Genesis 1:3

Genesis 1:3 :ויאמר אלהים יהי אור ויהי אור

Hebrew: “Wayomer Elohim yehi aur, wayhi aur.”

English: “And God said: 'Let there be Light.' And there was Light.”

Commentary: In the verse above אור, aur, 'light,' is highlighted red. Its number, at 207, is that of סוף אור, AIN SUPH, 'limitless,' or the 'boundless.' The three words together form the Third Veil of the Absolute named, אין סוף אור, AIN SUPH AUR, 'the Limitless Light,' and this sums to 414. This may very well have been a hidden implication within Verse 3 when אור, aur, was written twice for its number.

       There are no actual 'words' through the creation process. What is translated as “God said,” or “In the beginning was the Word” from the New Testament, actually implies sound, and sound implies vibration. It is the vibratory emanations, sound waves of the Creator, that supports the entire creative process. The Limitless Light of Ain Suph Aur emanates light vibrations at a frequency too brilliant for physical vision or physical audition; light waves being even higher than sound waves.

       The vibrations within Ain Suph Aur originate from Chokmah (Wisdom), the second sphere on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. According to Dogmatic Qabalah, Sephirah Chokmah is said to correspond to the Hebrew letter Yod (י), the first letter of יהוה, Jehovah, or Tetragrammaton. It is also taught in Dogmatic Qabalah that Chokmah is the seat of חיה, chiah, the 'life-force' of humanity, of animals and of plants. This same life force is active even in the mineral kingdom. There is no separate vital force in all the kingdoms of nature. Everything is coagulated Jehovah incarnate.

       Moreover, as taught in Dogmatic Qabalah, another name for the second Sephirah, Chokmah, is אב, AB, 'Father.' The teachings continue with imagery suggesting that when the Father (AB) impregnates the Dark Sterile Mother of chaos (AMA) with the Life Force (chiah), symbolized by Yod (I), AMA becomes אימא, AIMA, the 'Pregnant Mother.' The roiling, chaotic abyss now has the unlimited potential to create universes, intelligent life in substance. The Ocean of Limitless Light,אין סוף אור, AIN SUPH AUR, has become the full Third Veil of the Absolute. The invisible living, loving Substance expands and fills the vast, infinite Space,סוף אור, AIN SUPH. “...and there was Light.” This was the very first substance created. The Qabalistic Earth in Genesis, therefore, is the Limitless Light,אין סוף אור, AIN SUPH AUR. The Light Substance did actually coalesce into our physical earth, and all planets like earth, from suns and stars spewed out from the center of galaxies throughout Infinite Space.

       The Egyptian hierophants knew this well enough in 4,000 B.C. when they taught their mysteries, perhaps even to Moses: “Behold, our God is a Black God, too brilliant for mortal eyes!” The Egyptian 'Black Osiris' is the Hebraic AIMA, or the Limitless Light אין סוף אור, AIN SUPH AUR. When the invisible black-light substance became manifest as something in the visible, physical world the Egyptians called it 'White Osiris,' and Qabalists called it 'Day,' as opposed to the unmanifest 'Night.'

       To Moses it was said somewhere in the Pentateuch: “Thou shalt see my back parts, But my face shall not be seen.” We cannot see the Light in this world. We only see all the forms made of it.

       To the seasoned Literal Qabalist, then, the very first verse of the first Chapter in Genesis would be understood as:

“In the beginning God created...” equals the Spirit, AIN, the First Veil of the Absolute.

“the heavens...” equals Limitless Space, AIN SUPH, the Second Veil of the Absolute.

“and the earth.” equals the Limitless Light, AIN SUPH AUR, the Third Veil.

       The Third Veil, אין סוף אור, AIN SUPH AUR, is the actual 'earthy substance' of all invisible and visibly physical creation. It is the Substance which coalesces into all matter conceivable. The substance is feminine, while the animating life within that substance is masculine. AIN SUPH AUR, then, is androgynous. In Genesis 28:13 Jacob lays his head down on a stone (אבן, ehben) pillow for a sleep. He dreams a stairway to heaven, at the top of which the Lord appears and says:

אני יהוה אלהי אברהם אביך

“Ani Jehoveh elohi Abraham abik.”

“I am the Lord, the God of your father Abraham.”

       The Hebrew letters within the whole statement sum up to 414, that of אין סוף אור, AIN SUPH AUR. The Creator of all universes is not a big man, nor a big woman, nor a big group of either, but an Eternal, Living, Loving Ocean of Liquid Light, invisible.

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