemy is to become an Adept, a Master or a Yogi. The separate, lower self is then purged and transmuted to allow free-flow of the One-Will through the regenerated personality. Esoterically in the western tradition, human personality is perceived as a ‘field’ of influence surrounded by a 'fence' which seems to separate us all. It is also the 'field' where universal forces find expression.


       Bodies and personalities yet immature or unenlightened feel and believe those forces to originate from that separated, lower self. We think it is 'ours' to go about 'willing' various actions, to maneuver ourselves into better positions and circumstances over others. Countless numbers of such undeveloped personalities have created the way the world appears today, a mad scramble of violence, greed and selfishness. Perfected personalities, however, know that the forces flow through them. The perfected ones have no selfish motives for the willing done through them, thus, they perform works and deeds for the good of all. They know themselves to be part of that same all, and will lack for nothing in whatever place or circumstance they find themselves. Their influence is universal, in the most literal sense. The ‘House of Influence’ is the chariot in the Tarot Key, not the charioteer. The chariot symbolizes the body personality as the vehicle bearing the influence from the One-Life, who drives the car. Hindu symbolism depicts Krishna as the driving force behind the personality of Arjuna as both walk in the body chariot.


       The Chariot is assigned the zodiacal sign Cancer, a cardinal watery sign ruled by the Moon, a definite water planet. All this suggests the fluid quality of subconsciousness. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, and mythology frequently refers to Jupiter as the Lord of Rain. All these watery suggestions serve to demonstrate an 'inflowing' quality. On the Cube of Space the Chariot and letter Cheth are assigned the direction East-Below. Anything East may be considered 'inside, within', while Below is the realm of the subconscious. This hints the First Matter (frequently referred to as Venus) flowing into the Field (of personality) from the subconscious levels. Qabalists assign Cheth the musical note D-Sharp, and the colors orange-yellow or amber.

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