Genesis 5:21 and 22


       As noted in the Preface of this genealogy, the name ‘Enoch’ is first in the line of Seth to warrant four Biblical verses rather than the typical three. Enoch deserves special attention. Mind, we are not speaking of an individual here. From Adam through Seth is a description of unfolding states of consciousness toward reunion with Eden within, back to the original super-conscious state prior all reincarnations into physical forms.


       Genesis 5:21 “And Enoch lived sixty-five years, and became the father of Methuselah.”

       Enoch is the first duplicate name, ‘person,’ personified idea, to appear in the two genealogies from Adam. Both are spelled the same in Hebrew versions, subsequently they have the same gematria with similar, meaningful suggestions. However, this Enoch has other numbers attached.


       Therefore, for the reader’s convenience, the initial information surrounding Enoch presented under the genealogy of Cain is copied again here. Enoch, חנוך, hanoch, basically means ‘education’ as a noun and ‘to initiate’ as a verb. The numbers behind these letters sum to 84. Another word summing to 84 is ידע, edo, the verb ‘to know.’ With different vowel points hanoch becomes chanakh and means ‘to inaugurate, dedicate, teach, consecrate, tutor, and to mentor.’ Left with only one word, a Qabalist would reduce this number of the name to find its root suggestion; 84 will reduce to 12 by Theosophic Reduction. Many hints abound but one will suffice here and that is אוה, avah, ‘to wish, to long, to hunger, to desire.’ The Hanged Man of Tarot is the 12th Trump illustrating the utter surrender of all those false ‘hungers’ and ‘desires’.


       The temurah of Enoch brings up letters ס ט פ ל, which sum to 179 and calls up a phrase with a matching number from Rosicrucian writings in Latin: Primum Desiderium, ‘primal longing.’


       This ‘primal longing’ has a duel manifestation, which might be one implication for the name Enoch in both genealogies. As manifest in the line of Cain it harbors a primal angst and shame that we all carry to some degree to this day. In that line from Cain we are searching for fulfillment in all that is ‘out there’ in the manifest physical world. To make that happen for us we must compete and struggle against each other for material things we believe we must have. Collectively we believe we must acquire as much as we think is enough. Having enough, for all too many, means having more than anyone else, even having more than everyone else. This necessitates quelling that irksome Abel within us. Conscience has little place in the pursuit of personal happiness in a material world. I imagine this insanity continuing until all is depleted.


       The ‘primal longing’ in the line of Seth, on the other hand, is ‘the wish, the hunger, the desire’ for union with THAT WHICH IS WITHIN. To accomplish this we must learn to break the hold false desires have on a bloated ego. The Hanged Man of Tarot pictorially represents the ‘desireless’ state, and calls for concentrating on a life conforming to a Son of God. No small order or task for an individual swept up by the mass consciousness of voracious dumb desires. 


       “And Enoch lived sixty-five years, etc.” Number 65 is the value of two expressions: אדני, adonai, ‘Lord,’ and היכל, heykal, ‘palace, temple.’ Literal Qabalists understand that Adonai is one of the names of the One God attributed particularly to the 9th Sphere, יסד, Yesod, ‘Foundation,’ on the Tree of Life. As a verb יסד means ‘to join, to fasten, to rebuild’ as the foundation of an edifice ‘fastens’ the structure above to good, solid ground beneath. In Qabalistic Psychology the 9th Sphere, Foundation, is attributed to automatic consciousness, the subconscious of secular psychology. The ‘personal’ subconscious mind is the mental stratum that ‘joins’ the self-conscious mind to the super-conscious state. Qabalists call this field of subconscious mental activity נפש, Nephesh, which basically means ‘breath’. It is also the arena where the principal transmutation process is performed in the alchemical Great Work to rebuild the consciousness of an Adept. Such a state is frequently referred to as the ‘Palace of the King,’ conscious reunion with Tiphareth, ‘Returning the King to His Throne.’


       Genesis 5: 22 “Then Enoch walked with God three hundred years after he became the father of Methuselah, and he had other sons and daughters.”

       The Hebrew of the first half of this verse is:

...ויתהלך  חנוך  את־האלהים

way-yit-hal-lek   Ha-no-wk   et   ha-Elohim…

“And Enoch walked with the Elohim...”

       In my opinion the ‘authorized’ literal translators were way off on this portion of the verse, and in verse 24. They translated Elohim as God. Seeing ‘ha-Elohim’ in the Hebrew confused many commentators totally unfamiliar with Qabalistic literature. For one, they translated all the names with the different spellings (Elohim, Yahweh, Adonai, El, Jah) simply as ‘God,’ not understanding the meanings behind these varied spellings in Hebrew summing to special numbers. Second, some commentators were confused about ‘the’ (the definite article) before Elohim, and comment peripatetically about what might have been meant by ‘the God’.


       Elohim, to a Qabalist, is the special name of the One God attributed to the 3rd Sphere, Binah, Understanding, on the Tree of Life. According to Qabalistic Psychology to this sphere is attached the Higher Soul, the Collective Universal Soul of all of us, Adam Quodman. The Indwelling Presence of the Elohim enters our personal field as Intuition. Qabalists teach that Binah is the Seat of Intuition, the essential power of the Divine Soul Qabalists call נשמה, Neshamah, which also translates as ‘breath’. It is the larger, collective Breath over the countless individual breaths of Nephesh in Yesod. They are actually one and the same save in degree. Neshamah’s gift is the Higher Revelations through Intuition. To one who “walks with ‘the’ Elohim” such a one is completely aligned with the Voice of Intuition and is intimately, intuitively connected with all aspects of creation. All knowledge and awareness is rewarded to one at that level of Adeptship. The personification of Enoch here is a prepared consciousness having gone through all the preceding stages of inner growth, personified in the Adam through Seth lineage.


       Number 300 at once conjures up Hebrew letter Shin (ש) and its many evocative associations. Some being that the letter itself is the hieroglyphic symbol of the Three-fold Fire, AIN SUPh AUR, and the state of Perpetual Intelligence. The word פירוד, pirawd, sums to 300 and means ‘separation,’ which suggests that one so advanced lives and walks in a state of consciousness far removed from the consciousness of ordinary men. He is the very personification of רוח אלהים, ruach elohim, “Spirit of God,’ and ה-משיה, ha-Meshiah (a variant spelling of Messiah), ‘the Anointed One’. Such an individual possesses the gift of instantaneous manifestation of his imagery, healing the sick and raising the dead. Each of these words sums to 300. Once more, 300 is the sum of the letters מ צ פ ץ, which are the very temurah of יהוה, IHVH, Yaweh or Jehovah, God incarnate, and the God-Name of the second sphere, Chokmah.

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