Juice in Latin, its numeration is 78. This is an oily, milky fluid substance that enters the blood stream during digestion. The modern medical term for chylus is chyle. The 26th edition of Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary defines chyle:

The milky fluid taken up by the lacteals from the food in the intestine during digestion. It consists of lymph and droplets of triglyceride fat (chylomicrons) in a stable emulsion. It passes into the veins by the thoracic duct, becoming mixed with the blood.


       This natural process occurs in the body at the subconscious level in both human and animal kingdoms. Through the Art of Alchemy, we can affect a super abundant quantity of chyle into the blood stream. An alchemist, through a course of never ending studies, learns as much as possible about the functions of the human Athanor. Conscious awareness concerning the numerous subconscious bodily functions sets up a super response at the subconscious level. We need not know exactly how subconsciousness does what she does. To be aware that she does it is enough. Subconsciousness will respond with all the more power when we act in accordance with her natural processes. Consult numerous standard and medical dictionaries concerning the process and purpose of chyle. It was one of the most closely guarded secrets in alchemy. In alchemical manuscripts it is referred to as Lac Virginis, the Virgin's Milk. In this respect may I suggest reading page 180 in The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order by Dr. Paul Foster Case, the section under Key 9, The Hermit.


       The gematria of Chylus, at 78, is most illuminating. The Hebrew word מזלא, mezla, means 'influence' and equals 78. Mezla is the Influence concentrated in Kether that flows or drips down through all the spheres and branches of the Tree, giving life and sustenance to all its parts. Chylus does this for the human body from the intestines and into the blood stream. מלח, melach, 'salt', also totals 78. As one of the Three Principles, Universal Salt solidifies the First Matter into tangible objects in the physical plane. Chylus does the same for the physical cellular structure. It imbues Light Substance into cells. לחם, lechem, means 'bread'. By its numeric equivalence with Chylus, the Master pointed to its importance during the Last Supper when He consecrated the Bread and Wine as "My Body, My Blood." Chyle merges into the blood stream by the thoracic duct. In connection with research into chyle, give equal attention to lymphatic glands, lymph, chyme, lymphocytes and leukocytes. All these references hint to preventatives of all blood related diseases, including AIDS. Since chyle is distilled from a ductless gland we cannot extract any from other humans or animals. Would that we could! As stated above, chyle is released into the blood stream in modest amounts, automatically, by subconsciousness. Some extra amounts flow through the intestines, continuing out the anal canal with body waste. Paragraph 7 in The Root of the World by Roger Bacon is quoted here:

" is cast out upon the dunghill as a vile thing, and is hidden from the eyes or understandings of ignorant men. Also in Libro Speculi Alchemiae, it is said, our stone is a thing rejected, but found in dunghills (i.e. in putrefaction, or the matter being putrefied) containing in itself the four elements, over which it triumphs, and is certainly to be perfected by human industry."1


       Perfection "by human industry" implies using the excess amounts of chyle by an alchemist. This is done by suggestions from the self-conscious level (i.e. human industry). Another quotation from the same work under paragraph 12 reads:

"The philosophers' stone is converted from a vile thing, into a precious substance; for the semen solare is cast into the matrix of Mercury, by copulation or conjunction, whereby, in process of time, they be made one."2


       Semen solare is not the seminal fluid from the sex glands as many have erroneously speculated. It is the Virgin's Milk, chyle. For chyle is truly Seed of the Sun, pure solar energy that runs the human organism. The 'copulation' of this substance with other essences from glands and organs under the metals inside the body of an alchemist manufactures the Stone of the Wise, also inside the physical body. Semen solare sums to 112 by Latin gematria. Each, Lac Virginis (the Virgin's Milk) and Prima Materia (the First Matter) share number value 112. After a little thought, the obvious conclusions are most profound. Please refer with BLACK DRAGON, PRIMA MATERIA and LAC VIRGINIS.

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