Genesis 4:19

Revised: March 2020

       Genesis 4:19 “And Lamech took to himself two wives: the name of one was Adah, and the name of the other, Zillah.”

       Two wives. This had to be the beginning of this knuckle-walker’s woes, if these characters and the story were actual events. Regardless, this is the first instance where female names are brought up since Eve, generations ago.  


       Through coded inferences within the generational names of males from Cain to Lamech the evolution of self-conscious awareness developed through sense experiences. The phenomenal world had become more familiar with seasonal cycles, and less threatening with communal living. The two wives of Lamech now represent the advent of subconsciousness and her covert influence and participation in our expanding awareness. (1) the number symbol of self-consciousness, now evolves (2) the number symbol of subconsciousness.


       Mankind always had the subconscious mode in his being, albeit unbeknownst to his immediate self-conscious awareness. She manifested her influence from ‘instinct’ within the vital soul which we share intrinsically with the animal kingdom and kingdoms below as consciousness evolved out from those levels. She had built the early human form as she still does today. In the context of this story she now appears and personifies the rudimentary influence of the World Soul seated in Binah, the 3rd sphere, and the ‘understanding’, substrata, of the involution of consciousness into material phenomena. Instinct gave way to ‘hunches’ and sense impressions. A communal environment gave early woman a larger role in the overall survival game.


       However, this larger role developed out of brutish senses creating habit patterns in the subconscious demanding to be recognized while per-adventuring through the physical world as the environment became slightly more manageable. Self-consciousness wanted more for itself, and subconsciousness followed up on the suggestions.


       Wife number one, an aspect of the subconscious personified as עדה, Adah, means ‘to adorn oneself.’ This definition has the vowel points in and around the letters of the word that match two Old Testament Hebrew-to-English translations; ‘vanity’ (thy name is subconsciousness). The gematria of Adah sums to 79, which takes the Literal Qabalist down a very significant and interesting path of esoterica. For one, 79 is the number of דלילה, Delilah, Samson’s dark lady and nemesis. Added to that at 79 is בעז, boaz, ‘Boaz, the Pillar of Strength’ or ‘Severity’ the left one of two pillars on the porch of Solomon’s Temple and on the High Priestess Tarot key (as we look at them), but most indicative of the Pillar of Severity on the Tree of Life, the crux of the entire description of this genealogy of Adam’s two sons.


       Adah is a personification of the subconscious office to fulfill and placate self-conscious suggestions, which were brought on originally by the same subconscious desires for ‘more’. Following suggestions she is not a moral compass. If he wants ‘that,’ she finds ways to give him ‘that’. The two modes of consciousness continue the road to perdition not knowing or understanding the choices are pulling both deeper into the bondage of material illusion.


       As we follow the line of Cain it is describing in a most concealed manner the path of involuting consciousness on the left side of the Tree; the column with the spheres Binah, Geburah and Hod. Much more on this idea when the line of Seth and Genealogy II is developed.


       Wife number two, ‘Zillah’ in Hebrew is צלה, tzlah, which has several suggestions toward the proclivities of the subconscious drawn out from another branch of Lamech’s root. As a noun tzlah means ‘shadow.’ As an adjective, ‘shadowy, dark,’ and as a verb, ‘to grill, to broil.’ The temurah of צלה, calls up the letters ה כ צ, which sum to 115. This matches סנה, senna, ‘bramble,’ or a ‘thorny-type bush.’


       The effect upon self-consciousness (Lamech) from these driving tendencies within the subconscious (Adah and Zillah) create a separative will driven by dark desires for more of everything for itself. Self-consciousness must now scheme how to feather its own nest further, believing this material world is all there is to this life.


       Poor Lamech, the ‘clumsy, good for nothing lummox’, is the collective self-conscious mind-set of humanity when we, separated from conscience, are fixed on externals and are devoid any perceptions of higher principles, laws and awareness.


       These two women whose branch qualities suggest sinister nuances are actually innocent reactions to misguided direction. We have to remember that with Qabalistic literature the women characters are hinting modes or aspects of the subconscious counterpart of the male self-conscious. Lamech, together with his wives, is one person with a sort of psychological schizophrenic propensity. Lamech is ‘impoverished’ of spirit following a genealogy of causes and effects which turned away from the voice of conscience in pursuit of life unaware of his being inherently connected with all of nature. He, we collectively, given our global history, are continuing the same patterns. In our ‘schizophrenic pursuit of happiness’ on this physical plane we are unconsciously performing stupid strife that is killing our environment and ourselves along with it. We are killing nature, our most intimate Ally. The progeny from Lamech with these two women is the continuance of our folly. From here on the branches of Lamech together with Adah and Zillah (Vanity and Prickly personified) are also personifications of subconscious causes and effects. Lamech/Adah is the root of the branch personified as Jabel.

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