Genesis 5:12, 13 and 14

Revised: May 2020


       The personified root of Seth established the foundation of the 2nd Sphere, Chokmah, Wisdom particularly, and the evolution of the Pillar of Mercy, Jakin, or the Pillar of Establishment of Solomon’s temple. The branch of Seth is Enosh. And Enosh as a personified root established the conscious recognition of a Soul, and the true form of worship that calls for meditative reflection to reach THAT WHICH RESIDES WITHIN. The branch from Enosh is Kenan, and both evolved the 4th Sphere, Chesed, Mercy, on the Pillar of Mercy. 


       Genesis 5:12 “And Kenan lived seventy years, and became the father of Mahalalel.”

       Kenan is spelled קינן, kinen, and means ‘to nest’ as a verb. Notice that its root is קינ, Cain, and carries the same meanings as that name. Kenan, קינן, sums to 210, and offers more insight than the definition behind the name. Some Qabalists pronounce and spell out this name as Cain-en. The suggestion behind this is intricate Qabalah in that, with analysis, the Literal Qabalist would instantly note קין Cain plus letter Nun (ן). One implication behind this, and there are several, is that the ‘qualities’ suggested behind the name ‘Cain’ are improved upon through the Imaginative Intelligence brought to bear through re-channeling the reproductive force. Some meditation would be required to see this through. It is one primary consideration setting the Sons of Seth apart from the Sons of Cain. Kenan, קינן, sums to 210, and offers more insight than the mere definition behind the name.  


       To begin, the gematria of Kenan at 210 is the number of עמק, emek, meaning ‘depth’ as a noun, and ‘deep’ as an adjective in the sense of 'profound'. Number 210 is also the Theosophical Extension of 20, therefore some words with value 20 hint the root meaning behind Kenan. One such word summing to 20 is חזה, chazah, having several nuances of meaning. As a verb in Biblical prose it means ‘to gaze, to foresee, predict, to discern’. The noun form suggests ‘a prophet, seer’ or ‘vision of a prophet.’ Then there is דיו, d’yo, ‘ink, fluid darkness,’ a Qabalistic reference to the Limitless Ocean of Living Black Light, אין סוף אור, Ain Suph Aur.


       What is being developed esoterically by the personification of Kenan as the branch of Enosh suggests that the true form of worship (meditation) implied by Enosh bears fruit with visions from the Great Deep, Ain Suph Aur. Those persevering who have come to any degree of accomplished meditation are shown or given visions into the vast unknown, a true glimpse into the only reality there has ever been or shall be; the true Vision of the Prophets of old. Recorded into the substance of Azoth is the history of past creation and all creation to come, the Universal Memory Bank, the higher (deeper memory of Chesed). This is merely one reward of our heritage as the בני אל, beni el, ‘Sons of God.’


       Kenan lived 70 years when branch Mahalalel appeared. Some relevant gematria with 70 would be יין, ayin, ‘wine’ in Hebrew, and vinum, 'vine' in the Latin Cabala Simplex. With Biblical and other esoteric writings in the Western Tradition ‘wine’ has always been considered synonymous with blood. The intoxication from wine suggests altered chemistry of the blood toward illumination. The altered chemistry of blood through the Art of Alchemy has nothing whatever to do with actual alcohol ingestion. Filius, ‘son,’ and most apropos in this case, אדם ו חוה, ‘adam and chaveh’ each sum to 70, as does סוד, sod, ‘secret’ or ‘secret counsel.’ All this confirms that the personification of Kenan is carrying the bloodline (stream of consciousness) from Adam and Eve, is one of the Sons of God, and holds the ‘secret’ of the covenant and the ‘way of return.’


       Genesis 5:13 “Then Kenan lived eight hundred and forty years after he became the father of Mahalalel, and he had other sons and daughters.”

       The key word-idea to come up with 840 here is דלתות, daletoth, ‘doors, gates.’ This harks back up the genealogical tree to Genesis 5:4 and the hidden number 670 referring to נ'שערים, nun’sharim, ‘50 gates’ of each, Wisdom and Understanding (the two Pillars of the Tree).


