Genesis 4:22

       Genesis 4:22 “And Zillah also gave birth to Tubal-cain, the forger of all implements of bronze and iron; and the sister of Tubal-cain was Naamah.”

       The most interesting element with the name Tubal-cain, תובל-קין, is not its gematria, but the temurah. By the exchange of new letters: א פ ש כ - ד מ ט, number 454 reveals the gematria of תמיד, tawmeed, which means ‘continuance, indefinite extension.’

       Add to this the actual gematria of Tubal-cain, תובל-קין, at 598, and what is exposed is some very intricate Literal Qabalah. For 598 is the plenitude spelling of the Hebrew letter, Lamed (ל). Plenitude spelling is arrived at by spelling out each letter of למד, Lamed. That is: Lamed, Mem and Daleth. Then it appears as: Lamed, למד, Mem, מים, and Daleth, דלת, which Hebrew letters all total to 598.

       This means, what? Well, it’s very involved. This is just one reason of many why ‘authorized’ translators actually do not know what to make of many passages in the Bible they attempt to translate. There are coded messages beneath these stories. Literal Qabalists scripted these stories with creative imagery, so we must learn the “uses of the Qabalists” if we wish to actually understand what they wrote.

       If we wish to learn the many Biblical stories, this story, or about Tubal-cain especially, then it begins with the Hebrew letter Lamed (ל). Start by going to the Glossary Section on this site. Scroll down to “L, Lamed,” and read what is there. I apologize for this, but to copy all that again here completely would stretch this segment unnecessarily. Then, this. The implication behind the ‘Plenitude Spelling’ of a word is its number. That new number reveals hints toward the fullest expression of that original word or letter. Letter Lamed, in this case, represents ‘faith, action, work,’ in hieroglyphic form. This, added to the gematria of Tubal-cain suggests that ‘faith, action and work’ are in “Perpetual Extension,” and “Indefinite Continuance.” We ‘continue’ with the collective madness we are currently witnessing globally because our ‘faith, works and actions’ compel us. We actually believe it will get better with enough faith and work! And it would, conceivably, if we were mindful of who and what resides within each of us.


       But it does not and will not get better with a collective conscience that continues to exploit others for personal gain. ‘Our iniquities’, actually, the early Hebrew expression for this is עונות ינו, ounuth enu, summing to 598. Couple this with the above temurah transcribed as ‘perpetual’ and we get our perpetual iniquities as the continuing causes for most our woes. Platitudinous moralizing it may appear and sound, but the lesson is strikingly simple. It was simple when first recorded, and it remains simple today.


       In this story the descendancy of Cain has come to an end with Tubal-cain and his sister. In reality, however, the meanings behind these descendants are on-going, perpetually. It is the global history of us continually repeating what was/is hinted by the root meanings behind these characters. It would serve no purpose whatsoever in the story line to continue this descendancy in narrative. WE are the continuing story, ever expanding upon these seed ideas laid out. “Tubal-cain, the forger of all implements of bronze and iron,” is the earliest foundation of all human Industry and Manufacturing. And his sister, Naamah, נעמה, whose name means ‘lovely, delightful, sweet, to be pleasant,’ is the branch of all historical human endeavors to make our physical world amenable to our concupiscence. It is hardly stretching imagination at all to picture these primitive global amusements evolving into all our present hydra-headed and, for the most part, all too banal and vacuous entertainments.


       The very notion of the name Tubal hyphenated with Cain is indicative of the ‘loop’ back to the beginning of the line. Round and round we go, “Perpetual Extension, and “Indefinite Continuance.”

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