Genesis 5:18, 19 and 20

       Genesis 5:18 “And Jared lived one hundred and sixty-two years, and became the father of Enoch.”

       The word ירד, yrad, means ‘to move about, to run,’ from the Dictionary of Targumin, Talmud and Midrashic Literature. It is the root of ירדן, yrdan, as in River ‘Jordan’. The gematria of ירד sums to 214. Two word-ideas come to mind: רוח, ruach, ‘life-breath, spirit’; and חור, chur, ‘fine white cloth (Biblical).’ A summation of sorts is called for here.

       To recap: The personified root of Seth established the foundation of the Tree of Life, particularly the Pillar of Mercy, or Jakin, the Pillar of Establishment. The branch of Seth is Enosh. And Enosh as a personified root established the conscious recognition of a Soul, and the true form of worship calling for meditative reflection to reach THAT WHICH RESIDES WITHIN. The branch from Enosh is Kenan, who personifies conscious tendencies in pursuit of that inner knowledge and awareness. Mahalalel as a branch personifies those qualities resultant of such a contemplative life. We gradually form an intimate, silent union with a consciousness that is our heritage as a Son of the Living God within us. Accrued from all of the above we grow consciously more aware and more firm on the path to a perpetual partnership. Then Jared, as a branch from Mahalalel, together with the cumulative effect of all those preceding Mahalalel, is pure of Spirit, a ‘fine white tapestry’ to become the root of Enoch, the Enoch “whom God took.”


       Jared lives 162 ‘years’ when the branch of Enoch is established. Number 162 reduces to 9. Now a fundamental change comes with the formation of the Tree of Life, which the two genealogies are constructing Qabalistically. Number 9 itself represents the ninth sphere on the Tree, Yesod, Foundation. It is also the gematria of גו, gav, ‘middle, center.’ Number 9 is also the letter Teth (ט), a symbol of kundalini in that Teth means ‘serpent,’ and appears as such hieroglyphically.

       In Psalm 134:1 is the phrase, כל-עבדי יהוה, kal-abedey Jehovah, ‘all you servants of the Lord’. This totals 162. But what is relevant here with Enoch and the Middle Pillar on the Tree is יהוה, IHVH, Jehovah. These letters summing to 26, familiar to all Qabalists, hints a shift, together with number 9 and Yesod of the Middle Pillar, because the four spheres (1, 6, 9 and 10) composing the Middle Pillar also sum to 26.


       What Jared is personifying here is a root for Enoch. Consciousness incarnate, having gone through all the stages of Jared’s personified ancestors, is now ripe for the realization of total union with THAT WHICH IS WITHIN. Enoch, as with “all (genuine) servants of the Lord,” is the branch sufficiently spiritually accomplished and prepared for total union for which the Middle Pillar is the Path to that end.


       Genesis 5:19 “Then Jared lived eight hundred years after he became the father of Enoch, and he had other sons and daughters.”

       Number 800 first appeared with Adam when he had lived 800 ‘years’ after the branch Seth appeared. The gematria of the word שרש, shresh, meaning ‘to take root, to cause to take root, to plant,’ is the similarity between Adam and Jared. Adam as a root ‘created’ a branch with Seth, who also as a root formed the foundation of the Pillar of Establishment (Pillar of Mercy). Jared as a root ‘created’ a branch with Enoch, who also as a root ‘creates’ the first fully enlightened and realized consciousness incarnate. Adam sets the foundation for Seth and the Pillar of Mercy. Jared sets the foundation (the 9th Sphere, Yesod, Foundation, and the Middle Pillar) for Enoch.

      Number 800 is also the Hebrew letter Peh Final (ף). Letter Peh is assigned the lowermost reciprocal path on the Tree connecting sphere 7, Netzach, with sphere 8, Hod. Mars and the Mars Force (the reproductive force) in human consciousness is the primary element which enhances awakening, as the corresponding Tarot Trump illustrates in pictorial. At this level, through path #27 on the Tree, it is yet raw and must be re-channeled. The personification of Jared hints this re-channeling with number 800. With numeral 9 and Hebrew letter Teth suggested in verse 5:18 above, the reproductive force is brought under conscious control to actualize kundalini. These two associations brought into action through the personification of Jared, as root, prepares the ascent of the branch Enoch. 


       Genesis 5:20 “So all the days of Jared were nine hundred and sixty-two years, and he died.”

       With Mem Final counted as 600, the phrase איש האלהים, aish ha-Elohim, ‘man’ or ‘husband of God’ sums to 962. In light of the verses above concerning Enoch, this needs no further explanation.

       The Theosophical Reduction of 962 reduces to 17. Pictorially this invokes the Star Tarot Key, which symbolizes Revelation through Meditation which, in turn, follows the 'awakening' described in verse 5:19. On its own this might seem a stretch. However, when coupled with one of the multiples producing 962, this being (13x74), the two ideas form a larger picture.


       Number 13 is a special number Qabalistically since very many Hebrew words hold this value. One point, the three spheres of the Pillar of Mercy sum to 13. Relevant here, however, 13 is the number of הגה, hegeh, which translates as ‘to meditate, to ponder, and to imagine’ as a verb. As a noun, hegah, means ‘sound, muttering, thought or musing.’ Hegeh is also the root of the word הדיה, hegiya, a Biblical expression meaning ‘to illuminate, to shed light.’


       Number 74 calls up the letter-word, למד, lamed, which means ‘to teach, to study’ as a verb, and ‘study, learning’ as a noun. Summing the ideas invoked by all this gematria suggests the study and learning of Qabalah coupled with meditation and the right use of imagery over a protracted period will lead us to the state of consciousness personified as the branch called Enoch.

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