D, Daleth, ד


       Daleth, ד, transcribed as 'D,' numeration 3, means 'door.' The numeration of the whole letter-name דלת is 434, and spelled out in plenitude, דלת למד תו, DLTh LMD ThV, equals 914. Qabalists assign Daleth to the Empress Tarot Key. On the Tree of Life it is allocated the fourteenth path connecting Chokmah (Universal Self-Consciousness) to Binah (Universal Subconsciousness). The path, from the Sepher Yetzirah, is named שכל מיאר, Sakel Mair, 'the Luminous Intelligence.'


       A.E. Waite comments on this path: "It is the institutor of arcana, the foundation of holiness." It transports חיה, chiah, the 'Life Power' and animating principle in all life, into the feminine formative power of Binah. Substance, the Body mode of the One-Thing, is given animation from the second Sephirah through the universal image making power symbolized by the Empress. The First Matter is also called Venus in that it is this very luminous substance which adheres to the matrices visualized by imagination.


       The Hebrew gematria of letter Daleth is most luminous in developing this point. את אביכ, eth abika, translates as ‘essence of thy Father’ and totals 434. The essence is Chiah, the Life Force; the Father is AB, another name for Chokmah. In Genesis 27:28, the phrase ‘dew of heaven’ is spelled טל השמים, tel ha-shamaim, which equates to 434. The Dew of Heaven is the ‘stuff’ that coalesces in accordance with universal and human imagination, and contains the ‘essence of thy Father’ to provide all that is required for sustenance on the return journey. The Door, the Dew of Heaven, the ‘essence’ and our imagination are all the same.


       Daleth, Venus, and the Empress are assigned direction East on the Cube of Space. Our image making faculty, situated at the back or East portion of the brain is the medulla oblongata, the root of the sight center. Matrices formed there gather the Dew of Heaven into a condensed coagulum that eventually manifest as the physical phenomena in our lives. We do this now, and presently live the images formed there previously. Masters, Adepts and True Alchemists do this instantaneously as transparent vehicles solely dedicated to manifesting that which the One-Will directs. No person who has surrendered to the One-Will within has been worse for the experience. Until that glorious moment comes for each of us, we ought to be mindful of the images we fabricate in our own lives.

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