Chapter Seven



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How to Make Projection of the Medicine Upon any

Imperfect Body


I have largely accomplished my promise of that great mastery, for making the most excellent ELIXIR, both red and white. In conclusion, we are to treat of the manner of projection, which is the accomplishment of the Work, the desired and expected Joy. The red ELIXIR turns into a citrine color infinitely and changes all metals to pure Gold. The white ELIXIR infinitely whitens and brings every metal to perfect whiteness.


       It must be mentioned for certain that the elixir is charged human blood. The “white elixir” is super-conscious, electro-magnetic radiant energy brought down via breath into the very cellular structure of the body by self-conscious meditation and breath disciplines. The “red elixir” is the blood slowly charged by the extra addition of chyle from the lacteals of the small intestines. AIN SUPh AUR mixed with the “Virgin’s Milk” together form THE ELIXIR, that which alchemists also call aurum potabile, the potable or drinkable gold. This charged blood does indeed perfect the metals (chakras) that influence organs and glands to perform optimally toward perfect health within the human organism.


But we know that one metal is farther off from perfection, nevertheless, the nearest are the more easily, speedily, and perfectly reduced than those which are far distant. When we meet with a metal that is near to perfection, we are thereby excused from many that are far off. As to which metals be near and which be far off, or of which be nearest to perfection, if you be wise and discreet, you will find this plainly and truly set out in these Chapters. Without doubt, he who is so quick sighted in this my Mirror will by his own industry find out the true Matter.


       The nearest metals to be perfected are gold (Sun chakra) and silver (Moon chakra). These two are directly concerned with super-consciousness and sub-consciousness. Next in the order of perfection are those planetary centers (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) that are in their natal astrological signs of exaltation. An exalted planet, by nature, is more near perfection than those that are not. In other words, super-conscious energy flows through an exalted “metal” more naturally than those metals far from perfection, or “farther off.” These are followed by natal planetary centers in the sign of their rulerships. Placements of planets in their astrological neutral signs would follow. Next are the natal planets in the signs of their detriments, and finally in the signs of their falls. In astrology the placement of a planet in the signs of a natal chart is known as its “dignity.” The aspects (degrees of separation) from other planets to the planet in question also have their influence. Knowledge of astrology is largely a prerequisite to the pursuit of alchemy. Paracelsus warns that if one is not familiar with the use of the “old astronomers,” one cannot know these alchemical subtleties. Commentators of alchemical writings who do not study or understand the astrological significances cannot know what they are talking about. Finally Friar Roger Bacon ends his treatise:


He who does will know full well what body the medicine is to be projected to in order to bring it to perfection. For the forerunners of this Art, who have found it by Philosophy, do point their finger to the direct and plain way, when they say: Nature contains nature; Nature overcomes nature; Nature meeting with her nature, exceedingly rejoices, and is changed into other natures. In another place, Every like rejoices in its like. For likeness is said to be the cause of friendship of which many Philosophers have left a notable Secret which is: Know you that the Soul does enter more quickly into his body which must by no means be joined with another body. The Soul quickly goes to enter into his own body, which if you go about to enter into another body, you will loose your labor: for the nearness itself is more clear. And because corporeal things in this regiment are made more incorporeal, and to the contrary, the things incorporeal corporeal, and in the shutting up of the Work, the whole body is made a spiritual fixed thing. Because that spiritual ELIXIR evidently (whether red or white), is so greatly prepared and decocted beyond his nature, it is no marvel that it cannot be mixed with a body, on which it is projected, only to be melted. It is also a hard matter to project it on a thousand and more and to incontinently to penetrate and transmute them. I will therefore deliver now to you a great and hidden Secret. One part is to be mixed with a thousand of the next body and let all this be surely put into a fit vessel and set it in a furnace of fixation, first with a lent fire, and afterwards increasing the fire for three days, till they be inseparably joined together, and this a Work of three days. Finally, every part hereof by itself must be projected upon another thousand parts of any near body and this is a work of one day, or one hour, or a moment, for which our wonderful God is eternally to be praised.








       Projection, in Bacon’s sense here, is the act or process of increasing something in number or quantity. It is the process whereby the alchemist – who has succeeded in solution and in the other stages of the Great Work – augments the Elixir. The idea behind projection (some alchemists call this “multiplication”) is the idea in the parable of the leaven in the New Testament. Hence the alchemist, Ripley, comparing projection to fire from which many other fires may be kindled, tells readers that projection is accomplished by repeated, or “iterated,” fermentation. He compares it to the action of saffron (like the leaven parable), which, when it is pulverized, tinges a large quantity of fluid with its yellow color. He says also:


"Keep your fire morning and night so that you do not need to run from house to house to borrow fire from your neighbors. The better you tend the fire, the more good you will win, multiplying more and more continually within your Glass, by feeding it with Mercury as long as you live. Then you will have more than you need to spend."1


       The fire here is the alchemical fire of regenerated consciousness. Bacon above mentions going “about to enter into another body, you will loose your labor.” And the quotation from Ripley: “To run from house to house” may possibly be a reference to reincarnation (of this I simply cannot be sure), but “house” in the Qabalistic sense refers to the self-conscious mind. However, what Ripley says here has to do also with the inner enthusiasm which requires no outward stimulus. The glass in which the Elixir is multiplied is the “one vessel” of the alchemist, the oval glass, which has been mentioned several times previously. The mercury with which the Elixir is fed is super-conscious influence.


       Projection, in brief, is the tingeing of the whole body’s cellular structure with the red consciousness, which is first experienced when the Stone is actually made within the pineal gland. Projection is actually performed through the agency of sub-consciousness, which builds all the bodies in four kingdoms (in Qabalah these are the Atziluthic, Briatic, Yetziratic, and Assiatic four worlds). The same consciousness builds bodies (archetypal, mental, astral, and physical) everywhere else in the universe. There is no self-conscious awareness that tells us anything directly concerning the complex processes whereby bodies are built, maintained, and reproduced. All these processes are below the threshold of waking consciousness.


       In the process of alchemical projection sub-consciousness tinges every one of what must be over thirty trillion cells of the physical body with the illuminated consciousness of the adept. The result is a subtle change in the physical vehicle and in the alchemist’s finer bodies. The principal chemical changes are in the blood stream, and recent developments in biology make it seem probable that these changes have to do with the functions of the ductless glands which are connected with the great nerve centers which alchemists call “their” metals: Saturn (lead), Jupiter (tin), Mars (iron), etc.


       After the process of projection is perfected, the whole organism of the alchemist is so changed that many extraordinary phenomena are observed in its presence. All the stories of miracles may be accounted for in this way. That is to say, the transmuted vehicle of an adept can interrupt and transform rates of the Life-power’s electromagnetic vibration, which have no effect on the body of an ordinary human being. An adept in alchemy can utilize directly, with no other instrument than his own body, currents of the universal energy whereby every form in his physical environment may be changed, if there be any good reason for effecting such a transformation. Such an adept truly possesses the universal medicine, and one can heal all diseases and even raise the dead.

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