Genesis 4:23 and 24

Revised: March 2020


       Genesis 4:23, 24 These two verses put the final cap on the descendancy from Cain. Not that the descendancy of roots and branches ends here, as today’s generations continue to prove. Moreover, since all the future progeny from that time of these original writings would actually play out as living proof, there was and is no point with further delineations. The point was well made for a seasoned Literal Qabalist and all the wise world over from antiquity.


       Lamech here at the ‘end of the line’ (remember, his name suggests ‘good for nothing, fool, clumsy, lummox’ and an ‘impoverished’ spirit) summons his wives before him. In the manner of a typical school-yard bully, “Foghorn Lamech” boasts a pseudo sense of self-importance with the pride of a self appointed despot and dictator, that all comers will be dealt with in the manner of that man and boy. And he has an army to back his boasts.


       Lamech’s final exhortation in verse 24 claims: “If Cain is avenged seven-fold, then Lamech seventy-seven-fold.” Thus was established the pattern of rulers and governments for millennia, and are carried out even to this day as you read this.


       All numbers are relevant in Qabalah. ‘seven-fold’ and ‘seventy-seven-fold’ do not actually sum to 777, the 'three sevens' is a Qabalistic implication alluding to the number behind מתושאל, metushal, 'Methushael', the father (root) of Lamech, examined previously in verse 4:18. From there, and repeated here is: “Also summing to 777 is עולם הקליפות, olahm ha-qlippoth, ‘the World of Shells or Demons’. Qabalistic commentary records that this is another name for Assiah, the material world, our world, the world of physical results and the activities they evoke. It is the world of matter, made up of the grosser, unripe elements of the other three worlds. In it also is the abode of the evil spirits, called shells, qlippoth, in Qabalah.”


       Does it not seem that our world is run by such spirits inhabiting the minds and bodies of leading positions in temporal power? The current governing bodies of today are incomplete entities because the consciousness within mankind behind these governments is just as incomplete. We are compounding the mess exponentially as we witness daily events. Competition had waxed fiercely in our evolution and conflict was inevitable for all of us devoid the sanctuary of Spirit within each of us. We kill Abel daily, hourly. Conscience and morality must come back and in a huge way if we are to survive our own crescendo toward self demise.


       We seem incapable of reversing the trend on any large scale involving whole populations. The original author or authors of the Pentateuch, however, were aware of this then as Qabalists are now that a method does exists for the Return to the Kingdom. But it can only be accomplished by the individual. Each of us carries a spark within, which merely needs to be fanned into flame. No one is lost forever. Esoteric traditions the world over teach that this is a certainty. The method of Return, in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition from which the Qabalah is rooted, is delineated allegorically under the Descendancy of Seth.

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