The first line in Genesis teaches: "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth." The Hebrew version, according to the Masoretic Text, renders 'the Earth', הארץ, ha-aretz, which letters total 296 by Hebrew gematria. Another word equaling that value is צור, tzur, meaning 'rock, flint,' which reveals some interesting correlations. For one point,  flint suggests a stone that contains latent fire. Philosopher Alchemists also claim this concerning their Alchemical Earth. If the vowel point above letter Vav (ו) in צור is moved to the left side of it, the word becomes tzoor, meaning 'God, Refuge'. Moreover, צור is the root of the verb form meaning 'to bind, to wrap, to form'. Finally, צור is the root of the noun forms for צורף, tzoreph, 'alchemist', and צורפות, tzorephoth, 'alchemy'. Esoterically speaking then, Qabalists teach that Alchemical Earth is a certain Stone containing latent fire that is our God and Refuge, Who wraps and binds all creation within His Formative Power, and is the ultimate goal of the Alchemist through Alchemy.


       Furthermore, the very next verse in Genesis records: “Now the Earth was unformed and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep.” Anything that is yet unformed and void has to be, by definition, invisible; a blackness of unfathomable depth. The Hebrew word for 'void' used in Genesis is בהו, bohu. Its number, 13, is also that of אחד, achad, 'unity'. Thirteen is also the number within אהבה, ahavah, 'love, devotion, passion.' The implication here being that the 'void Earth' is a homogeneous 'unity,' an invisible essence throughout endless space, with the intrinsic quality of Love. The whole phrase 'unformed and void' in Hebrew is תהו ובהו, tohu ve bohu. These letters total 430. In a translation of Aesch Metzareph (The Purifying Fire), Dr. W. Wynn Westcott added a word supplement of terms in Chaldee/Hebrew found through the course of his researches. For 'dew' he lists תל, thel, which also adds to 430. This suggests that the unformed, void and invisible Earth is the Dew (see DEW OF HEAVEN). The spelling for Dew here, by Westcott, is not the modern spelling we find in current Hebrew dictionaries or even in the Bible. Thel may be an extinct Chaldean form, or an author used this spelling deliberately to equate it with the Alchemical Earth. Deliberate or an accidental mistake, the Heavenly Dew and Alchemical Earth are one and the same. It is a black, endless, liquid ocean of oily, dripping fatness.


       This unfathomable deep, the impenetrable sea of darkness, is אין סוף אור, Ain Suph Aur, the ocean of Limitless Light and the First Matter or Substance, which may be coalesced into all that may be considered a physical anything. Its Light is too brilliant for mortal eyes save for the interior vision of those who have developed such insight through Art and given the Grace of the Almighty.


       Readers coming close to the discovery of this First Matter in Genesis by Reason may suppose Alchemical Earth to be the combination of the other three elements, Fire, Water and Air. However, just opposite is the reality. The other three elements are aspects of, and therefore from, Alchemical Earth, the first substance 'created' within Space. And as a ray of pure white light beams into a prism and initially separates into the primary colors, the blackness of Alchemical Earth separates into Fire, Water and Air. The very first sentence in Genesis is most accurate in its plain, simple statement that, initially, the Primal Intent was/is to 'create Heaven (space) and Earth (the First Matter)' with which to fill that Space.


       That first sentence in Genesis is the very description of אין סוף, Ain Suph, (with השמים, ha-shamaim, as 'the heavens', space) and אין סוף אור, Ain Suph Aur (with הארץ, ha-aretz, as 'the Earth', Limitless Light). The second and third Veils of the Absolute come out from the First Veil, אין, Ain, 'No-Thing.' Moreover, Ain Suph Aur, as the Third Veil of the Absolute, precedes the Supernals: Kether, Chokmah and Binah. Kether is understood as the Root of Air and attributed the alchemists' Universal Mercury; Chokmah, known as the Root of Fire, is assigned Sulphur; and Binah, the Great Sea and Root of Water, is allocated Salt. All three are borne by Alchemical Earth represented frequently by Bulls and Oxen in ancient mysteries (see A, ALEPH), the very First Element created, as Moses had divined. Prima Materia is the very Earth that Christ promised the meek would inherit. When enlightenment comes, when we receive the brilliant flash of Ain Suph Aur, we will have been ‘born again of Water’ and will have ‘inherited the Earth.’ (See AIN SUPH AUR, AKASHA, ARGENT VIVE and WATER in conjunction with EARTH).


       The invisible Universal Earth is in nowise different from our physical earthly bodies. The latter is merely dense consolidation of that same Light Substance. So 'Earth' may also be used in its localized connotation in sages’ writings. It is the human body. One alchemical dictum states:

"Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem."

“Visit the interior of the Earth, by rectifying, you will discover the hidden Stone.”


       By other accounts the First Matter of alchemy may be found “in the bowels of the earth.” The First Matter inside the body of an alchemist is chyle, the Virgin's Milk. This indeed is found in the bowels, the intestines. Through proper diet, meditation and other rectifications from the conscious level, we may truly come to know the Universal First Matter, the Mosaical Earth, by direct experience. This extra influx of chyle into the blood stream stimulates growth and maturation of the pineal gland, which affects interior vision to the extent that we actually see the Universal Alchemical Earth by the Grace of God, Almighty. See LAC VIRGINIS, CHYLUS, TRANSPARENT STONE in this connection.

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