So much has been written concerning the Chakras in both the eastern and western traditions. A substantial amount of the information is very confusing and the balance, at best, is contradictory. Opposing sources would agree, however, that the word means ‘wheels,’ though many may not know why. Secrecy and confusion surrounding the Chakras was considered necessary in the past. Perhaps the secrecy is still wise precaution in this present period. They are powerful and dangerous centers of force for spirits, minds and bodies ill prepared for energy influxes of hyper-physical intensity. All the centers must be transmuted and brought to sufficient maturity for the increased energy expressed through them. If the metal Iron (Mars Center) is still steeped in its own Salt tendencies, for example, rashness or anger flowing through this Chakra will be increased, resulting in violence since Kundalini energy is a raw, impersonal power.


       Kundalini may be directed to enhance dark powers through an unripe metal. The increasing bizarre activity we are witnessing in today's world is resultant of the enhanced base energy (salt-ish tendencies alchemically speaking) flowing through all seven chakras from an over population. The Chakras within the physical body are terminus points of invisible light energy. Five of these points are located within the spinal column and two are within glands of the brain. These seven points within the dense body receive their energy from an astral body, the body of subconsciousness. This astral, Vital Soul body completely permeates the physical body but extends slightly beyond the dimensions of the latter. Though the astral body may be larger than its physical counterpart it is nonetheless an inner body due to its finer, invisible material substance. On this finer vehicle the Chakras appear as slightly colored vortices or concave indentations, barely visible even in fourth dimensional awareness. From the root of the cup or flower shaped vortices, a stem of light-fiber connects them to the points within the physical vehicle. Force-centers in the subconscious body, in turn, receive their influence from the etheric body, an egg-shaped vehicle made of light-fiber substance alchemists call the GLASS VESSEL (see same). The surface of the etheric vessel is defined by one light-fiber, wrapped around repeatedly into an egg shape, as one silk thread wrapped tightly forms a caterpillar’s cocoon in nature.


       The tight wraps of the light-fiber form ley lines all over the surface of the vessel. The term 'ley line' is actually superfluous in that ley of itself means 'line'. The leys crisscross each other forming blurred rays of light at the intersections. The more the single ley crosses itself at any given point, the brighter the light blur. The seven major crossing points on this surface are the seven Metals or Charkras through which we perceive the life in our physical world. As the leys radiate outward in all directions from a major crossing center, it appears like spokes from a hub of light, hence the name Wheels or Chakras. Yogis teach that there are seven major crossing centers, twenty-nine lesser centers, and forty-nine minor vortices. Actually there are dozens to hundreds more of these minor crossing centers on the surface of the luminous egg. When we are able to shift or move our awareness from the major centers to one of the many lesser centers, we change our reality. We may explore the One-Life through any of the other above centers by isolating them for our investigation. The major centers influence various nerve groups, organs and glands in the physical body. They are not identified with organs or nerve groups, but serve to influence these bodies by light energy transference. Chakras are given a multitude of names: jewels, medallions, and diamonds, for example.


       The Yaqui Indian tradition calls them ‘assemblage points,’ which is quite accurate since the crossing leys converge or assemble energy at a point. Alchemists in the western tradition call them Metals, and these are the only metals with which they work to transmute. Each of the seven metals has three aspects or modes of expression called Mercury, Sulphur and Salt. These are the Super-conscious, Self-conscious, and Subconscious expressions respectively. It is one purpose of alchemy to sublimate the modes of energy in all metals; to express Super-conscious energies through each. When we achieve a balanced alignment in the centers the glands, organs and nerve ganglia also are influenced to function at peak performance. The result is perfect health. To this end alchemy and yoga work. The aim of alchemy is health, not wealth. Enlightenment is an organic process. A truly healthy spiritual and cellular consciousness attracts light, and the Flowers of Kundalini may rise by the Grace of God. The methods for aligning Metals or Chakras vary with different schools. They usually involve exercises with chanting sounds, color visualizations, and meditation. Sound and color attributions pose some problems, however. Each school seems to have its own color scheme. If western alchemy is the chosen discipline, the correct colors and sounds for the planetary centers are given in the Qabalistic tradition. Qabalah and Alchemy are inseparable. The color scheme used by western alchemists in their illustrations is the Queen Scale of colors, outlined in the Golden Dawn or in Crowley's Seven, Seven, Seven (also see COLOR).


       Paths on the Tree corresponding to the seven planetary Tarot Keys are therefore the colors of the Metals used when working with the Chakras. All the paths also have sound attributions. The sounds are listed in Dr. Paul Foster Case's text The Tarot, Key to the Wisdom of the Ages (also see MANTRA YOGA). Chanting the appropriate sound intonation with the corresponding Tarot Key and color will do much to align the force centers toward perfect health. The finer tuning of these centers is performed by subconsciousness, that is, the ‘Woman's Work.’ Direct concentration on any of the centers, either on the physical or finer bodies, is not recommended. Those who know advise us such focus could create congestion in the glands or organs, impairing progress and creating illness from those areas of the body. The safest, surest ways to hone these centers are through practices described above. Meditation releases subtle secretions and energies from organs and glands, fortifying the blood, healing the body. This raises the tolerance levels in the physical organism to withstand, and use safely, the influx of intense spiritual energies. There are no short cuts. Refer to IDA and KUNDALINI.

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