Revised: November 2019

        This supposition is hardly finished. An erudite Literal Qabalist would scrutinize every phrase, word and letter. I used only a few associations with some gematria and temurah. I hope it is sufficiently demonstrated in this article that the tools of Literal Qabalah can lead one into many different and surprising directions. The hidden alliances gathered from ideas and images beneath Qabalistic literature can take the practitioner far into an inner space of which few are even aware.


        I am aware, however, that what is presented here is not for the casually curious reader of Qabalah. It is also my hope someone far more experienced with the subject matter would step forward and assist my investigations with insight far deeper than my capabilities. We are all growing and learning with no seeming end.


       This article on The Garden was first presented back in the Summer of 2016, just after the entire site was first opened in May, 2016. The present revision came after many more months of reading, studying and generally working the Qabalistic tools through many areas of the Hebrew Bible. My aptitude and insight, I feel, has changed and grown over the experience, which would be common for anyone who works anything over a long period.


       Evolved from what I have come into with this new understanding is the firm conviction that these first chapters of Genesis have nothing to do with the creation of an actual physical Garden of Eden as has been critiqued and explained by word-for-word transliterations in the modern languages. And that originally it was never intended as physical reality. This is in direct opposition with the many ‘authorized’ commentators from organized religions. The ‘physical’ creation evolved much later and is quite competently explained through all the natural universal laws presented by chemistry and astrophysics.


       The term Adam, אדם, is the Hebrew word for generic humanity, the human species as a whole. The word Aish, איש, is the term used for a specific individual, a man. When Adam and Eve were ‘cast out’ of The Garden that was when Consciousness began its micro-evolution into eventual human-kind in an actual physical plane. They began it from the 'Dust of the Earth'.


       “In the beginning”, before the physical, was the ethereal world. Qabalists name it the World of Yetzirah, the Formative World. That invisible realm is beyond the ken of physical sciences. The Biblical narratives in chapters one and two, and The Garden, describe in coded prose how it evolved from the ethereal, how it all came to be manifest, and how we may return to the Spiritual Source, back out from the manifest. It is an intensely personal epic.


       I am very aware of the continuing massive resistance to this premise from both science and religion; and of some of the consequences one may have to endure when holding a contradictory position. Back on May 5th, 2015, I listened to an intellectual debate on YouTube from contending sides which became heated, shouting over one another, because both Science and Religion were coming from literal, modern translations of Scripture. Even the hardcore atheists were adamantly against any idea of a god. And of course the atheists were correct in that they, too, were denying a god formulated out of those literal translations. It was quite amusing to listen and to watch these very educated people frothing over such an argument unwinnable from all sides. Sages and philosophers through the centuries aptly named such debaters “Peripatetics”.


       Then, too, watching television productions on Discovery, National Geographic and the History channels cause me to cringe. Theatrics of Biblical characters with portrayals of their exploits seem so superficially one-dimensional since the people and events are derived from the exact descriptions in the most trans-literal sense. Never is there any suggestion of Qabalah or the possibility of arcane messages beneath all that which is presented theatrically. These type productions, rather than teaching profound revelations, merely present more babble-fodder for future Peripatetics.


       There is but One Universe, the One, Primal, Creative Principle. Even if the ‘multi-universes’ theory seems to contradict this, those multi-universes must needs come from some One Original. How does a multi-anything come to be if not from one something separating itself?


       We can evolve from early ‘beliefs’ into absolute personal knowledge that The One Identity is the only Identity there ever was, is, and shall be. Need some first-hand proof? Go to YouTube videos on Near Death Experiences. Before your judgment watch several to compare the underlying similarities. THE LIFE is ONE! We are breathing It. We are drinking It. We eat It. We fly through It, swim in It, and walk on It. Everywhere is Holy Ground. We hear It, touch It, see It, taste It, and smell It everywhere and at all times, even this very second. The real glorious shocker is that it is not even we who do so. This can be Learned. This can be Experienced. This can be Knowledge, not mere belief.


