Revised: March 2020


       Through the one verse, Genesis 4:18, the history of four generations came and went. Only the four names were given. It must be remembered that with original Hebrew script there were no spaces between words, and no vowel points added until around the mid sixth century AD. The Pentateuch script was strung out in a line of hieroglyphic letters much like Egyptian hieroglyphs. One letter-glyph could hint a couple ideas, two glyphs together could form several ideas, then ideas rise exponentially with the addition of more letter-glyphs strung together. An ardent Literal Qabalist, then, would analyze these names letter by letter and glean a great deal more information.

       It could also have been demonstrated that by using the Major Arcana of the Tarot, which was conceived much later to supplement the cryptic style of Hebrew script, each name could have been spelled out in pictures. This would add considerable information. There are some difficulties with this method, however. For one, images and ideas evoked from pictorial symbolism are highly subjective. Each individual could only gather ideas based on each person’s own familiarity with the symbolism. Ideas gathered and voiced by one would not necessarily help another. To use Tarot imagery for explaining names could only be a suggested method for others to take up, should they be so inclined. To have used this method here would have added considerable tedium for the reader. Another problem with explaining the names in that manner could only be of real help to those individuals who have actually colored their own Tarot deck, particularly the Major Arcana.


       The methods above would add considerably more arcane information surrounding the construction of the Tree of Life, and of interest only to those who are much farther into their Journey of Return.


       It is hoped that what has been presented throughout this supposition would be of help and value to individuals wanting to learn how to apply “the uses of the Qabalists” as Paracelsus had admonished. Such methods reveal far more from esoteric writings than authorized translated versions have provided. We must remember that authorized versions interpreted Old Testament Scripture in the most literal sense, taking all the narration at face value and submitting the final translations as actual events with actual people. They never considered them characters in settings for the purpose of dramatizing hidden teachings.


       A perfect example is the parallel tale between the Hebrew Noah and the Akkadian Gilgamesh. Both Semitic stories involved special individuals chosen by deity for the unique task of constructing an Ark. Rancorous debates continue concerning the authenticity of the events surrounding an epic flood. The point missed through centuries of literal interpretations is that the alleged Ark itself was an image constructed with hidden symbolism. Noah’s Ark is described specifically with numerical dimensions for its construction for those aware of the several Qabalistic messages conveyed within those numbers. In the version of Gilgamesh’s Ark it was described as a perfect Cube, an equally potent symbol for the serious Qabalist or any esoterists aware of the correspondences.


       Regarding these Qabalistically, neither object was an actual maritime vessel. Practically speaking, a cubic vessel designed for the high seas would be highly unstable against wave action. However, describing the Ark with a cubic symbol is far more accurate and poignant of hidden inferences surrounding the entire Ark saga. A Cube of Space floating upon the Foundation of a Limitless Ocean would not escape the inner vision of a seasoned Qabalist.


       Both prose and poetic versions are narrating the same core lessons. However, the lessons buried behind the number-hints within these epics could not have been for the populations of the period. The masses were totally unable to receive and to digest their inner import. So those populations took in the stories at face value, which has remained even today. If we are to believe the saga as actual, of what value is it to us currently? Some guy saved the animal species of the ‘whole world’ because people of the ‘whole world’ were bad? I am not sure what the ‘bad people’ did back then that was so ‘bad’. Compared with our human history up to this morning, those ‘baddies’ of yore were just kids having fun, wouldn’t you say? Yet they got flooded out? Who is this god anyway, to do this to his own creation? What’s it all about, Alfie?


       The hidden messages were preserved for future generations to come into the awareness for its comprehension. Each wave of humanity has derived a bit more realization than previous generations. Now we have Qabalah schools and other organizations teaching esoteric principles and philosophy to help this and future generations glean even more for the purpose of eventual world enlightenment.


       Bible tales and sagas from ancient esoteric texts around the world borrowed from other, earlier civilizations, then embellished and flavored their own versions to fit particular regions. Noah and Gilgamesh are perfect examples. Other Bible stories have similar plots and lessons derived from the ancient Egyptians. Only the names of characters have been altered. The meanings and lessons behind the stories are universal and eternal.


       The two Genealogies are the construction of the Tree of Life which describes the evolution of Consciousness from Pure Spirit into Matter and Form, all for the purpose of manifesting the Creator’s Son fully viable within a multi-physical Universe.

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