Chapter Three - Part II

Revised: June 2021

Out of What Things the Matter of ELIXIR Must Be

More Nearly Extracted


Therefore we are excused from receiving both of them in their proper nature: to wit, ARGENT-VIVE and SULPHUR, seeing we know not their proportion, and that we may meet with bodies, wherefore we shall find the said things proportioned, coagulated, and gathered together, after a due manner. KEEP THIS SECRET MORE SECRETLY. Gold is a perfect masculine body without any superfluity or diminution, and if it should perfect imperfect bodies mingled with it by melting only, it should be ELIXIR to red. Silver is also a body almost perfect, and feminine, which if it should almost perfect imperfect bodies by his common melting only, it should be ELIXIR to white, which it is not, nor cannot be, because they only are perfect.


       The psychological sciences of current times are only scratching the tip of the iceberg of what lies deep within human consciousness. It must have been a labyrinth of mystery to all but the very vanguard of humanity in Bacon's period. Consequently, and currently still, no one knows just how, or what, is going on with the deeper levels of the All-Consciousness, “we know not their proper nature....we know not their proportion.” If one persists in the work and remains ardent in prayer, the gold (super-consciousness) and silver (sub-consciousness) will create a perfect harmony within the sympathetic nervous system and raise the red and white elixirs (Pingala and Ida of Kundalini fires). Just earnestly aspire! Super-consciousness knows ALL. We have no self-conscious control over the details of how the Lord of the Universe WORKS! We do our part in sincerity. The rest is done by The ALL.


And if this perfection might be mixed with the imperfect, the imperfect should not be perfected with the perfect, but rather their perfections should be diminished by the imperfect and become imperfect.


       If Kundalini were raised prematurely before perfecting the energy flow through the centers, the force centers would not be improved upon. The energies flowing through the chakras would create even more distortion. If anger still lurks in the depths of the Mars center, for example, increased energy through this center would accentuate the distortion with even more pseudo bravado if kundalini is raised unprepared. Fortunately there is a “built-in” safety feature, so to speak, for the sincere aspirant. Super-consciousness simply does not allow kundalini to rise through the sub-conscious to any great effect until the centers are sufficiently cleansed, balanced, and sublimated. Fortunately, Kundalini is for the most part reduced, or governed, in most of us because it is a tremendous force, as potent for destruction and debasement as for integration and illumination. Because it may not be trifled with, it is under the direction of the Christ Consciousness, the Gold, in conjunction with the silver.


       There is, however, one great aberration to be noted where a premature influx of Kundalini power creates devastating effect. I am not sure how this comes about exactly, and I can find nothing and no one anywhere that has yet to explain the phenomenon to any degree of satisfaction. It is the mystery of “spontaneous human combustion.” I surmise that it is a rapid influx and rising of Kundalini in the form of what I can only describe as a bolt of lightening struck internally. On the very rare occasions where the phenomenon was witnessed it was described as a blueish-white flame that “burst” from within the hapless victim, and burned from the inside outward. The “strike” was so quick and intense that it burned only the victim, and charring only the immediate area about the burnt corpse. A notable oddity is that in some cases the legs remain unburnt. The torso and skull are completely incinerated, which, if it were truly caused by Kundalini, as I speculate, would add credence to that fact in that the passage of the “divine fire” begins in the sacral center at the base of the spine, flows upward through the spine, and terminates in the brain. Various combustion experts have tried woefully and unsuccessfully to duplicate the conditions, the causes, and the effects by experiments set up with laboratories inside and out in nature. The concluding “official” explanations of “spontaneous human combustion” (SHC) remain nebulous, inconclusive, and unsatisfying. Of all the outrageous speculations for the causes of such an event, Kundalini fire is hardly put forth. Personally, I am convinced that Kundalini is the cause, but I cannot prove it.


