Revised: May 2021


       Alchemists refer to Congelation as the second step in the alchemical process by which they manufacture their Philosophers’ Stone. Many alchemical writers consider Congelation synonymous and interchangeable with Coagulation. Congelation follows CALCINATION (see same). As Calcination is linked to the zodiacal sign Aries, Congelation is attributed to Taurus, according to the list in The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly Palmer Hall. Taurus is the sign of hearing and it is inner hearing that an alchemist is developing by this second step of the process. Eventually, the 'still small voice' of intuition grows stronger and more frequent with concerted meditation to become an actual, physical, audible voice. This is the effect of an exalted Moon in Taurus. No student of alchemy or yoga can complete the process without the Master's instructions. Since Venus is the ruling power of Taurus, it is the key power in Congelation. Venus, in this step, is the imagination of the alchemist. From the True Voice of Intuition instruction is received in the form of basic Principles. These principles bring imagery of a higher vibration. It does not come from the subconscious, but through it. Qabalistically they come form the World of Briah to impress the Yetziratic Substance. We then cultivate the imagery received and impress it upon the ‘personal’ subconscious that every single moment of our existence is a special dealing of God with our soul. When the image-making power repeatedly impresses subconsciousness with the truth that everywhere we look, everything we touch, and everything all our physical senses can perceive is nothing but a different manifestation of The One God, then stronger will that intuitive voice become.

       These new images are then absorbed by the subconscious, and the lower consciousness then works out new patterns for novel expressions of the One Life-power. In the past those newer expressions became manifest as creative art and literature. In today’s world the expressions are exponential. There is creativity, then there is creative genius. Ideas may come from the level of Yetzirah (the so-called ‘personal’ subconscious). Ideas from this level are more faddish and temporary, usually expanding upon previous ideas and creativity. But when ideas and imagery come from the World of Briah, they are in line with Universal Laws that are sourced from the Creator Itself. They cannot help to move the World Consciousness exponentially. But far more importantly the regenerated consciousness of the aspirant is imprinted with principles concerning Secrets of the Great Art, and are incorporated into the physical body.


       The Moon, assigned to automatic consciousness and memory by astrologers, is exalted in the sign Taurus. Consistent imagery from our Venus faculty will impress this fact upon subconsciousness. It becomes second nature. The memory will recall, automatically through daily life, the moment by moment certainty that we live, move and have our total being in the very bosom of One God. This practice, over time shorter than one might guess, results in intuitive guidance for our every action. Frequent conversations with The Higher Self concerning every detail in this life guide us toward perfect freedom throughout our life and the eternal life beyond, incarnate or discarnate.


       The Cube of Space symbol hints more light. Both Taurus and Congelation are assigned the edge South-East. The energies of the East face, attributed to Venus again, and the South face, assigned to the Sun, are combined in Congelation. Remember that Alchemical Sun, the Heart Center, is brought to exaltation in the previous step, Calcination. That exalted power, which is Love from the Center, is now mixed with the ruling power of Venus in Taurus, affecting the exaltation of the Moon. The whole of the Great Work is performed by operations of the Sun and Moon with the aid of Mercury, as Hermes is often quoted. The step Congelation is brought to successful operation by these same powers within us, but this time through the aid of Venus, the creative imagination of the alchemist. Follow nature with meditations along these lines. As the Sun courses through Taurus each spring, focus on Congelation. Read, study and meditate on all aspects of Taurus. Study and contemplate all the paths and spheres on The Tree pertaining to Taurus, Venus, Moon and Sun. Ponder the Cube of Space. With attention to Congelation at the time when Earth is congealing the Life-Force into her body, we aid Nature with the Great Work within us. All these study and meditation hints impress the subconscious for it to become second nature. Please cross-reference with CALCINATION and FIXATION, the steps before and after CONGELATION.

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