Great Deep


       The Great Deep, the Great Salt Sea or the Great Mother is the Universal Subconscious Mind, within which and of which the entire physical universe is composed. The primal universal substance is a living, mind substance. We hear or read various sources declare that the universe is mental. Believing or deducing this mental process to behave in the manner as our personal mind is the root of our difficulty with perceiving this fundamental truth. The universal matter is a vast sea of infinitesimal fibre-like points of light, extremely aware, and of a scintillating luminosity. This is the primordial soup of Chaos, a vast rolling abyss prior any intent from the Cosmic Will for manifestation, prior any matrix of imagery. This primal, black abyss alchemists call Prima Materia is the First Matter. Before physical manifestation, the whirling, twisting motion appears as a sparkling, viscous, whitish steam. As it converges and condenses into tighter compaction, its cohesive fixation becomes a tangible, physical object. It is only when the First Matter is twisted, contorted or 'tortured,' as some Qabalists describe it, that it may be seen as objects in the physical world about us.

"Thou shalt see my back parts, but my Face shall not be seen....Thou shalt never see me as I am, but thou mayest know me in what I have done. The wise discover me in my works."1


       Qabalists assign this 'matter' on the Tree of Life to the third sphere, Binah, Understanding. Other descriptions of this Great Ocean of Awareness are investigated under the definitions of Argent Vive, AMA, AIMA, AIN SUPh AUR, Akasha, Aqua Vitae, Dew of Heaven, Earth, Fire, Gluten of the Eagle, Lac Virginis, Water, Salt, Anima Mundi and countless other titles through the centuries. The primal cohesion of the 'mental matter' in our solar system is our physical sun.

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