But if they were more than perfect, either in a two-fold, four-fold, hundred-fold, or larger proportion, they might then perfect the imperfect. And for as much as Nature always works simply, the perfection which is in them is simple, inseparable, and incommiscible, neither may they by art be put in the Stone (as ferment to shorten the work), and so brought to their former state, because the most volatile does overcome the most fixed. And for that Gold is a perfect body consisting of ARGENT-VIVE, red and clear, and of such a SULPHUR, therefore we choose it not for the matter of our Stone to the red ELIXIR, because it is so simply perfect, without artificial mundification, and so strongly digested and fed with a natural heat, that with our artificial fire, we are scarcely able to work on Gold or Silver. And though Nature does perfect anything, yet she cannot thoroughly mundify, or perfect and purify it, because she simply works on that which she has. If therefore we should choose Gold or Silver for the matter of the Stone, we should hard and scantly find fire working in them. And although we are not ignorant of the fire, yet we cannot come to the thorough mundification and perfection of it, by reason of his most firm knitting together, and natural composition: we are therefore excused for taking the first too red or the second too white, seeing we may find out a thing as clean, or rather more clean SULPHUR and ARGENT-VIVE, on which Nature has wrought little or nothing at all, which with our artificial fire and experience of our Art, we are able to bring unto his due decoction, mundification, color and fixation, continuing our ingenious labor upon it. There must, therefore, be such a matter chosen, wherein there is ARGENT-VIVE, clean, pure, clear, white and red, not fully complete, but equally and proportionally mixed after a due manner with a like SULPHUR and congealed into a solid mass, that by our wisdom and discretion, and by our artificial fire, we may attain to the uttermost cleanness of it, and the purity of the same, bringing it to that pass, that after the work ended, it might be a thousand thousand times more strong and perfect, then the simple bodies themselves, decoct by their natural heat. Be therefore wise: For if you will be subtle and witty in my Chapters (wherein by manifest prose I have laid open the matter of the Stone now easy to be known) you will taste of that delightful thing in which lies the whole intention of the Philosophers.


       The imperfect above that 'alchymy' attempts to perfect is the pineal gland within the center of the brain. “Incommiscible,” an obscure term, means “not able to be mixed or combined.” “Mundification” is an obsolete term meaning “the act of cleansing a wound.” 'To mundify' is to heal. And so Bacon states: “And though Nature does perfect anything, yet she cannot thoroughly mundify, or perfect and purify it, because she simply works on that which she has.” Frequently we read elsewhere in the sages' manuscripts that “nature, unaided always fails.” The modern environmentalist would most hardily disagree, of course. Humans need Nature, but Nature does not need humans. However, the erudite alchemists were not referring to the flora and fauna of 'nature' outdoors in the world's wildernesses. If the human organism is naturally healthy in all its functions, and if the human consciousness residing within that healthy body is psychologically balanced enough to what is generally considered normal and healthy, then the pineal gland will be evolved as far as it can be by the natural sub-conscious evolutionary processes within the human organism. Sub-consciousness “simply works on that which she has.” However, if the metals (chakras) were perfected through meditation, and functioning optimally to influence all the glands and organs healthily, then the pineal gland within the brain may be “perfected” through Art: “But if they were more than perfect, either in a two-fold, four-fold, hundred-fold, or larger proportion, they might then perfect the imperfect.” The fully matured pineal body through human nature is considered yet 'imperfect' for the Alchemical Art. Through meditation (decoction), prayer, study, and ardent desire (artificial fire), the force centers, called metals by genuine alchemists, are perfected to the point that the Secret Fire is sufficiently aroused. The Almighty will raise the Spiritual Fire of Kundalini within the spinal column. When the natural effects from sensible foodstuffs are combined with the above meditation, prayers, study, and desire (all outlined by the philosophers as the Alchemical Process they name Magnum Opus), the Kundalini fire fuses the amalgam within the pineal gland into a solid crystal: “that delightful thing in which lies the whole intention of the Philosophers.” That is the Philosophers' Stone!

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