       I think science is coming extremely close to this and its own self-realization. It is on the verge of discovering that the “God Particle,” about which there has been much excitation, is in truth the very particulate of the Living Mind Stuff of the Creator, and the Prime Essence of all other matter. They will come to discover that in this 'particle' its Dark Sentience is one with its Dark Energy and its Dark Matter – Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent; the Three in One Thing.


       I am also convinced that some (more likely, very few) authorities in the scientific and religious communities are already very aware of this also, but are yet hesitant to step forward to proclaim it outright for fear of ridicule and ostracism from their yet unaware peers. Then again, when has this been different through millennia? Look over the history of contention between Science and Religion. Funding fears presently lurk in the scientific community if conjecture veers too far from convention. Loss of power and donation fears presently lurk within the religion sphere. Combined, if together they could but imagine it, a Spiritual Science could catapult humanity up another level. This is what Qabalah actually is, a hidden, Spiritual Science.


       Moreover, it is very likely that this could very well happen eventually in spite of ourselves. But we need to cooperate with Nature. To delay cooperation is to invite the inevitable downward spiral to create more needless stress for all of us, and our planet. That the temporal powers cannot readily recognize something much higher is formulating a forced adjustment by the utter disruption of all the rotten foundations of error in government, religion, business and finance – everything – is amazing to me. The existing temporal powers react terrified and commit themselves and those enslaved under petty tyrants to maintain this status quo, when to cooperate with these adjustments is the only alternative before we blow ourselves apart.


       I so wish that the more spiritually aware leaders in the scientific and religious quarters would step forward already. There is no hope on the political front that I can see in these times. The selfish lust and greed for power and money in politics is as provocative as ever. Current political campaigns designed to prolong the idiocy are a farce. How does it serve humanity for candidates squabbling for the supposed leadership of the world in 2015 America, for example, to argue the color of Christmas coffee cups, ancient pyramids as granaries, and whether or not a baby potential Hitler should be killed? What are we voters supposed to do with a composition of political material such as this? Meanwhile millions are desperately groping for a way to survive catastrophe after catastrophe. And the media merely feeds on all of it, elbowing each other to get the moronic story out first. Forget the business and manufacturing sectors. In the name of 'jobs for us' and 'security' they, backed by the politicos and under the guise of feeding the voracious military machine for our 'defense', are out for all they can grab for themselves, and the sooner the better for that.


       So, pontifications aside, I do realize that currently there are very few individuals who would greet this Qabalistic version of creation with open arms. Most simply could not be bothered. However, I also realize the numbers are growing. Qabalah is peeking out everywhere now, even though it remains little understood. When I came into the study there were a mere handful of sources across the globe. Metaphysical bookstores with a few advanced and difficult texts on the shelves were the principal options. Now the choices for the beginner can be overwhelming on the Internet. Where best to begin with it all?


       So, the supposition is not for everyone for a while to come yet. For the few so inclined, however, I would ask at this time to choose a comfortable straight-backed chair, relax, take a few deep breaths, and picture this small exercise in Practical Qabalah.


       Place an imaginary Cube of Space about your head. See yourself as the Dancer in The World Tarot Key at the Center. You are facing West, looking at the Wheel of Fortune. You need not orient yourself with compass directions of the physical world since the original Cube was not intended as such. No matter where you are or toward which direction you are actually facing, sitting upright or lying supine, East is always at the back of your head and West is outside your eyes. The South-Below edge of the Cube is on your left shoulder; North-Below is on your right shoulder. See the Empress at the back of your head in the East. With the mind's eye look back. See the waterfall, Ain Suph Aur, the Living, Liquid, Limitless Light, cascading behind the Empress in the Garden. Apas Tattva is under the Empress's foot. The axial coordinate of the Hanged Man is channeling a river from the Empress toward you at the Center. Within and through you the River divides into ‘four heads’: Pishon, Gihon, Hiddekel, and Phrath. The four continue westward and flood out to Infinity. Repeat the exercise frequently. Which of the rivers assumes the Bull, the Lion, the Eagle, the Man? Ponder it all. And consider this bit of Scripture from Psalm 24: 1-2...

“The earth is the Lord's and all it contains, The world, and those who dwell in it.

For He has founded it upon the seas, And established it upon the rivers.”

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