Genesis 5:10 and 11

       Genesis 5:10 “Then Enosh lived eight hundred and fifteen years after he became the father of Kenan, and he had other sons and daughters.”

       The gematria of 815 brings up the Hebrew term שתיקה, sh’tiyqah, ‘silence’ and harks back to the previous verse concerning דומם, domom, the ‘still, silence’ within, through meditation. One multiple sums to 815 (5x163). Tarot Trump #5 is The Hierophant and one Hebrew term מוסד אבן, masod abn, ‘foundation stone’, sums to 163. It should not take too much meditation to see the profound connections.

       The first Theosophical Reduction of 815 reduces to 14. This is also the number of הדה, hadah, ‘to show the way, to direct.’ This way, rooted from Seth and carried as a branch in Enosh, is best illustrated in pictorial form by spelling out אנוש, enosh, with the major arcana of the Tarot Keys. This is the first time within the genealogies that this method will be demonstrated due to its simple clarity.

       Letter Shin (ש) is the Judgement Key, #20; letter Vau (ו) the Hierophant Key, #5. Letter Nun (נ) is the Death Key, #13; and letter Aleph (א) is The Fool, #0. The sum of these Keys is 48. There is no Tarot Key #48, so we reduce this to 12 (the first reduction). Tarot Key #12 is the Hanged Man. The Hanged Man is the pictorial symbol of the Great Work accomplished. That is, the aspirant assumes total dependence upon the One Life within us. Self-consciousness surrenders and is utterly dependent on Super-consciousness. The Christ Center (Tiphareth) renders all instruction to Self-consciousness through the ‘agency’ of the Sub-conscious. The pictorial of the Sub-conscious is the second reduction from 48, which is 3 (12 reduced again). Tarot Key #3 is the High Priestess, Sub-consciousness personified.


       If you own a Tarot pack, please lay out these keys in a row for yourself; #20, #5, #13, and #0, with #12 and #3 to the side. If you are very familiar with all these picture symbols, especially if you have colored them yourself, then what is presented by the pictures will be far more intuitively informative than whatever could be put into words.


       The clause “...and he had other sons and daughters,” repeated throughout the genealogy of Adam-Seth, means the same as first looked at under Genesis 5:7. Wherever words, phrases or clauses are repeated in Scripture, they are relevant and important.


       Genesis 5:11 “So all the days of Enosh were nine hundred and five years, and he died.”

       Using 600 for the final form of Mem (ם) , השם, Ha-Shem, means ‘The Name,’ which refers to Tetragrammaton (יהוה). Also, number 905 has a multiple of (5x181). Here’s one hint: The Greek goddess Eirene, Είρήνή, sums to 181 from Greek Qabalah. Read up about her through Wikipedia and see where all this takes you in relation to everything presented thus far.


       Try for yourself the various “uses of the Qabalists” with gematria, Theosophical Reduction, Theosophical Articulation and Theosophical Extension to explore 905. Conscientiously working these and the other tools is the best you could do for yourself, if you’re actually serious about Qabalah..

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