Genesis 5:6

Revised: April 2020


       Genesis 5:6 “And Seth lived one hundred and five years, and became the father of Enosh.”

       Seth, שת, sheth, remember, holds value 700 in the name. The definition of the name was given under Adam in Genesis 5:3, and with its gematria compared with Hebrew letter Nun-final (ן) in Genesis 5:4. It was also hinted that various meanings behind the name have everything to do with establishing the first sphere atop the Pillar of Mercy, that of Chokmah, Wisdom.


       Complete gematria surrounding 700 with regard to Seth is too numerous to list here. May I suggest reading pages 41, 42, and 43 of Chapter V – “Our Father and Brother, C.R.C.” within The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order by Paul Foster Case. You can download the PDF file from the Internet. I would add that you read it slowly.

       Moreover, it had been astutely pointed out many decades ago by Mr. Case that concealed within the name-number of Seth is a short list of a names given to the 2nd sphere, as: יה, Jah; אב, AB, the Father; מסלות, Masloth (the fixed highway of stars); כחמה, kachmah (power, force); and חכמה, Chokmah (Wisdom), all of which sum to 15 + 3 + 536 + 73 + 73 = 700. This further demonstrates the association of the letter-name שת to the second sphere, Chokmah.


       Added to 700 here is מסרת, mawsoreth, ‘tradition, bond, yoke.’ Ezekiel 20:37 wrote of ‘the bond of the covenant’. Transposition of the last two letters in mawsoreth renders מסתר, mistawr, ‘a hiding place, secret place’. The ‘covenant’ of the Bible is not exclusive to the Jewish faith or race. It is the spiritual bond from the Creator to the created, us, that is, those of us courageous and trusting enough to live our lives as ‘Sons of God’. The ‘covenant’ was inherent within the Tree of Life and in Chokmah particularly, disguised as Seth and his lineage, long before the Covenant of Circumcision was made with Abraham beginning in Genesis 17. Circumcision was then and remains the outward ‘symbol’ of the Covenant, but the real significance behind the ritual act goes beyond and much deeper than the obvious.


       Connections with circumcision and “other phallic emblems, refer to the natural process whereby the accumulated experience of the Life-power is passed on from cycle to cycle, through an endless chain of living organisms.” This last from Mr. Paul F. Case’s Tarot, Key to the Wisdom of the Ages.


       The temurah of Seth, שת, is most direct and enlightening. Since Seth is spelled with the last two letters of the alphabet, its temurah would then be the first two letters. The word בא, ba, means ‘coming, future.’ The interchange of this would be אב, AB, the ‘Father.’ This connection with Chokmah, Wisdom, is most obvious. For one, seated within Chokmah and Ab, the Father, is the Life-power mentioned in the preceding quotation.


       Finally, according to the Zohar I, the name of Seth symbolizes ‘an end’, being composed of the last 2 letters of the alphabet in regular order. The name symbolized the reincarnation of the spirit which had been lost, being the same letters as the word שת, Seth, in the sentence from Genesis 4:25: “God hath replaced, Seth, for me another seed instead of Abel.”’ ‘Another seed’ in the quotation is יסודות , yesodoth, ‘foundations’, the plural of Yesod, to which are attributed the reproductive activities of both Microcosm and Macrocosm.


       Qabalists instruct that according to the tenets of the Qabalah of Nine Chambers all words having numbers which may be reduced to a single digit correspond to the basic ideas behind that digit. Therefore words having numbers which may be reduced to 7 correspond to the basic idea of the formative power of the seventh sphere on the Tree of Life, that is, Netzach, Victory, and the Seat of the Desire Nature.


       The ‘bond’, מסרת, mawsoreth, summing to 700, reduces to 70 by the Qabalah of Nine Chambers. Number 70 is within יין, yayin, ‘wine’, and synonymous with ‘blood’ in all esoteric literature. Equal to 70 in Latin is vinum, ‘vine’. The two words together suggest a ‘blood-line’. Also equal to 70 is אדם ו חוה, Adm ve Chavah, ‘Adam and Eve’. The intimation is that this ‘blood-line’ was to have originated even before the outward drama of creation. But, again, the obvious suggestion concerning a blood line still does not reveal the actual covenant. It yet remains סוד, sode, 70, ‘secret’.


       Once more, reduced from 700 to 70 and again to 7 is the 7th Sphere on the Tree, Netzach, the Seat of the Desire Nature within humanity. At number 7 is או, ou, ‘desire’. And, אבד, abbad, ‘to lose oneself’.


       All the above are hints, but even with the aid of such the “secret of the covenant’ will be difficult to discern because Qabalists caution us sincerely that only by inner sight and hearing does this knowledge come. ‘Sight’ is behind the Emperor, and ‘Hearing’ is behind the Hierophant. And both these letters issue out from Chokmah.

       Pulling all these ideas together suggests that within the character dramatized as Seth the accomplished Qabalist ascribed a hidden message. Behind/within the name ‘Seth’ is described a stream of consciousness that has constituted the foundation of a covenant rooted from the Creator toward all those living, or attempting to live, in Its Spirit. The Covenant of the Father is permanent and lay presently, as in the future, within all created. The whole descendancy of the Adam-Seth line will demonstrate this truth.


       Seth ‘lived’ 105 years… The word עלה, alah, ‘to rise, to ascend, to increase’; and from the Alchemists who wrote in Latin comes semen mundi, ‘seed of the world.’ Each sums to 105 suggesting that the principles behind ‘Seth’ as a root, ‘gives rise, ascension and increase’ to the next branch, Enosh, with whom it is written in Genesis 4:26: “Then ‘men’ began to call upon the name of the Lord;” the ‘seed’ of effective worship rising within human consciousness throughout the world. The root of the ‘seed’ reference is the rechanneling of the reproductive force.


       Summing to 105 is ציה, tziyah, ’to glow, to burn, to glitter’. From this word is derived the place-name Zion, according to Case. The actual force employed in magical operations, the glowing, scintillating, fiery energy is concentrated in Zion. The esoteric place of Zion is the fully matured pineal gland.

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