The most disheartening hurdles against our endeavors to return to the Creator and become co-creators with It are the temporal forces seemingly so adamantly opposed. Since all organisms of Life build their bodies of air, food, water and light, we currently find all four of these necessities severely polluted. How does all this enhance our healthy tissue cell structure? Revisiting the anthropological nomenclature for ascending Homo Sapiens, ‘the wise human,’ we have to wonder what these social scientists were thinking with the naming. How is it in any way ‘wise’ to poison all the very nurturing substances required for the human organism to evolve, let alone to grow, or even to survive?


       Mentioned previously, one defining point of “wisdom” is the ability to foresee future consequences derived from present actions. In the present case with mass pollution detrimental to human existence the problem could only have come from two basic conditions: blatant stupidity or calculated darkness. Neither of these could hardly be considered ‘wise.’


       From the Latin dictionary: “sapiens -entis: adj. wise, sensible, judicious, discreet.” When was the last time we have seen any of this in the global community? Although, I have to give it up for the financial Homo Sapiens in the banking world for their shenanigans in the last decade (going how far back?). They did remain “discreet” until they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, only after the near total collapse of the world's economy. However, those ‘bottom-line-Mammon-whores’ did not directly affect the human organism’s potential for physical and spiritual evolution. Whereas other Homo Sapiens continue to exercise their ‘wisdom’ with multilevel devastation to Life and environment by war, and completely ending all potentials.


       Today we are harvesting contaminated foods from grounds saturated with industrial wastes. We are drinking water from sources diluted with chemicals. We are breathing air infused with toxic gases, and we are absorbing cancer causing UV solar rays due to ozone depletion. Homo Sapiens? The CEO’s and board members directing the corporations responsible for creating these abhorrent situations, and the politicians in governments responsible for allowing these corporations carte blanche, are either too stupid to live themselves, or they are deliberate, highly organized criminal elements working together. There is no other gentle, kind, ‘politically correct’ way to put this out there.


       The next specter on the horizon are the GMO food enterprises. Proponents of genetically modified crops say the technology is the only way to feed a warming, increasingly populous world. Or perhaps, say some critics, we are tampering with nature at our peril. Well, just who created the warming and increasingly populated world? Homo Sapiens perhaps? It is difficult to envision that Neanderthals planned all this. Conspiracy theorists exhort the possibility that corporations and governments might even be planning to curb population growth by altering foodstuffs with chemical sterilization elements within the GMO. The ‘Frankenfood’ seeds would then be sold to the most populous continents.


       These Homo Sapiens’ plans might very well turn for the worse if it is possible that GMO products could even eliminate entire populations! Stupidity? Deliberate? Sapiens?

“For example, tinkering with the genes of a tomato may not stop at that tomato, but could alter the entire biosphere in ways that we cannot foresee. Already there is a study that shows that when humans digest genetically modified foods, the artificially created genes transfer into and alter the character of the beneficial bacteria in the intestine. (Heritage 2004; Netherwood, et al, 2004) Similarly, gene transfer among genetically engineered agricultural crops and surrounding native species has given rise to highly resistant species deemed ‘superweeds.’ (Milius 2003; Haygood, et al, 2003; Desplanque, et al, 2002; Spencer and Snow 2001) Genetic engineers have never taken the reality of gene transfer into consideration when they have introduced genetically modified organisms into the environment. We are now beginning to experience the dire consequences of this oversight as their engineered genes are spreading among, and altering other organisms in the environment. (Watrud, et al, 2004)”1


       God, however you may currently perceive Him, Her, It, from ‘up there’ somewhere is not going to step in and reverse the trends appearing on the horizon. You, reading these words, are God; albeit more accurately, one aspect or cell of God. And even more accurately, at whatever level you might presently deem yourself, are a less than absolutely perfect expression of the Creator incarnate. You and I and every other aspect of the Creator are working on becoming, from the seemingly inanimate ‘dust,’ through the amoebae, on up to and through Homo Sapiens Sapiens. And, hopefully, beyond.


       The evolutionary unfolding of Self-consciousness, from the initial projection of Super-conscious Intelligence into Sub-conscious Substance, is a ‘collective’ consciousness. You and I together with all others are a ‘community’ of cells. And as the very tissue cells in our bodies may be replaced with healthier reproductions through self-conscious intent, collectively we can replace reprobate human cells with others of higher aspirations. Even at this seemingly very dark brink of conscious self destruction there is still time to curb the trend. But we must work for it, individually. Otherwise we may be staring into another mass extinction on earth. The physical sciences have proven such extinctions in the past. However, those past cataclysms were of the natural cosmic order, like comets, earthly upheavals with volcanoes and earthquakes, deluges or asteroids. This next one, should it come, will be the only one man-made; the Creator’s Intent, though us, if that is the collective intent.


       This will hardly inhibit the All-Consciousness-Creator, however. It will merely begin all over again fabricating another planet, in another solar system, in another galaxy far, far away. Physical vehicles will evolve from the dust of whatever environment is available. Super-consciousness, through Sub-consciousness, will evolve a self-awareness, a Self-consciousness within those physical vehicles from the ‘cosmic dust’ of Prana.

“Thus, little by little, there comes a complete readjustment of one’s personal conceptions of life and its values. The change from the personal to the universal viewpoint is so radical that mystics often compare it to death. They are more literal than many of their readers suppose. It is by the death and reproduction of body-cells that patterns created by imagination are finally fixed in personal consciousness. Then it is that we may truly declare, “The Kingdom of Spirit is embodied in my flesh.”2

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