The Descendancies,

Not What We Think

Revised: February 2020

       The Biblical account of the two descendancies from Adam and Eve should not be interpreted merely as actual people and the generational delineation of human progeny. Not if we are investigating the Qabalistic Cosmogony of Consciousness, because this is exactly what these descendancies are describing, albeit in coded prose.


       Early clerical and secular ‘authorities’ who had translated and interpreted ancient esoteric literature through the centuries were themselves (as we are currently) incomplete creations who were evolving modes and levels of our personality complex. We are still in that making. While we explored our physical environments our consciousness expanded and our interpretations of all these surroundings and past events matured as we evolved.


       Through periods in our history hidden wisdom had been sequestered, secreted and otherwise privy only to the select under the guise that it was too sacred and too advanced for the general populations. That was when religion held tightfisted ‘influence’ over fawning and frightened flocks. When the printed Bible was finally presented to the mass consciousness hitherto, it had gone through multiple revisions and interpretations under the dictates of various temporal authorities.


       Yet, fortunately for us all, through those many simple interpretations of world esoterica explained as actual events with real characters, the core arcane wisdom was kept in tact for succeeding generations to re-interpret as we continue to mature. Such was the wisdom of those early purveyors of the original manuscripts.


       Today religions and churchianity are on the wane. The Piscean passage is being nudged away by the New Religion of Science. Nothing is so until it is proven the way Science says! The Bible is read less and less since the old staunch and tired interpretations are falling behind the advance of collective consciousness settling into the Aquarian dispensation. And now, again, new explanations of ancient esoterica have popped up, from outer space! We have 'ancient alien astronaut' theorists who would contend the Ark of the Covenant contained advanced alien technology! Angels were actually aliens! Noah’s Ark was an alien space ship! Aliens created The Flood! Elijah was the first alien abduction! Jonah spent 3 days in an alien submersible! Thor’s hammer and Neptune’s trident were advanced alien techno-weapons! Ancient edifices were built by aliens using gravitation! The Nazca lines are ancient alien landing strips! We all, evolved from alien seed, are now seeking our father-roots ‘out there’ in galaxies far, far away!


       Well, we keep trying to evolve nonetheless. Ageless Wisdom, however, is still here, as it always has been. And it is waxing from the early hidden depths of our psyches as our collective consciousness discovers its verifiable source to be One, and only One. The ancient stories and mythologies from the world over are proving their worth as we gravitate closer and closer to THAT WHICH IS WITHIN. Those with the actual experience of THAT POINT in the CENTER are making their voices heard. And many different paths are leading to the same destination.


       If the Qabalah is your path of choice, and the Judaeo-Christian experience was your roots, then the Bible, with its earliest original language presentations in the forms of the Hebrew-Aramaic, Greek and Latin manuscripts are the best written material available. And the map to the CENTER POINT is laid out in coded allegory.


The Tree of Life


       Explanations and representations of the Qabalistic Tree of Life abound on the Internet and in bookstores. Type ‘Tree of Life’ in your prompter and you will receive dozens of images. Its origin is an ‘idea’ and ‘image’ manifested out from the Creator’s Universal Consciousness. The very earliest presentation of this ‘idea-image’ was ‘formulated’ in an oral tradition, then later to be recorded into allegorical story-form within manuscripts gathered together to present what we know now in the Western Tradition as the Bible. Other world traditions have their own cultural versions of a Tree of Life that seem to corroborate each other to a great extent.


       The first book in this Bible, Genesis, records the Creation saga beginning from No-Thing. The first three verses of Chapter 1 describe the Three Veils of the Absolute. A Qabalistic analysis of the Veils is presented on this site under ARTICLES: Genesis 1:1-2-3. Loose analyses of the Qabalistic Four Worlds are attempted with the Garden of Eden article in conjunction with the three previous sections of this article on Adam thru Cain’s Genealogy. With sections 2 and 3 of this article a development of the Supernals: Kether, Chokmah and Binah was brought forth.


     The Qabalistic Tree of Life is an ageless ‘blueprint’ constructed of ten circles or spheres called Sephirah (sing.) and Sephiroth (pl.). The ten spheres are arranged in three columns inter-connected by twenty-two ‘paths’. The central column of four spheres is called the Pillar of Mildness. The top-most sphere, Kether (Crown), is assigned the direction East. It is symbolic of the Omniscience mode of the Triune One-Life, and by that connection it is given to the element Air. The bottom sphere of this central column is called Malkuth (Kingdom). It is assigned the element Earth, comprised of the other three elements, and assigned the direction West. Malkuth is symbolic of the entire manifested physical universe, from galaxies innumerable, down to you and me.


       The column of three spheres to the right of the central column (as we look at it) is called the Pillar of Mercy. Its top-most sphere is called Chokmah (Wisdom), symbolic of the Omnipotence mode of the Life-breath and therefore given the element Fire. The right side of the Tree is assigned the direction South. It will be considered in more depth with Adam thru Seth – Genealogy II.


       Now, finally, the left column of the Tree (as we look upon it) is called the Pillar of Severity. The top-most sphere is named Binah, which is symbolic of the Omnipresence mode of the Triune One-Life, is given the element Water, and the entire column is assigned the direction North. This Pillar is presented as the skeletal outline behind Adam thru Cain – Genealogy I.


       The entire Tree of Life might be imagined as an X-ray of our collective human consciousness. The three columns and their assigned elements, the spheres and their connecting paths, all symbolically represent aspects of the consciousness within us all. We can never exhaust the volume of extraordinary information to be drawn from this diagram, gleaned from sober investigation and meditation. Truly can it be said that it is at once the perfect combination of the anatomy and chemistry of the All-Consciousness.


       Where the two genealogies are concerned the two outer columns of the Tree will be the underlying guide-line supporting the descendancies. With the delineation of Cain’s alleged progeny it begins with the top-most sphere, Binah, Understanding, on the left side of the Tree, the Pillar of Severity. Within the Triune One-Life it is assigned the Substantive Mode and given to the element Water.

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