Genesis 5:15, 16 and 17

Revised: May 2020


       Back in verse 5:12 it is recorded that Mahalael appeared when Kenan was 70. Words summing to 70 may imply root ideas behind the character of Mahalalel. One such is הסה, hassa, ‘silence, hush; to be silent’. According to Case’s notes it intimates something not to be disclosed openly. And another is, סוד, sode, ‘secret’. In Psalm 25:14 it is written: “The secret of the Lord is in those who revere him, and he shows forth his covenant to them.” Back in verse 5:6 the ‘covenant’ was briefly discussed as being too esoteric to be revealed by mere verbiage.

       Genesis 5:15 “And Mahalalel lived sixty-five years, and became the father of Jared.”

       The word מהללאל, mahalalel, means ‘extolled, applauded.’ By using Theosophical Articulation Mahalalel can be separated into מהלל אל, mahalal el, ‘extolled or praised of God’ (El, the One). The gematria of Mahalalel sums to 136.


       Words with equal value include: עניו, aniyav, ‘humble, unpretentious, modest’; טוב טעם, tub ta’am, ‘good judgment, discernment’; and the phrase from Psalms 9:1, אודה יהוה בכל-לבי, owdeh Yahweh bekal libi, “I will give praise to the Lord with all my heart.” It is easy to understand that if anyone were to carry such sentiments constantly in his heart that very one would certainly be ‘extolled or praised of God', and be given the inner secret of the covenant.


       Mahalalel the root extended the branch of Jared at 65. Some key ideas surface with the gematria of אדני, adonai, ‘Lord’; then היכל, heykal, ‘palace, temple’; and גם יחד, gam yakhad, ‘together in addition, or together in unity.’ Each of these sums to 65.


       As Kenan personifies our conscious tendencies with the pursuit of inner knowledge and awareness, Mahalalel as a branch personifies those qualities resultant of such a contemplative life. We gradually form an intimate, silent union with a consciousness that is our heritage as a Son of the Living God within us. We are firmly on a path to a perpetual partnership. Our bodies are temples; the secret of the Covenant is realized, understood and kept a secret.


       Genesis 5:16 “Then Mahalalel lived eight hundred and thirty years after he became the father of Jared, and he had other sons and daughters.”

       That ‘hidden’ number, derived by subtracting 65 from 830, is 765 in this case. This is the number of שכל הקדוש, sakel ha-kadosh, ‘the Sanctifying Intelligence.’ This is the name of the third sphere and path (Binah, Understanding) on the Tree of Life according to Sepher Yetzirah. On this path Arthur E. Waite comments: “The third path is the foundation of Primordial Wisdom, termed the Creation of Faith.” The third sphere is the Substance mode within the Triune One-God. The second path, Chokmah, is the Animating, Life-giving mode. The third sphere, as Waite suggests, gives basis, a body-temple of matter for the Life for the Life’s activity within.


       Reducing 830 by Theosophical Reduction produces number 11. There is notariqon summing to 11 which is .י.א (i.a.), the notariqon for יהי אור, ihi aur, ‘let there be light.’ Then there is the multiple for 830 which is (10x83), where 10 is the ten spheres on the Tree multiplied by 83, the number of fiat lux, ‘let there be light,’ in Latin Cabala Simplex. The Life mentioned in the preceding paragraph is that Light, אין סוף אור, Ain Suph Aur, multiplied through ten spheres.


       Pulling these ideas together it could be said that in the personification of Mahalalel consciousness is able to learn about and incorporate Light-Substance into the very cellular structure of the body.


       Genesis 5:17 “So all the days of Mahalalel were eight hundred and ninety-five days, and he died.”

       By now those readers intent on the study of Literal Qabalah have at their disposal many of the tools necessary for the development of any numbers surrounding names, places, or bare numbers. Try “all the days of Mahalalel” for yourself as practice. One multiple is (5x179). The root behind 895 would be 22 by Theosophical Reduction.

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