Genesis 5:5

       Genesis 5:5 “So all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years, and he died.”

       ‘Nine hundred and thirty’ hints very arcane Qabalah. Another nuance gained with the tool of Theosophical Articulation is the breaking up of numbers to detect common multiples. Number 930 is very key to Seth’s line indicative of the Pillar of Mercy topped by the second sphere Chokmah, Wisdom. The multiples within 930 are (15x62). Number 15 is יה, Jah, ‘Yah,’ one name given to Chokmah. It is also a verbal symbol of a dual potency, masculine and feminine, in that Yod (י) is the masculine, and Heh (ה) the feminine.


       Then, number 62 is the number of the Latin Sophia, Wisdom. Now, the Father (AB) and Yah in Chokmah are masculine, but Qabalists speak of a ‘Lessor Chokmah’ that is feminine. The very word Chokmah is a feminine noun in Hebrew grammar. And the Bible sometimes personifies Chokmah as a woman. The western names for the Lessor Chokmah is the Holy Wisdom; Sancta Sophia in Latin, and Hagia Sophia in Greek.


       In Job 11:6 it is written: “And show you the secrets of Wisdom! For sound Wisdom has two sides.” Therefore Qabalists teach in the Kabbala Denudata: The Kabbalah Unveiled, that the Greater Chokmah is the masculine potency, containing within itself the powers of the Mother and the Son, and named AB, the Father. The Divine Name יה, Jah or Yah, attributed to Chokmah, is also the verbal symbol of this dual potency, masculine and feminine. This is the name whereby Qabalists designate the power that brings the whole Tree of Life into manifestation.


       The multiples in 930, being (15x62), are suggesting that within Chokmah the multiplication of the powers of Yah by the powers of Sophia make manifest the entire Tree of Life through the Four Worlds.


       Nor is this all. Number 930 also holds the multiples (10x93). Whenever Qabalists see the number 10 it is most assuredly a direct reference to the ten spheres on the Tree of Life. Number 93, however, equals the gematria of בני אל, beni el, ‘the Sons of God,’ and suggests a connection to what is implicated with Chokmah. St. Paul wrote in Romans 8:14: “As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God.” What is implied by these multiples represents the powers of the ‘Ten Sephiroth’ through the activity of the ‘Sons of God,’ the very ones who live the Life and exude the potency of Wisdom as described in the descendancy of Seth.


       “Sons of God” are led by the Spirit. This suggests those individuals do not use the self-conscious mind for the purpose of trying to make things happen. They surrender self-consciousness to following instruction and direction coming through the sub-conscious, which receives its instruction from the super-conscious level, the Christ-Consciousness (Tiphareth). Then self-consciousness goes about performing what has been received. Eliphas Levi says of this: “The Adept is bound by his engagements.”


       “...and he died,” is written of Adam finally. The word מת, met, is ‘died,’ in this last verse concerning Adam. Its gematria at 440 is shared with תם, tam, which has multiple meanings; as a verb, ‘to be completed, to be finished’; as an adjective, ‘honest, non-dangerous’; and as a noun, ‘innocence, simplicity,’ and ‘end, completion.’

       The expression יחו דותו, yakhu dotho, ‘his individuality’ sums to 440. The letters within this word suggest that individuality is realized in conjunction with the Serpent Power. Mr. Paul Case comments that this word is derived from יחוד, yirhood, ‘profession of the unity of God; union, communion; privacy, private meeting.’


       The combined gematria from above would suggest a perfect conclusion to life in a physical world; the necessity of birth and death cycles having been concluded. Individuality attained, reincarnations are at an end. This would most certainly be true for all those Sons led by the Spirit of God.

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