Genesis 5:25 and 26


       Genesis 5:25 “And Methuselah lived one hundred and eighty-seven years, and he became the father of Lamech.”

       Methuselah in Hebrew is מתושלח, MThUShLCh, and sums to784. The meaning behind this name is best approached with the tool of Theosophical Articulation, the tool that breaks words into parts. Methuselah can be broken into מת, met, ‘to die’ as a verb; the conjunction ו, Vav, ‘and’, with the suffix שלח, shilecha, (literary) ‘to release’ or ‘to send away’. So, in מת-ו-שלח the result is 'to die and to release’.


       The first Theosophic Reduction of 784 is 19. We have seen this number previously in association with Adam’s other half, חבה, chava, or ‘Eve’. But relative to our investigation here is a word from the Greek Qabalah which also sums to 19, Η-ΓΗ or ή-γή, hege, meaning ‘the earth’.


       All the above is pulled together in the next Qabalisitc hint with “one hundred and eighty-seven years.” However, the combination is quite erudite Qabalah and may not be adequately explained, and even less adequately understood, if not followed through with some study and a lot of thought and meditation. The angel order אופנים, Auphanim, meaning ‘wheels’ in Hebrew sums to 187. This is the angel order assigned to Chokmah in the World of Yetzirah. From the very beginning through the line of Seth Chokmah has been the invisible connecting vein, establishing the Pillar of Mercy, or Jakin, the Pillar of Establishment. The two lineages from Adam have been esoterically constructing the Qabalistic Tree of Life.


       The Angel Order of the Auphanim, meaning ‘wheels’ is a host of intelligent forces, units of consciousness, that create all circular motion within the astral plane or, Qabalistically speaking, the World of Yetzirah or Formation. This would include the circulating of vital forces within the human body, such as the sanguinary system. The genuine Philosopher Alchemists of the higher order, like Jacob Boehme, were (and are) well aware of this. Elsewhere in the Glossary Section of this site is the definition and explanation of TINCTURE (please reference it with this connection and Chokmah). The influence within the sanguinary system is the Tincture of the Philosophers we read about in the classical alchemical literature of the Rosicrucians. Tinctura Sapientae in the Latin Cabala Simplex sums to 187. It is also referred to as Aurum Singularum, the Singular or Unique Gold, and totals 187.

       חיי ה-עולם הבא, chaii ha-ohlam habah, ‘the Life-breath of the world’, sums to 187. The second sphere, Chokmah, is also called ‘the Life-breath of the world’ by Qabalists because it is the life of the Sphere of Binah, which is called the soul (or breath) of the world. Chokmah injects the Life into all manifestation, expressed as Binah. That is the ‘tincture’ and the ‘gold’.

       One hundred eighty-seven reduces to 16, the number of the Tower Tarot Trump and the pictorial of Mars and the Martial Force that carries the ‘tincture’ and ‘gold’ through the Tree and through us.


       What has all this to do with Methuselah, the branch of Enoch? Within the verse Genesis 5:25 is the follow up after Enoch. For to create or build a human physical organism (ή-γή, hege, ‘the earth’) which is able to “walk with the Elohim” and able 'to die and to release’ that earthly organism at will calls for an extraordinarily disciplined way of life. Hints toward such a life are explained within hidden Qabalistic methods disguised as Seth’s lineage from Adam.


       Genesis 5:26 “Then Methuselah lived seven hundred and eighty-two years after he became the father of Lamech, and he had other sons and daughters.”

       When our personal gematria index does not yet contain entries for all numbers under the sun we have the other tools of the Literal Qabalist. With 782 we can investigate its multiples, which are (2x391) and (17x46) and (34x23). The first set will be developed here. The others can be worked out for oneself if there is any serious intention behind this reading.


       Number 2 once again harks back to the central theme of Seth’s lineage, Chokmah, sphere number 2, Wisdom on the Tree. Keep in mind the duel nature of the Greater Wisdom, which is masculine. Sophia is the Lessor Wisdom and feminine.


       Number 391 sums to רום מעלה, rum moleh, ‘Inscrutable Height’, one of many names attributed to Kether on the Tree. The adjective moleh carries ideas of ‘ascent, degree, gradation, superiority: on high, in heaven, and above a superior rank.’ But the most interesting point of this phrase is its temurah. By interchanging the Hebrew letters of rum moleh, number 220 appears with the summation of letters ג פ י י ז כ צ. And this hints the direction of an aspiring spirit, the ascent of the Central Pillar, the Pillar of Mildness.


       Number 220, for starters, is the number of מוסד מוסד, mausawd mausawd, ‘a foundation being founded,’ or as it is translated in Isaiah 28:16 ‘a sure foundation’. The whole verse from Isaiah reads: “See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who trusts will never be dismayed.” Zion is the esoteric title for the pineal body or gland in the brain. Please refer to ZION in the Glossary Section of this site for a full explanation. In Webster’s Dictionary we find: “pineal body; a small, cone-shaped body in the brain: its function is obscure.” Little do they know. The foundation stone developed in the brain by the Creator through evolution is the natural healthy state of that gland. It will never evolve beyond its full healthy state. However, it can be maturated further. From thence the cornerstone is brought to maturation solely by the individual’s conscious cooperation through the Art of Alchemy. If we truly trust, “we will never be dismayed.” The art of its maturation is the fullest extent of Wisdom in the physical world. All other human endeavors pale by comparison.


       Moreover, 220 is also the number of טהור, tahoor, meaning ‘clear, pure, elegant’. This is the title assigned to the 9th sphere, Yesod, Foundation, on the Tree of Life, שכל טהור, Sakel Tahoor, the ‘Purified Intelligence’ from the Sepher Yetzirah. The pineal gland is purified by the alchemical composition of the blood, the sanguinary system with its tincture, as hinted in Genesis 5:25.


       Methuselah is the subtle message for an aspirant to turn to the Middle Pillar as the sure way of return to the Creator. Other schools of Qabalah hint this in various ways. One school makes mention of the “Three Lines” (the Pillars of Mercy, Severity, and Mildness). The Muslim Religion mentions the “razor’s edge”, implying the blending of both extremes while indulging in neither. It begins with our physical body (Malkuth) and its ascension, inward, toward Yesod, where the Foundation is matured. Living such a Life as best we can manage within the confines of our present cultures is the path of heart, taking up our Cross of the Central Self. Such a one surely can be called בחיר, bechir, ‘chosen, elect’. Bechir sums to 220.

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