History has shown us that the earliest communications between evolving civilizations originated with number. Later, when writing developed, the idea of number and counting were then incorporated within the letters of ancient alphabets. Those numbers remain still within the letter glyphs of the Hebrew, Greek and Latin alphabets. Key words, phrases or sentences in any of the three languages can be reduced to number by the summation of their letters. Similarities may surface between differing words and phrases that sum up to the same letter-number value. Moreover, different words and phrases from any of the three languages may reveal hidden correspondences with each other by virtue of their mutual numerical value. When the ancient learned saw a word, they also perceived a number; with eying a number, a word-image surfaced. It was most natural to those ancient minds to use the two interchangeably.


       This method of concealing deeper correspondences within otherwise unintelligible written phrases in esoteric literature is called Gematria. This was done deliberately in many sacred writings, but by no means was the procedure kept from the reach of any individual who truly wanted and needed to know its import. Difficult as this method may seem to the western mind, it is nonetheless extremely important to learn if we are to penetrate the subtle nuances in Qabalistic Literature. There always were, as now, people, schools, and texts available to teach these obscure methods to ardent students with the patience and aptitude for such learning. In all branches of knowledge there are vocabularies of terms and phrases with which we must become familiar to appreciate esoteric nuances. If we will not take time to learn the computer languages of today, for example, then communication with others who do so in the same profession will be severely impaired. It is no different on occult and arcane paths. Roger Bacon, Paracelsus, Thomas Vaughan, Jean d'Espagnet, and other masters in this art all cautioned their readers in Spiritual Alchemy “to make use of the Qabalists” while questing for the Stone of the Wise.


       The uses of Qabalists are Gematria, Notariqon, Temurah, Theosophical Extension, Theosophical Reduction, Theosophical Articulation, and the Qabalah of Nine Chambers. All these methods use number as the common root. Hence, all the numerical hints in the Bible and other sacred writings were number-glyphs hinting to ideas other than those presented literally. The Master, Jesus, always presented hidden teachings to the masses in parables of imagery. Proper names, locations, distances, and dimensions of key structures are also hidden numbers to arrest the attention of an astute aspirant gleaning bits of esoteric information.


       These hidden clues were concealed within the numeration of three original languages in the West. Consequently, translations outside those three tongues severely distorted the true meanings of many passages rooted in the Western Tradition. Some words and phrases in the original languages were tucked into sacred texts of the modern languages for the direct numerical hint. When the words or phrases were translated literally into other tongues, however, the original ‘esoteric plants’ made even less sense than before. The individual translator then, especially if s/he was a sterile, academic, intellectual linguist, could not conceive of the “use of the cabalists.” So many translated passages of the Bible and other sacred writings are fraught with inconsistencies and contradictions because of the misunderstanding around the use of Qabalists. Each time a newer, 'easier' translation of the Bible comes into print, more of the original, esoteric intent and teachings are lost.


       Nevertheless, these various secular influences, meddling with the Bible in an original tongue, had little effect on the Magical Language for those in the arcane school. Keep in mind that the Magical Language is not Hebrew, not Greek or Latin. The Magical Language is not number. Number does facilitate the gathering of imagery from behind the original alphabets. But that number behind the word does not necessarily provide the exact meaning to the hidden clues. We may come upon two different words or phases with an equal number value, but cannot divine the similarity. Two words with an equal number may very well make no sense whatever when translated into a modern tongue. We then must look deeper by gathering another one or two words with that value to compare those meanings. Then again we must mine all the inferences behind a term or phrase and stretch our minds beyond the box. Ponder, and meditate for the subtleties. This is how the Hidden Qabalah makes itself felt. We have to work for it. And so many cannot be bothered.


       The Magical Language is the universal language of pictorial symbolism. It is the only language of fourth dimensional awareness. To get anywhere in the study of this Art requires dual language texts of the Old and New Testaments. Bibles in Hebrew/English, Greek/English, and Latin/English are necessary to investigate verses making little sense translated into English or the other modern languages. Some sort of word/phrase dictionary from the three languages must be created by the aspirant to compile by number a catalogue of different words and phrases under the same value. Only by such meticulous methods will these unintelligible sentences become clear for an earnest truth seeker. These secret methods were by no means formed with malicious intent. On the one hand the methods did prevent the thick, lazy, and evil from gathering information with which to harm themselves and others. For truly is it written that if kings had this knowledge it would disappear from the grasp of humanity. It is also secret simply because fourth dimensional awareness and ideas come to us in pictorial imagery. This Art is knowledge of Divine things for Divine purposes coming from The Almighty. It would be impossible, impertinent, and presumptuous for myself or anyone to suppose, or to withhold, or even to divulge information considered 'privileged.' Its beginning, middle and end are from The One. So even if we are versed in the older languages, Divine conclusions will not be forthcoming if we remain deliberately separative in our thoughts, words and actions. We do not receive that for which we are not worthy, and it is not we who decide our worthiness. Individuals who consider Gematria and the other uses of the Qabalists petty traps or mere intellectual exercises, may be those very ones included in the above groups. They simply do not use the procedure enough to become effective, or they are not given the Grace for such understanding from God Almighty. They could hardly arrive to such conclusions otherwise.

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