Genesis 5:23 and 24


       Genesis 5:23 “So all the days of Enoch were three hundred and sixty-five years.”

       Number 365 offers clues with the multiple (5x73), and the Theosophical Reduction of 365 down to 12, and again down to 5. Note that 5 is included in both clues. 


       Number 365 in Greek Kabalah reveals some of the nuances behind the mysterious Greek word-name ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ, or Αβρασαξ, the seven-lettered ABRAXAS. The number-word-name harks far back into antiquity and through several cultures and civilizations. The earliest beginnings seem lost with only scant references to the seven letters alluding to the seven classic planets. Number 365 is said to be the mystery number relating to the number of days in a year and/or the number of Aeons ruling a year. This, however, appears dubious in that the 365-day-cycle within a solar year was not fully developed for millennia later.

      According to Mr. Manly P. Hall ABRAXAS is a Gnostic name, coined by Basilides the Egyptian. The word symbol consisting of 7 letters which signify the 7 creative powers (Elohim) or planetary angels recognized by the ancients. Manly Hall, Secret Teachings. 


       It might behoove the reader to research the history of ABRAXAS as an Archon, as a God, and as an Aeon for oneself. Put forth here, I surmise, the seven-lettered name as the seven classic planets implies the complete perfection and sublimation of the seven force centers of an Adept. One such would truly “walk with the Elohim,” one truly struck by השין, ha-Shin, ‘the Tooth,’ which also sums to 365. Reference to letter Shin is connected with spiritual fire and transfiguration or resurrection. Enoch was finally ‘transfigured’ as described in the following verse.

       Genesis 5:24 “And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.”

       As in verse 5:22, the original Hebrew of this verse, את־האלהים, et ha-Elohim, ‘with the Elohim,’ was again translated merely as ‘God’ in ‘authorized’ versions.


       Except for the last clause: “and he was not, for God took him,” this entire verse would simply be superfluous in the English translations. Qabalistically, however, there is nuance worth investigating. In Hebrew the last clause is written:

։ואיננו  כי־לקח  אתו  אלהים

“...weh   e-nen-nu   ki   la-qah   o-tow   e-lo-him.”

“...and he was not, for God took him.”

       The verb “took,” highlighted in red was/is commonly translated so in all the English versions. In the Dictionary of Targumim, Talmud and Midrashic Literature there are other shades of meaning behind לקח, laqah, 'took'. A couple being: ‘to carry away, to persuade,’ but also and especially poignant in this case is, ‘to receive'. Of course in many obituaries printed in the English language ‘taken’ is very common usage with reference to a deceased loved one.


       On the contrary as written here, Enoch seemingly did not merely die, for “he was not.” What does this mean? It suggests that he was totally transfigured, that he, like the Christ incarnate behind/within the personality of the man, Jesus of Nazareth, was ‘received’ in a ‘cloud’. As it is written of the Christ in Acts 1:9, “And after He had said these things, He was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud ‘received’ Him out of their sight.” That’s how it would appear to any observer, as an enveloping cloud.


       The reality is that the Christ’s physiology, his cellular consciousness, consisted of pure light energy. The Christ is Ipsissimus (He Who Is Most Himself). He could, with a will honed through imagination, completely dissolve and reconstitute a physical body anywhere in a physical plane. One stage of the dissolution between a physical object (such as a body) and pure space after said object disappeared, is a transitional mode that appears like steam. This is the molecular essence separating from its compacted physical appearance. To an observer it would most definitely look like and be described as a ‘cloud’ whisking away as in a breeze. To reconstitute a physical body the reverse occurs. Atoms and molecules converge on the point of Intent, but before the physical appears there is the transition between of a vapor like fog condensing which again appears like a cloud to an observer.


       Enoch “was not,” that is, consciousness experiences an initiation with the powers of Magister Templi (Master of the Temple) which means complete control of the Light Substance that an enlightened body structure, and all other physical substance, is constituted. Enoch was not 'taken' as an ordinary mortal is taken in death. There is no more ‘death’ for Enoch or anyone else who would patiently and devoutly follow the regimen outlined in all the previous verses of Seth’s genealogy. He was received of ‘the Elohim’. Elohim is the name of the One God’s mode called Binah by Qabalists. Binah is the third sphere on the Qabalistic Tree of Life to which that Grade of Adeptship in the old Order of the Golden Dawn is titled Magister Templi.


       This is why a fourth verse was added to Enoch’s description over the previous others. To the devoted Literal Qabalist the message is clear, when it made little pointed sense to the ‘authorized’ lay translators.

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