Genesis 4:23 and 24

       Genesis 4:23, 24 These two verses put the final cap on the line from Cain. Not that the descendancy of roots and branches ends here, as today’s generations prove. Moreover, since all future generations from the time of these original writings would actually play out as living proof, there was no point with further delineations. The point was well made for a seasoned Literal Qabalist.


       Lamech (remember, his name suggests ‘good for nothing, fool, clumsy, lummox’ and an ‘impoverished’ spirit) summons his wives before him and either boasts or laments or challenges all with compounding the mess, accrued through millennia, and has risen exponentially into what we are experiencing currently. Competition waxed fierce in our evolution and conflict was inevitable for all of us devoid the sanctuary of Spirit within each of us.


       And there seems no end to it. Each of us believes privately that we are separate from everyone else upholding the same deep and private premise. This collective credo feeds the separative egos which in turn struggle and jockey invidiously for better position over all others doing the same. Our cultures continue with new products and services promising a better life than ever, or so the ubiquitous adverts exhorting perpetually in our faces would have us believe. However, end it will and calamitous at best if we refuse to acknowledge the fundamental and absolute truth that we simply must acquiesce and cooperate with the Source within each of us. Conscience and morality must come back and in a huge way if we are to survive our own crescendo toward demise.


       The original author or authors of the Pentateuch were aware of this then as Qabalists are now that a method does exists for the Return to the Kingdom. Each of us carries a spark within which merely needs to be fanned into flame. No one is lost forever.


       The method of Return, in the Judeo-Christian Tradition, is delineated allegorically under the Descendancy of Seth. 

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