Genesis 4:22

Revised: March 2020


       Genesis 4:22 “And Zillah also gave birth to Tubal-cain, the forger of all implements of bronze and iron; and the sister of Tubal-cain was Naamah.”

       The gematria of Tubal-cain, תובל-קין, at 598, exposes is some very intricate Literal Qabalah. For 598 is the plenitude spelling of the Hebrew letter Lamed (ל). Plenitude spelling is arrived at by spelling out each letter in למד. That is: Lamed, Mem and Daleth. It then appears: Lamed, למד, Mem, מים, and Daleth, דלת, which Hebrew letters all total to 598.


       Herein is advanced Qabalah from Mr. Paul F. Case:

“Spelling of Lamed. (L) ‘Ox-goad’, (M) ‘seas or water’, (D) ‘door’, "to teach, instruct" in plenitude. The letter-name implies that instruction is the goad from levels above and within, working within the water or ‘mental substance’ to alter the desire nature that its images are in harmony with positive forms of creation. The correspondence should also be noted in the gematria as indicted that instruction is the fruit of ‘our iniquities’”.


       ‘Our iniquities’ עוונת ינו, ouvenoth enu, also sums to 598.


       Another interesting element, albeit for a Literal Qabalist, with the name Tubal-cain, תובל-קין, is its temurah. By the exchange of new letters: א פ ש כ - ד מ ט, number 454 reveals the gematria of תמיד, tawmeed, which means ‘continuance, indefinite extension.’


       This is just one more of many examples and reasons why ‘authorized’ translators do not know what to make of many passages in the Bible they attempt to translate and interpret. There are coded messages beneath these stories, and found in names particularly. Literal Qabalists scripted concealed messages with creative imagery, so we must learn the “uses of the Qabalists” if we wish to realistically approach some understanding of what they actually intended.


       So within this Biblical descendancy, behind the name Tubal-cain, we have the earliest beginnings of all the industrial foundations throughout the history of our world. And with the manufacturing behemoth as it continues today, mankind’s iniquities stand poised to destroy this world and all therein; a ‘continuing, indefinite extension’ of ‘iniquities’. We have today, in the daily news, powerful temporal powers arguing for this continuing, indefinite extension in the name of Jobs with a capitol ‘J’, and prosperity for all and your families, when it has never “trickled down” that way in actuality. It merely made a very small percentage of humans nauseatingly wealthy from the bent backs of the masses struggling to survive.


       It does not and will not get better since the conscience of oligarchies is non-existent when it comes to the exploitation of many for mere personal gain. Slavery is as rampant today as it was through the Biblical times when those words were scribed. Our perpetual iniquities are the continuing causes for most our our woes. Platitudinous moralizing it may appear and sound, but the lesson is strikingly simple. It was simple when first recorded, and it remains simple today.


       The story of Cain’s descendancy comes to an end with Tubal-cain and his alleged sibling sister. In reality, however, the implications behind these descendants have continued on, perpetually, into today’s headlines. It is the global history of us continually repeating what was/is hinted by the root meanings behind these characters. It would serve no purpose whatsoever for this narrative to continue with any more descendancies on Cain’s side. WE are the continuing story, WE are the descendants, ever expanding upon these seed ideas laid out. “Tubal-cain, the forger of all implements of bronze and iron,” is the earliest foundation of all human Industry and Manufacturing.


       And the sister, Naamah, נעמה, the continuing, subconscious branch of Lamech/Zillah points in two directions for the Literal Qabalist. This requires some development. For one, she is the fourth female to be named in this descendancy. The number four has esoteric references to the occult side of geometry, the base of a pyramid, Hebrew letter Daleth and all its associations with the Garden of Eden, and the 4th Sphere, Chesed, on the Tree of Life. To detail all these bits and hints would take chapters. Better to adhere to the Pillar of Severity with the following.


       From the left side of the Tree of Life, the 8th Sphere, Hod, branches off in two directions downward. One path leads to the 9th Sphere, Yesod, indicative of yours and my subconscious and the Vital Soul (the feminine half of us, collectively). The other path from Hod drives towards the 10th Sphere, Malkuth, our physical bodies and our self-conscious awareness of the physical senses. This path is the way of Tubal-Cain as he personifies the male, self-conscious mode within us devoid any awareness beyond our physical senses and the three-dimensional physical world around us; the materialists.


       As she, and the other women above, personify the feminine, subconscious half of us collectively, Naamah implicates her dual nature with tendencies to follow directions received from either side of the Tree via self-consciousness. So on the one hand she is described in the Zohar and other occult literature as a demon capable of a vast array of colorful deviant activities. You can Google the name and explore them yourself if you wish to investigate your personal descending side; the Salt of Silver, in Alchemy.


       On the other hand, the gematria behind Naamah, נעמה, sums to 165 with associations to the ascending side. Since the larger part of the Alchemical Great Work is played out in the arena of the subconscious Vital Soul, it is the Mercury of Silver and its effects that are implicated by her number. One association can be traced all the way back to Genesis 2:11 and 12, where the ‘onyx stone’ is found in the land of Havilah. Lapis Onychinus sums to 165 in the Latin Cabala Simplex, as does acervulus cerebri, the ‘brain sand’ within the pineal gland. The ‘onyx stone’ is emblematic of the gland itself.


       Further indications on the ascending side are revealed by the temurah of נעמה. The substitute letters are צ י ז ט, totaling 116. Lapis solis, ‘stone of the sun’, and commutatio, ‘transformation’ each sum to 116. There are other words that can be discovered for oneself which enhance the theme. The point here is that it is subconsciousness that re-generates the improved physical body, providing she is given all the required suggestions to do so while the body is being nutritionally fed. She is “The Woman’s Work” in alchemical literature.


       The most common translation of the name Naamah is found to be ‘lovely, delightful, sweet, to be pleasant’. This ‘seductive’ coloration behind the name can connote two extremes. As such, the name Naamah has been assigned the wives of both good and evil men in the Bible, thereby demonstrating the dual nature within ourselves behind the name/number.


       She can bring us to the heights of the Philosopher’s Stone or she can fulfill all our worst expressions of concupiscence. She hints the latter in Cain’s line. It is hardly stretching imagination at all to picture those primitive global amusements evolving into all our present hydra-headed and, for the most part, all too banal and vacuous entertainments of the present era.


       Naamah, and the brother with the very notion of the name Tubal hyphenated with Cain, are indicative of the ‘loop’ back to the beginning of the line. Round and round we go, “Perpetual Extension, and “Indefinite Continuance.”

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