       Remember that there is the hidden number between 70 and 840, (840 -70 = 770). The “uses of the Qabalists” with Theosophic Extension, Reduction, Articulation, and then comparing the gematria of all of those, and then finding the multiples equating to both 770 and 840, there is almost no end to discovering hidden nuances of esoteric information. It is a given that there have always been, as there are now, very few ardent spirits willing to plod through such meticulous maneuvers. For those so willing enough, however, the rewards can hardly be expressed. And it is for those aspiring Literal Qabalists that this treatise has been assembled. Thank our Heavenly Father for the gift and talent you have been given if you are one such.


       Genesis 5:14 “So all the days of Kenan were nine hundred and ten years, and he died.”

       The first obvious connection with 910 is its Theosophical Reduction to 10, the number of Hebrew letter Yod (י), itself indicative of the Father in Chokmah, and of Jakin, the Pillar of Establishment. Thus the lineage from the foundations of Seth is carried on through branch Kenan. Also, compare the ‘Cain plus letter Nun’ suggestions from Verse 5:12 with this Yod association. Yod from Chokmah, through the Path of Daleth, impregnates AMA (another name for Binah), the Dark Sterile Mother, becoming AIMA, the Pregnant Mother. The ideas behind both are the same.


       Number 910 as a product has considerable ‘multiples.’ There are five presented here: (2x455), (7x130), (10x91), (13x70) and (14x65). The first will be developed as an example for the serious inquirer to investigate the rest, if so inclined. The information is voluminous.


       With (2x455) then, number 2 of course is a direct reference again to Chokmah, the sphere of Wisdom on the Tree of Life. Number 455 is the gematria of השפע, hashefa, ‘influence.’ This is the name and spelling of the 18th path on the Tree of Life from Sepher Yetzirah titled שכל בית השפע, Sakel Bith Hashefa, the ‘Intelligence of the House of Influence.’ The ‘influence’ being referred to, both on the path and in connection here with 455, is called מזלא, mezla, whose basic meaning is ‘planet, constellation of the Zodiac.’ What is implied is that the ‘influence’ from stars and planets correlate with the interior stars within the human organism. Mezla’s gematria at 78 snakes in all directions, many very relevant with this connection, but too involved to develop here.


       Qabalists and esoteric astrologers understand that to the second sphere, Chokmah, Wisdom, is attached the title of ‘Sphere of the Fixed Stars’, the ‘Sphere of the Zodiac’. The Hebrew for this title is מסלות, masloth, from which the mezla influence drips like ‘tears’ (the dictionary definition of masloth) throughout the universe. On our planet Earth it comes to us as Prana in the atmosphere. Accomplished scholars of Qabalah teach that Wisdom, in the Biblical and Qabalistic sense, is actually a wisdom that includes knowledge of astronomical relationships, and the connection between the heavenly order and the affairs of humans. Astrology is not a belief, it is a knowledge. And all the ancient world practiced astrology.


       The ‘death’ of Kenan at 910, a number that a Literal Qabalist would know is not the life-span of an individual. To an ardent practitioner the number hint suggests various glints of hidden information. What is meant by this one example ‘multiple’ with number 910 is that the ‘vital force,’ חיה, chaiah, within Chokmah (2) is the Life-Power’s ‘influence’ (455) multiplied throughout all the galaxies and suns of the entire Universe.


       Enosh, personified as a root, established our conscious awareness of an in-dwelling soul. Kenan as a branch develops the next natural tendency of consciousness to explore that inner life with the intention of uniting the lower consciousness with the inner soul through studies in Qabalah, the Heavens, the Great Deep in meditation and related esoterica that strengthens our inner and finer qualities which expand awareness and comprehension of universal laws.


       All of these hidden nuances could hardly have been understood by the masses at the time the Pentateuch was originally written. The esoteric messages disguised within this story-line of a lineage served its purpose for those masses then, and now. But when the time came for the vanguards of humanity to grow into an evolved awareness it still served the hidden purpose, again then and now. The Prophets and Saints through the ages knew where and how to seek. We, and the rest of lagging humanity, are slowly coming into the knowledge of a soul and a waxing desire to want to unite with it. The esoteric message behind the Scriptures is being made available to the masses for just such purpose to those with ‘ears to hear’.

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