Congealed Mercury


       The Mercury of the Sages is the universally diffused AIN SUPh AUR. This is opposed to ‘Our Mercury,’ which is the self-conscious mind. The two are essentially the same save for the degree of difference.


       Mercury is one of the more common names for the Universal Subconscious Mind-Matter in that it reflects, shines or glitters an inner light while maintaining a fluid state. It is actually a liquid light, if such an element can be imagined. These are some obvious characteristics of the common, physical element, quicksilver. The Living Silver of the Universe is like that, of sorts. Actually, however, it defies any accurate description. Universal Mercury is a volatile, chaotic, living substance. It permeates all and even saturates our every level of being. An invisible black-light substance in its natural state, we see it most commonly when it appears as something. Everything we see is the Universal Mercury, congealed. The whole physical creation and all therein is frozen 'mind-matter.' What a true Alchemist or Yogi endeavors through Art is to congeal or fix extra amounts of the Living Life into the very cellular structure of the body. Our bodies are made of it now. But knowing what it is made of makes it more active in our lives. Our separative conscious states of mind presently inhibit its free flow of influence through our being. We are doubtful, and hypnotically impressed by the appearances of the physical phenomena in our world. One effect of success with this process of ‘fixing the volatile’ is a heightened state of awareness maintained at a constant level. A beginning tyro receives only glimpses of this Light at irregular intervals until the body is rightly prepared. Cross reference this with COAGULATION, CONGELATION and DIGESTION.

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